Do you consider yourself a skincare enthusiast, a makeup aficionado or have a passion for healthy hair? It doesn’t matter where your affinity lies. Signing up for a beauty loyalty program can help you earn rewards on your next purchase. And who doesn’t want free shipping, a birthday gift, or even discounted beauty products?

Earning points and rewards from your everyday spending is easy. If you’re curious about more ways to reap loyalty rewards, find out more about the Everyday Rewards program or Flybuys program. And if you want to delve deeper into loyalty programs and travel for less, you can learn more about frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs or cruise loyalty programs.

So before you stock up on your skincare essentials or treat yourself to a new fragrance, have a read of our guide below on some of the best beauty loyalty programs to join in Australia.

Priceline Pharmacy loyalty program: Sister Club

With over 400 stores across Australia, Priceline Pharmacy is one of the largest health and beauty retailers in Australia. Priceline Pharmacy stocks a wide selection of products including skincare, makeup, fragrances, vitamins and more.

Priceline Pharmacy’s loyalty program, Sister Club, has three tiers based on your spending across a 12-month period:

  • Sister Club Tier – Spend up to $399
  • Diamond Tier – Spend $400-$799
  • Pink Diamond Tier – Spend $800+

Earning points

Sister Club Points are earned on eligible purchases in-store and online. As you progress through the tiers, you’ll earn more points per dollar spent. The current earning rates are:

  • Sister Club – 1 Point per $1
  • Diamond Tier – 2 Points per $1
  • Pink Diamond Tier – 3 Points per $1

Redeeming points

For every 400 Points you earn, you’ll receive a $5 voucher that’s automatically added to your account. This is the same across all tiers, though higher tiers have the ability to accumulate points faster.

Highlights of Sister Club membership

One of the benefits of Priceline Pharmacy’s Sister Club loyalty program is the ‘beauty box’ that all members receive twice a year. Beauty boxes are filled with product samples, so this is a great way to discover and test some new everyday essentials. The higher your tier, the more premium the products are – but this is still an excellent perk for all members.

And despite its name, the Sister Club is open to everyone, so there are no restrictions on who can earn or claim rewards.

Priceline Sister Club - Point Hacks
Sister Club members can earn points on everyday essentials. [Photo: Muhammad Taha Khan, Unsplash]

Sephora loyalty program: Beauty Pass

International beauty powerhouse Sephora has been adored by Aussies since it finally reached our shores in 2015. Sephora offers customers a wide choice of global brands and popular products for make-up enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Beauty Pass is Sephora’s loyalty program that offers three tiers for members:

  • White Tier – Awarded upon sign-up.
  • Black Tier – Awarded after spending $300 in a 12-month period.
  • Gold Tier – Awarded after spending $1,500 in a 12-month period.

Earning points

Sephora Beauty Pass members can earn one Point for every $1 spent on eligible items in-store and online. There are also a few ways to earn bonus points, including writing reviews, completing your online profile and downloading the app to your mobile phone.

Redeeming points

Beauty Pass members can redeem their Points online or in-store for products in Sephora’s Rewards Boutique. Redemptions start from 100 Points.

Highlights of Beauty Pass membership

A unique perk of Sephora’s Beauty Pass program is the ability to earn points in-store when shopping overseas. For Australian members, this includes Sephora stores in New Zealand and selected countries and regions in Asia like Hong Kong and Singapore. But as a Beauty Rewards member, you won’t be able to earn or redeem points when shopping at Sephora stores in the US or Europe, as these regions fall under a separate loyalty program. Still, the cross-border earning potential makes Sephora’s loyalty program worth signing up for in Australia.

Sephora Beauty Pass loyalty program - Point Hacks
Australian customers can reap rewards when shopping at Sephora. [Photo: Deva Darshan, Unsplash]

Mecca loyalty program: Beauty Loop

Global beauty boutique Mecca is a cult favourite in Australia for its selection of high-end beauty brands and curated products to satisfy the latest trends.

