Lucrative list: up to 20,000 bonus Qantas Points with Qantas Wine this week

Guide to earning Qantas Points with wine, food & champagne purchases via Qantas Wine

GUIDE: Earning Points
TIME TO READ: 5 minutes
POSTED: November 6, 2018
UPDATED: November 6, 2018
LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Qantas Frequent Flyer
STATUS: We update this guide every Tuesday with the latest bonus point offers from Qantas Wine

Qantas Wine is one of the simplest ways to earn Qantas Points if you enjoy drinking wine or champagne.

This week’s list of Qantas Wine bonuses is here and it is massive with over 350 items on the list and majority of them new additions including some food choices.

The highest points earners this week are five wines with 20,000 bonus Qantas Points each:

  • Curtis Cavaliere Shiraz 2016
  • Serafino Terremoto Syrah 2011 Single Vineyard
  • Katnook Shiraz and Cabernet Six
  • Serafino Terremoto Syrah 2013 Single Vineyard
  • Brown Brothers Shiraz Mondeuse Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Plus, there are over 60 items with 10,000-15,000 bonus Qantas Points each, so check out the list below.

About this guide

We collate Qantas Wine’s weekly offers ourselves and do not have any kind of commercial partnership with the program.

Qantas Wine didn’t use to be good at publishing all of the products on which you’ll earn a points bonus—there was no consolidated list on their website or via email, so I thought I’d better make one.

After I started publishing this list, they also launched a bonus points listing page on their website.

We update our list weekly and it shows more data than the Qantas Wine’s page. Use either list, whatever works for you.

Please ensure you do price comparison research elsewhere if getting good wine at the best price is important to you.

Qantas EpiQure was rebranded as Qantas Wine in mid-2018. The move was in line with the changes in other Qantas brands and was aimed at making it easier for members to understand the products being offered under each brand, which in EpiQure’s case are primarily wines.

