Earn 50% bonus KrisFlyer miles on online purchases in August

How to earn KrisFlyer miles by shopping online through the KrisFlyer Spree online mall

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POSTED: July 31, 2017
UPDATED: July 31, 2017
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KrisFlyer Spree is Singapore Airlines’ online mall, allowing members to earn KrisFlyer miles for purchases made online after signing in and clicking through to a range of retailers.

In this guide, we cover off the key online retailers for Australian online shoppers to help you earn more KrisFlyer miles.

Online malls work by ensuring you log in with your Frequent Flyer program credentials before then being referred out (with a click) once logged in to make a transaction over on the retailer’s website.

KrisFlyer Spree gets paid a commission for initiating the purchase, which they then share with the member in the form of KrisFlyer miles.

Earn 50% bonus KrisFlyer miles on online purchases in August

Retailers include:

  • The Iconic
  • Topshop
  • Sephora
  • Expedia
  • Booking.com
  • IHG
  • Canon

Just make sure you start on the KrisFlyer Spree website, log in, and click through to each individual merchant’s page from there so KrisFlyer can track your purchases and calculate the miles earned.

Offer ends 28 August.

Offer history

  • July-August 2017: 50% bonus
  • June 2017: 20% bonus

Guide to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Spree

KrisFlyer Spree can be found at krisflyerspree.com. Most of the included retailers are located within Asia – however there are still a significant number that are relevant to / usable by Australians.

KrisFlyer Spree sits alongside the Qantas Online Mall, Velocity estore, Asia Miles iShop and CashRewards as key ways to earn points or cashback from online purchases.

Back to Spree. The search functionality is quite robust – it allows a free text search, which is handy if you know the specific retailer that you are after, as well drilling down into retailer categories and regions.

For example, a search for Rebel Sport can be done by inputting the retailer name in the free text search box

krisflyerspree 1

With the following results appearing:

krisflyerspree 2

You can also search for retailers based on geographic location by heading to the locator icon on the menu bar and selecting the desired region.

Krisflyerspree 3

This initially takes you back to a geographic specific landing page

Krisflyerspree 4

You then select the desired category for a retailer within that region. For example, clothes & fashion retailers located within Australia and New Zealand….

Krisflyerspree 5

…brings up the following retailers:

Krisflyerspree 6

Key KrisFlyer Spree Partners

Some of the key Australian based partners are:

Bonds – 34 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Charles Tyrwhitt – 30 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
ebay Australia – 7 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Apple Store – 15 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
House – 15 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
iTunes – 26 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Menulog – 12 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Michael Hill – 23 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Staples – 19 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Adidas – 30 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Quicksilver – 23 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent
Rebel Sport – 28 Krisflyer miles per USD10 spent

KrisFlyer Spree also includes global brands based in other regions that deliver to Australia including Macy’s and Marks & Spencer, which will appeal to Australians members who utilise overseas online retailers.

You can look through all of their partners in the following categories:

In total, there are around 200 Australian based retailers available at the KrisFlyer Spree right now, which is just short of the Velocity eStore offering, which is Australia’s most established frequent flyer program-linked online mall.

What to watch out for?

To ensure that you receive your KrisFlyer miles, you’ll need to make sure that…

  1. You log into the KrisFlyer Spree website with your KrisFlyer account before you check out from the retailer (you should be prompted if you haven’t already logged in)
  2. You should note the transaction details and follow up with a missing miles request if you don’t get the miles, especially for big ticket purchases.

As with all online malls, it is imperative to ensure that your cookies are activated for the site to be able to track your purchases. Krisflyer Spree provides details on activating cookies here.

Even following the above, earning miles through online merchants can sometimes be hit and miss, so make sure you take step 2 above seriously.

My main purchases have been through iTunes, and generally, I have had no issue getting my miles credited from Qantas Online Mall and Velocity eStore, but others have been a different story, so tread carefully – especially with large purchases where the miles earned could be significant.

How does KrisFlyer Spree compare?

Point Hacks has a ‘Bonus Points Earn Finder‘ tool which is updated every few months with the latest earn rates from a range of online malls.

Earn 50% bonus KrisFlyer miles on online purchases in August was last modified: July 31st, 2017 by Daniel Sciberras

Because KrisFlyer Spree earns on a per 10 USD basis (usually) and the currency conversion that they use is not transparent, it makes it hard to compare explicitly between retailers, but in most cases the earn rates – say, compared to Velocity Points – are usually comparable on a like for like basis.

KrisFlyer miles are usually more valuable than Velocity Points, so you could come out ahead by using KrisFlyer Spree over the Velocity estore – but it’s hard to say with certainty, and you’ll need to double check with each retailer.

Earn 50% bonus KrisFlyer miles on online purchases in August was last modified: July 31st, 2017 by Daniel Sciberras