Beauty Loop is Mecca’s loyalty program that offers five membership tiers:

  • Member – Awarded upon sign-up.
  • Level 1 – Awarded when you spend $300-$599.99 per year.
  • Level 2 – Awarded when you spend $600-$1,199.99 per year.
  • Level 3 – Awarded when you spend $1,200-$3,499.99 per year.
  • Level 4 – Awarded when you spend over $3,500 per year.

Earning rewards

Beauty Loop tiers are based on how much you’ve spent in a year. Once you’ve spent enough to reach the next tier, you’ll unlock any associated benefits.

Redeeming rewards

One of the key member rewards is Mecca’s Beauty Loop Boxes. Members who are Level 1 or higher receive a very generous four Beauty Loop Boxes per year, filled with samples of Mecca’s most popular products. These boxes can be collected in-store or ordered online.

Highlights of Beauty Loop membership

While the Beauty Loop Boxes are the highlight of the program, the benefits only increase as you move up the tiers. Level 2 and higher members receive invitations to in-store events, while Level 3 and Level 4 members receive a complimentary makeup application per year.

Mecca Beauty Loop rewards program - Point Hacks
Mecca’s selection of quality, trendy products makes it a cult favourite for beauty lovers. [Photo: Harper Sunday, Unsplash]

Adore Beauty loyalty program: Adore Society

As far as online-exclusive beauty retailers in Australia go, Adore Beauty leads the pack. With no bricks and mortar stores, customers shop solely online – and you can even earn rewards in the process.

Adore Beauty’s loyalty program, Adore Society, is relatively new, having only launched in early 2021. The program currently offers three membership tiers:

  • Level 1 – Awarded when you spend $0-$399.
  • Level 2 – Awarded when you spend $400-$1,499 over 12 months.
  • Level 3 – Awarded when you spend $1,500+ over 12 months.

Earning rewards

The Adore Society loyalty program has a simple structure where your membership tier is based on your spending. As you progress through the tiers, you’ll unlock access to more benefits.

Redeeming rewards

Adore Society members receive early access to new product launches, member-only events and offers, and a welcome reward for higher tiers. Unlike other beauty loyalty programs, you won’t be able to convert your rewards for products or savings off your shop. But given that the Adore Society is still in its early stages, this could change later on down the track.

Highlights of Adore Society membership

All members of the Adore Society receive a birthday reward, among other benefits. Level 1 members receive a $10 voucher, while Level 2 and Level 3 receive $20 and $30 respectively. There’s also free express delivery on offer, with a reduced minimum spend as you move up the tiers.

Adore Society rewards program - Point Hacks
Adore Society members can earn rewards when shopping online with Adore Beauty. [Photo: Claudia Manas, Unsplash]

Fresh Beauty Co. loyalty program: Fresh Loyalty Club

Fresh Beauty Co. is another Australian online beauty retailer specialising in a range of products for men and women. The brands are mid to high-end, with popular names like Shiseido, Bobbi Brown and Chanel.

Fresh Beauty Co.’s loyalty program is called the Fresh Loyalty Club. Instead of membership tiers, you’ll earn a generous reward once you accumulate enough points.

  • 250 points – 5% discount
  • 350 points – Free shipping
  • 650 points – 10% discount
  • 950 points – 15% discount
  • 1,350 points – 20% discount
  • 2,500 points – $50 voucher

Earning points

The Fresh Loyalty Club has an earn rate of 1 point per $1 spent. There are also other ways to earn extra points and discounts, like leaving product reviews, sharing on social media and referring friends.

Redeeming points

Unlike some other beauty loyalty programs, you can’t actually redeem your Fresh Loyalty Club points. The points you accumulate simply bring you closer to the next discount or offer – so you’re perpetually collecting points to earn a reward.