This week’s Qantas Wine offers

ProductBottlesTotal PricePer Bottle PriceBonus Qantas PointsPoints / BottlePremium Members Total PointsPoints per $ spentStock as of 5 November
Curtis Cavaliere Shiraz 201612$672.00$56.0020,0001,66722,01632.76In Stock
Serafino Terremoto Syrah 2011 Single Vineyard6$630.00$105.0020,0003,33321,89034.75In Stock
Katnook Shiraz and Cabernet Six6$498.00$83.0020,0003,33321,49443.16In Stock
Serafino Terremoto Syrah 2013 Single Vineyard6$630.00$105.0020,0003,33321,89034.75In Stock
Brown Brothers Shiraz Mondeuse Cabernet Sauvignon 20136$474.00$79.0020,0003,33321,42245.19In Stock
Craggy Range Sophia Bordeaux Blend 20156$576.00$96.0015,0002,50016,72829.04In Stock
Dandelion Red Queen of the Eden Shiraz 20136$480.00$80.0015,0002,50016,44034.25In Stock
Blue Pyrenees Cabernet Richardson 20136$300.00$50.0015,0002,50015,90053.00In Stock
Voyager Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 20106$360.00$60.0015,0002,50016,08044.67In Stock
Grosset Piccadilly Chardonnay 201612$678.00$56.5015,0001,25017,03425.12In Stock
Voyager Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 20126$360.00$60.0015,0002,50016,08044.67In Stock
Curtis Family Vineyards Cavaliere Cabernet 201512$468.00$39.0015,0001,25016,40435.05In Stock
The Lane John Crighton (JC) Shiraz Cabernet 20136$594.00$99.0015,0002,50016,78228.25In Stock
Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 201412$663.00$55.2515,0001,25016,98925.62In Stock
Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet 20126$600.00$100.0015,0002,50016,80028.00In Stock
Voyager Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 20116$360.00$60.0015,0002,50016,08044.67In Stock
Bleasdale Double Take Malbec 20146$351.00$58.5010,0001,66711,05331.49In Stock
Silkwood Walcott Shiraz 201612$300.00$25.0010,00083310,90036.33In Stock
Flametree SRS Wallcliffe Chardonnay 20166$345.00$57.5010,0001,66711,03531.99In Stock
Fraser Gallop Parterre Chardonnay 201612$357.00$29.7510,00083311,07131.01In Stock
Brokenwood Indigo Vineyard Chardonnay 20176$297.00$49.5010,0001,66710,89136.67In Stock
Ross Hill Jacks Lot Shiraz 201612$282.00$23.5010,00083310,84638.46In Stock
Forest Hill Block 9 Shiraz 20126$306.00$51.0010,0001,66710,91835.68In Stock
Ballandean Estate Messing About Nebbiolo 201412$378.00$31.5010,00083311,13429.46In Stock
Glenlofty Estate Merlot 201512$323.40$26.9510,00083310,97033.92In Stock
Brackenwood Vineyard Barbera 201512$324.00$27.0010,00083310,97233.86In Stock
Thompson SSB Four Chambers 201612$270.00$22.5010,00083310,81040.04In Stock
Yarrabank Cuvee Vintage Sparkling 201112$323.88$26.9910,00083310,97233.88In Stock
Eden Road Syrah Hilltops 20136$270.00$45.0010,0001,66710,81040.04In Stock
Oates Ends Cabernet Sauvignon 201412$432.00$36.0010,00083311,29626.15In Stock
Haselgrove Alternative Series Grenache Rose 201712$273.00$22.7510,00083310,81939.63In Stock
Brokenwood Forest Edge Chardonnay 20176$270.00$45.0010,0001,66710,81040.04In Stock
Hay Shed Hill Block 2 Cabernet Sauvignon 20146$297.00$49.5010,0001,66710,89136.67In Stock
Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Cabernet Sauvignon 20136$330.00$55.0010,0001,66710,99033.30In Stock
Known Pleasures Shiraz 20156$292.50$48.7510,0001,66710,87837.19In Stock
Dandelion Magnum Lionheart of the Barossa Shiraz 20156$279.00$46.5010,0001,66710,83738.84In Stock
Ross Hill Pinnacle Chardonnay 201612$348.00$29.0010,00083311,04431.74In Stock
Dandelion March Hare of the Barossa Mataro 20156$324.00$54.0010,0001,66710,97233.86In Stock
Handpicked Collection Shiraz Heathcote 20136$293.94$48.9910,0001,66710,88237.02In Stock
Forest Hill Block 9 Shiraz 20116$300.00$50.0010,0001,66710,90036.33In Stock
James Estate Ben Braggie Semillon 201412$270.00$22.5010,00083310,81040.04In Stock
Peos Four Kings Chardonnay 201712$300.00$25.0010,00083310,90036.33In Stock
Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Cabernet Sauvignon 20126$336.00$56.0010,0001,66711,00832.76In Stock
Willoughby Park Cabernet Sauvignon Kalgan 201412$324.00$27.0010,00083310,97233.86In Stock
Ottelia Cabernet 2013 Coonawarra12$342.00$28.5010,00083311,02632.24In Stock
Fraser Gallop Parterre Cabernet 201312$432.00$36.0010,00083311,29626.15In Stock
Ross Hill Pinnacle Shiraz 201512$384.00$32.0010,00083311,15229.04In Stock
Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Shiraz 20136$330.00$55.0010,0001,66710,99033.30In Stock
Nannup Cabernet Sauvignon Rolling Hills 201612$307.20$25.6010,00083310,92235.55In Stock
Fraser Gallop Parterre Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 201612$335.88$27.9910,00083311,00832.77In Stock
Dandelion Wonderland of the Eden Valley Riesling 20166$324.00$54.0010,0001,66710,97233.86In Stock
Umamu Cabernet Sauvignon 20106$324.00$54.0010,0001,66710,97233.86In Stock
Glenlofty Estate Shiraz 201512$305.52$25.4610,00083310,91735.73In Stock
Grosset Rockwood Riesling 201712$408.00$34.0010,00083311,22427.51In Stock
Taylors The Pioneer Shiraz 20122$332.00$166.0010,0005,00010,99633.12In Stock
Tahbilk Eric Stevens Purbrick Shiraz 20126$336.00$56.0010,0001,66711,00832.76In Stock
Willoughby Park Shiraz Kalgan 201412$306.00$25.5010,00083310,91835.68In Stock
Flowstone Queen of the Earth Cabernet 20136$377.40$62.9010,0001,66711,13229.50In Stock
Glenlofty Estate Shiraz 201412$305.52$25.4610,00083310,91735.73In Stock
Kangarilla Road Terzetto 201612$306.00$25.5010,00083310,91835.68In Stock
Bleasdale The Powder Monkey Shiraz 20146$390.00$65.0010,0001,66711,17028.64In Stock
Wolf Blass Gold Label Botrytis Semillon 2011 375ml12$336.00$28.0010,00083311,00832.76In Stock
Tomich Icons of Woodside Q96 Chardonnay 20156$306.00$51.0010,0001,66710,91835.68In Stock
Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 20146$351.00$58.5010,0001,66711,05331.49In Stock
Craggy Range Syrah Gimblett Gravels Vineyard 201512$432.00$36.0010,00083311,29626.15In Stock
Glenlofty Estate Marsanne Roussanne 201412$302.40$25.2010,00083310,90736.07In Stock
Flowstone Sauvignon Blanc 201612$307.20$25.6010,00083310,92235.55In Stock
Willoughby Park Shiraz Ironrock 20136$249.00$41.508,0001,3338,74735.13In Stock
Col d'Orica Rosso di Montalcino 20136$324.00$54.008,0001,3338,97227.69In Stock
Wicks Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 201612$243.00$20.258,0006678,72935.92In Stock
Spinifex Syrah 201712$312.00$26.008,0006678,93628.64In Stock
Plantagenet Three Lions Riesling 201712$228.00$19.008,0006678,68438.09In Stock
Pepperjack Graded McLaren Vale Shiraz 20166$264.00$44.008,0001,3338,79233.30In Stock
Running with Bulls Tempranillo 201312$222.00$18.508,0006678,66639.04In Stock
Flowstone Queen of the Earth Chardonnay 20146$297.00$49.508,0001,3338,89129.94In Stock
The Opportunist Shiraz 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Serafino Fiano Bellissimo 201712$215.88$17.998,0006678,64840.06In Stock
Eden Road Maragle Chardonnay 20156$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Costanzo & Sons Vintage Blanc de Noir 20166$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Thorn Clarke Shiraz William Randell 20146$318.00$53.008,0001,3338,95428.16In Stock
Eden Road Canberra Syrah 20146$270.00$45.008,0001,3338,81032.63In Stock
Alkoomi Black Label Shiraz Viognier 201612$252.00$21.008,0006678,75634.75In Stock
Helen and Joey Alena Pinot Noir 20166$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
Fraser Gallop Misceo Cabernet Franc blend 201512$318.00$26.508,0006678,95428.16In Stock
Garagiste Cotier Riesling 201512$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Holm Oak Chardonnay 201612$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Forest Hill Sauvignon Blanc Highbury Fields 201712$222.00$18.508,0006678,66639.04In Stock
