The Amplify Classic is St.George’s entry-level Amplify Rewards earning card with a low ongoing annual fee.

The Amplify family includes cards offered by St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA. There’s also the mid-range Amplify Platinum and the higher-end, feature-packed Amplify Signature.

Digging into the details of the St.George Amplify Classic – Amplify Rewards card

The St.George Amplify Classic – Amplify Rewards card is an entry-level card and like most cards in this segment – comes with very limited features.

One of its advantage, however, is the ability to earn 1 Amplify Rewards point (which also equals to 0.5 Velocity Points or KrisFlyer miles when transferred) on all eligible spend with no points cap. This is quite decent considering the annual card fee is only $79.

The strength of Amplify Rewards is its ability to be transferred to multiple rewards partners, offering flexibility in how you redeem your points.

Card Details

CardSt.George Amplify Classic - Amplify Rewards
Loyalty ProgramAmplify Rewards
Points earned from spend1 Amplify point per $ spend
Points capnone
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Mobile walletApple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay Support
Annual fee$79 p.a.

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

Frequent Flyer ProgramEffective earn rate
Velocity Points0.5 point / $
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles0.33 mile / $

Finally, its worth noting the card terms in relation to loyalty points.

Amplify Rewards vs Qantas Points

The St.George Amplify Classic also has a Qantas Rewards variant that earns 0.5 Qantas Point per $1 on spend. Otherwise, earn rate is 1 Amplify Rewards Point per $1 on eligible purchases on the Amplify Rewards variant.

We cover the details of the Amplify Rewards program and its frequent flyer transfer partners in a separate guide here.

St.George Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay support

St.George cards support Apple Pay & Google Pay & Samsung Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments. Find out more in our guides for each of the compatible services.

Summing up

The St.George Amplify Classic – Amplify Rewards card, along with the other cards in the Amplify Rewards family could be useful for those who are looking for non-Amex cards that earn points on spend and offers flexibility in how you use them.

This card, in particular, has a low annual card fee but still offers a decent uncapped earn rate comparable to the mid-tier Amplify Platinum.

Those looking for more features like insurances, lounge access and other travel perks, however, might find the Amplify Signature cards more appealing.

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