Highlights of Fresh Loyalty Club membership

While the discounts may not seem like much, it’s important to remember that Fresh Beauty Co. stocks several high-end brands. So it’s not only easier to rack up points from purchases, but the discounts are also handy when buying high-priced items.

Fresh Loyalty Club rewards program - Point Hacks
Stock up on all your beauty favourites and earn rewards when you opt-in to the Fresh Loyalty Club. [Photo: Element5 Digital, Unsplash]

StrawberryNET loyalty program: Point Rewards Program

StrawberryNET is a well-established global online beauty store. Australian customers are catered for with a wide selection of products ranging from affordable skincare to luxury hair care.

StrawberryNET’s loyalty program, the Point Rewards Program, doesn’t have any specified member tiers. Instead, members can accumulate points when they shop, and redeem points against future purchases.

Earning points

As soon as you sign up for StrawberryNET’s Point Rewards Program, you’ll begin earning points on your purchases. The earn rate is 2% of your total order. So if your purchase is $100, you’ll earn 2 points.

Redeeming points

Point Rewards Program points can be redeemed for savings on your purchase. When you reach the checkout, you’ll be prompted to enter how many points you want to use. One point is equal to $1 off your shop, but you must meet a minimum cart value in order to redeem points.

Highlights of Point Rewards Program membership

StrawberryNET’s Point Rewards Program doesn’t have any tiers, so there are no member benefits aside from earning points to redeem on future purchases. But this in itself makes the program worth opting into if you’re already an avid shopper on StrawberryNET. The site runs regular promotions and discounts, and Australian shoppers can also enjoy free shipping once a minimum spend has been reached.

StrawberryNET loyalty program - Point Hacks
Earn points when you shop for skincare, makeup and more on StrawberryNET. [Photo: Charissa Kenion, Unsplash]

Double-dip to earn frequent flyer points

Did you know that you can double-dip and earn frequent flyer points in addition to points towards store-specific loyalty programs?

We’ll cover how you can earn Qantas Points or Velocity Points below.

Qantas Shopping

Qantas Shopping is Qantas’ online shopping portal. You can shop from hundreds of brands across the globe, including several beauty retailers in Australia. Qantas Shopping is not an online store in itself. Rather, the portal links to the retailer’s website, so you’ll shop directly with them. This allows you to earn points towards the store’s loyalty program in addition to Qantas Frequent Flyer points. The amount of frequent flyer points earned varies from store to store, and you can earn bonus points during promotional periods.

Sephora, Adore Beauty and Fresh Beauty Co. are just some of the beauty brands available on Qantas Shopping for you to double-dip rewards.

Velocity e-Store

Similar to Qantas, Velocity Australia has its own online shopping portal called the Velocity e-Store. Velocity Frequent Flyer members can use the portal to browse for online retailers, and click through to shop directly with the retailer while earning Velocity Points. Each store offers a different amount of Velocity Points, but keep your eyes peeled for bonus points and promotions throughout the year.

You’ll find beauty stores like StrawberryNET, Fresh Beauty Co., Sephora and plenty more on the Velocity e-Store.

Triple-dip by paying with a rewards credit card

Do you have a credit card that lets you earn frequent flyer points? You may even be able to triple-dip on your rewards when you shop via Qantas Shopping or Velocity e-Store and pay with a points-earning credit card.

We’ve rounded up some of the top frequent flyer credit cards to help you earn more Qantas Points or Velocity Points. Many of these credit cards also offer a generous stack of bonus points when you sign up, are approved and often meet a minimum spend requirement. Some cards on offer include the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, ANZ Rewards Platinum and Qantas Premier Platinum.

Summing up

If shampoo, makeup, sunscreen or vitamins are already products on your shopping list, then you’ll benefit from joining a beauty loyalty program.

And when you factor in the additional rewards that come from shopping via Qantas Shopping or the Velocity e-Store and paying with a rewards credit card, you’ll be soaking in the perks in no time.

Featured image: @pmvch, Unsplash

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