Voyager Estate Chardonnay 20156$231.00$38.508,0001,3338,69337.63In Stock
SC Pannell Arido Grenache Rose 201712$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Risky Business Sangiovese Rose 201712$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Aylesbury Waterfall Gully Sauvignon Blanc 201712$258.00$21.508,0006678,77434.01In Stock
La Linda Malbec 201612$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Pepperjack Graded Langhorne Creek Shiraz Cabernet 20146$264.00$44.008,0001,3338,79233.30In Stock
Hedonist Sangiovese 20166$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Garagiste Cotier Sauvignon Blanc 201512$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne 20126$249.00$41.508,0001,3338,74735.13In Stock
Sensi Collezione Pinot Grigio Veneto 201712$222.00$18.508,0006678,66639.04In Stock
Nashwauk Beacon Shiraz 20102$218.00$109.008,0004,0008,65439.70In Stock
Aylesbury Waterfall Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 201712$258.00$21.508,0006678,77434.01In Stock
Byron and Harold Cabernet Chapter and Verse 201412$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Coriole Aroona Estate Shiraz 201712$263.88$21.998,0006678,79233.32In Stock
Jim Barry 1st XI Coonawarra Cabernet 20126$324.00$54.008,0001,3338,97227.69In Stock
Peos Jacks Sauvignon Blanc 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Glenlofty Estate Shiraz The Sawmill Vineyard 20156$270.00$45.008,0001,3338,81032.63In Stock
Nannup Ridge Firetower Sauvignon Blanc 201812$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Handpicked Collection Chardonnay Yarra Valley 20146$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
Wirra Wirra The Angelus Cabernet Sauvignon 20146$331.50$55.258,0001,3338,99527.13In Stock
Airlie Bank Cabernet Franc 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Harewood Porongurup Riesling 201712$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Battle of Bosworth Shiraz Puritan 201712$234.00$19.508,0006678,70237.19In Stock
Leasingham Provis Vineyard Classic Cabernet 20136$324.00$54.008,0001,3338,97227.69In Stock
The Lane Block 5 Shiraz 201712$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Small Valley Pinot Gris 201612$318.00$26.508,0006678,95428.16In Stock
Tahbilk Museum Release Marsanne 201012$246.00$20.508,0006678,73835.52In Stock
Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 201612$264.00$22.008,0006678,79233.30In Stock
Craggy Range Chardonnay Kidnappers 201612$302.40$25.208,0006678,90729.46In Stock
Brackenwood Vineyard Riesling 201512$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Wirra Wirra Absconder Grenache 20166$331.50$55.258,0001,3338,99527.13In Stock
Eden Road Gundagai Syrah 20136$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Serafino Sharktooth Chardonnay 20156$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Glenlofty GO Marsanne Roussanne 201312$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Rosabrook Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 20146$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 201612$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Harewood Denmark Riesling 201712$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Amadio White Label Shiraz 201512$291.00$24.258,0006678,87330.49In Stock
Aquarius Marsanne Viognier 201612$203.88$16.998,0006678,61242.24In Stock
Fraser Gallop Estate SSB 201612$258.00$21.508,0006678,77434.01In Stock
Eden Road The Long Road Pinot Gris 201712$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Lobethal Road Bacchant Chardonnay 20156$229.50$38.258,0001,3338,68937.86In Stock
Flametree Chardonnay 201612$279.00$23.258,0006678,83731.67In Stock
Gemtree Grenache 20176$264.00$44.008,0001,3338,79233.30In Stock
Thompson Estate Cabernet Merlot 20136$192.00$32.008,0001,3338,57644.67In Stock
Blue Pyrenees Estate Red Cabernet Merlot 20156$209.70$34.958,0001,3338,62941.15In Stock
Longview Vista Shiraz Barbera 201612$258.00$21.508,0006678,77434.01In Stock
Ross Hill Maya & Max Chardonnay 201712$215.88$17.998,0006678,64840.06In Stock
Jericho Adelaide Hills Syrah 20166$180.00$30.008,0001,3338,54047.44In Stock
Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne 20106$231.00$38.508,0001,3338,69337.63In Stock
Swings and Roundabouts Backyard Stories Chardonnay 20176$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
Paracombe Adelaide Hills Pinot Blanc 201812$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Brokenwood Pinot Gris 201812$239.88$19.998,0006678,72036.35In Stock
Toolangi Reserve Shiraz 20126$324.00$54.008,0001,3338,97227.69In Stock
Serafino Vermentino Bellissimo 201712$215.88$17.998,0006678,64840.06In Stock
Gemtree Mataro 20176$264.00$44.008,0001,3338,79233.30In Stock
Ottelia Riesling 201612$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Howard Park Leston Cabernet Sauvignon 20156$270.00$45.008,0001,3338,81032.63In Stock
Serafino Sharktooth Shiraz 20116$323.94$53.998,0001,3338,97227.70In Stock
Garagiste Le Stagiaire Pinot Gris 201612$312.00$26.008,0006678,93628.64In Stock
Fowles The Exception Cabernet Sauvignon 20136$270.00$45.008,0001,3338,81032.63In Stock
Shottesbrooke Toms Block SV Shiraz 20156$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
West Cape Howe Sauvignon Blanc 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Blue Pyrenees Estate Red Cabernet Merlot 20136$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Golden Grove Estate Vermentino 201512$302.40$25.208,0006678,90729.46In Stock
The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Nannup Ridge Firetower Sauvignon Blanc 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz 20121$270.00$270.008,0008,0008,81032.63In Stock
SC Pannell Pinot Grigio 201712$264.00$22.008,0006678,79233.30In Stock
Margan Original Shiraz 201512$258.00$21.508,0006678,77434.01In Stock
Alkoomi Black Label Riesling 201712$252.00$21.008,0006678,75634.75In Stock
Serafino Sharktooth Chardonnay 20166$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Windfall Estate Ivor Merlot 20146$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Allegiance The Artisan Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon 20166$198.90$33.158,0001,3338,59743.22In Stock
Olivers Taranga HJ Reserve Shiraz 20146$312.00$52.008,0001,3338,93628.64In Stock
Small Valley Chardonnay 201612$318.00$26.508,0006678,95428.16In Stock
The Little Wine Company Pinot Gris 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
West Cape Howe Rose Mt Barker 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Vasse Felix Filius Cabernet Sauvignon 201612$275.40$22.958,0006678,82632.05In Stock
Flametree Margaret River Shiraz 201612$279.00$23.258,0006678,83731.67In Stock
Helen and Joey Alena Chardonnay 20156$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
Angove Warboys Shiraz 20166$231.00$38.508,0001,3338,69337.63In Stock
Vasse Felix Filius Cabernet Sauvignon 201512$291.00$24.258,0006678,87330.49In Stock
Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Dry Riesling 201612$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Rosenthal Richings Shiraz 20136$204.00$34.008,0001,3338,61242.22In Stock
Princess Butterfly Marsanne 201712$203.88$16.998,0006678,61242.24In Stock
Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz 20146$237.00$39.508,0001,3338,71136.76In Stock
Rosabrook Single Vineyard Chardonnay 20156$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
The Courtesan Riesling 201812$234.00$19.508,0006678,70237.19In Stock
Byron and Harold Partners Cabernet 20146$225.00$37.508,0001,3338,67538.56In Stock
Byron and Harold Chardonnay Partners 20166$191.94$31.998,0001,3338,57644.68In Stock
Woods Crampton White Label Shiraz 201612$222.00$18.508,0006678,66639.04In Stock
Artis Adelaide Hills Syrah 20166$243.00$40.508,0001,3338,72935.92In Stock
OLeary Walker The Lucky Punter Sauvignon Blanc 201712$213.00$17.758,0006678,63940.56In Stock
Serafino Sharktooth Chardonnay 20176$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Innocent Bystander Chardonnay 201612$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Logan Shiraz 201312$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Harewood Mt Barker Riesling 201712$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Byron and Harold Chardonnay Rose Thorns 201712$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Brokenwood Tallawanta Vineyard Semillon 20156$216.00$36.008,0001,3338,64840.04In Stock
Amadio Sebastiens Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 20126$318.00$53.008,0001,3338,95428.16In Stock
Jericho Fume Blanc 201712$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz 20146$331.50$55.258,0001,3338,99527.13In Stock
Amadio White Label Cabernet Sauvignon 201412$291.00$24.258,0006678,87330.49In Stock
Murray Street White Label Semillon 201612$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Logan Hannah Rose 201612$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Miceli Olivias Chardonnay 201512$258.00$21.508,0006678,77434.01In Stock
Tahbilk Roussanne Marsanne Viognier 201612$270.00$22.508,0006678,81032.63In Stock
Woodlands Chardonnay 201612$302.40$25.208,0006678,90729.46In Stock
Byron and Harold Cabernet Rose Thorns 201612$237.00$19.758,0006678,71136.76In Stock
Harewood Frankland Riesling 201712$324.00$27.008,0006678,97227.69In Stock
Serafino Montepulciano Bellissimo 201712$215.88$17.998,0006678,64840.06In Stock
Eden Hall Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon 20136$240.00$40.007,0001,1677,72032.17In Stock
McGuigan The Shortlist Riesling 20166$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Serafino Tawny NV6$209.94$34.995,0008335,63026.82In Stock
Castel Firmian Rosato 20166$161.94$26.995,0008335,48633.88In Stock
Jericho Adelaide Hills Syrah 20156$189.00$31.505,0008335,56729.46In Stock
Bleasdale 18 Year Old Rare Tawny NV6$390.00$65.005,0008336,17015.82In Stock
Brokenwood Latara Semillon 20096$297.00$49.505,0008335,89119.84In Stock
McGuigan The Shortlist Semillon 20156$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Grahams Vintage Port 20031$240.00$240.005,0005,0005,72023.83In Stock
Taylors Heritage Shiraz 20166$156.00$26.005,0008335,46835.05In Stock
Ferngrove Dragon Shiraz 20136$172.80$28.805,0008335,51831.94In Stock
Shottesbrooke Single Vineyard Chardonnay 20166$180.00$30.005,0008335,54030.78In Stock
Cookoothama Chardonnay 201512$161.88$13.495,0004175,48633.89In Stock
Mitolo Small Batch Vermentino 20166$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Driftwood Artifacts Chardonnay 20176$148.50$24.755,0008335,44636.67In Stock
Driftwood Artifacts Cabernet Sauvignon 20156$148.50$24.755,0008335,44636.67In Stock
Allan Scott Estate Pinot Noir 20176$139.50$23.255,0008335,41938.84In Stock
Credaro 5 Tales Pinot Gris 201712$189.00$15.755,0004175,56729.46In Stock
Taylors Heritage Shiraz 20146$159.00$26.505,0008335,47734.45In Stock
Clarendelle Rose inspired by Haut Brion 20166$161.70$26.955,0008335,48533.92In Stock
Allan Scott Estate Merlot 20176$139.50$23.255,0008335,41938.84In Stock
Brokenwood Hunter Valley Shiraz 201512$510.00$42.505,0004176,53012.80In Stock
The Lane Gathering Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 20166$189.00$31.505,0008335,56729.46In Stock
Bethany Chardonnay 20166$117.00$19.505,0008335,35145.74In Stock
Brokenwood Hunter Valley Semillon 201712$285.00$23.755,0004175,85520.54In Stock
Bleasdale Grand Tawny NV6$221.94$36.995,0008335,66625.53In Stock
House of Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Aquitaine6$178.50$29.755,0008335,53631.01In Stock
Fallen Giants Cabernet 20176$153.00$25.505,0008335,45935.68In Stock
Blue Pyrenees Vintage Brut 20136$143.94$23.995,0008335,43237.74In Stock
Brokenwood Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 201312$324.00$27.005,0004175,97218.43In Stock
Penfolds Grandfather Tawny6$467.70$77.955,0008336,40313.69In Stock
Castel Firmian Lagrein 20166$161.94$26.995,0008335,48633.88In Stock
St Agnes XO Grand Reserve 40 Year Old 700ml1$750.00$750.005,0005,0007,2509.67In Stock
Jericho Tempranillo 20176$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Voyager Girt by Sea Cabernet Merlot 20136$148.50$24.755,0008335,44636.67In Stock
Seppeltsfield Muscat DP63 Grand Rutherglen6$165.00$27.505,0008335,49533.30In Stock
Vranken Diamant Brut Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2007 in Luxury Gift Box6$870.00$145.005,0008337,6108.75In Stock
Brokenwood Tawny Port NV (375ml)6$199.50$33.255,0008335,59928.06In Stock
Driftwood Artifacts Cabernet Sauvignon 20136$161.94$26.995,0008335,48633.88In Stock
Grahams Natura Reserva Port Organic NV6$256.50$42.755,0008335,77022.49In Stock
Grahams 30 YO Tawny NV Gift Box1$235.00$235.005,0005,0005,70524.28In Stock
Rockcliffe Third Reef Cabernet Sauvignon 20166$139.50$23.255,0008335,41938.84In Stock
Apricus Hill Pinot Noir 201712$299.40$24.955,0004175,89819.70In Stock
Dandelion Chardonnay 2016 Twilight of the Adelaide Hills6$144.00$24.005,0008335,43237.72In Stock
Nannup Ridge Rolling Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 20146$148.50$24.755,0008335,44636.67In Stock
Nannup Merlot Rolling Hills 20166$172.80$28.805,0008335,51831.94In Stock
Clarendelle Rouge 2014 - Bordeaux6$197.70$32.955,0008335,59328.29In Stock
The Little Wine Company Sangiovese 20156$148.50$24.755,0008335,44636.67In Stock
Eden Road Skinny Flat White 20166$161.94$26.995,0008335,48633.88In Stock
Seppeltsfield DP64 Rare Tokay Paramount Collection1$625.00$625.005,0005,0006,87511.00In Stock
Brokenwood ILR Reserve Semillon 20096$348.00$58.005,0008336,04417.37In Stock
Grahams 10 YO Tawny NV Gift Box6$399.00$66.505,0008336,19715.53In Stock
Ironcloud Rock of Solitude Chardonnay 20166$172.80$28.805,0008335,51831.94In Stock
Nannup Ridge Rolling Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 20156$148.50$24.755,0008335,44636.67In Stock
Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz 20156$231.00$38.505,0008335,69324.65In Stock
Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 20046$654.00$109.005,0008336,96210.65In Stock
Willow Bridge Dragonfly Chardonnay 201812$179.88$14.995,0004175,54030.80In Stock
Brokenwood Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 201412$324.00$27.005,0004175,97218.43In Stock
Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz 20142$450.00$225.005,0002,5006,35014.11In Stock
Allan Scott Generations Sauvignon Blanc 20176$135.00$22.505,0008335,40540.04In Stock
Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec 20136$623.94$103.995,0008336,87211.01In Stock
Longview Yakka Shiraz 20166$153.00$25.505,0008335,45935.68In Stock
Credaro Kinship Cabernet Sauvignon 20156$161.94$26.995,0008335,48633.88In Stock
Baileys of Glenrowan Muscat Founder Series Classic12$299.88$24.995,0004175,90019.67In Stock
Tim Adams Skilly Ridge Riesling 20176$155.94$25.995,0008335,46835.06In Stock
Dal Zotto Rosato 20166$144.00$24.005,0008335,43237.72In Stock
Brokenwood Maxwell Semillon 20086$297.00$49.505,0008335,89119.84In Stock
Clarendelle Rouge 2013 - Bordeaux6$197.70$32.955,0008335,59328.29In Stock
Grahams Vintage Port 20001$240.00$240.005,0005,0005,72023.83In Stock
Grahams Fine Tawny NV6$199.50$33.255,0008335,59928.06In Stock
Angove Chardonnay Family Crest 20166$131.94$21.995,0008335,39640.90In Stock
West Cape Howe Shiraz Two Steps 20156$159.00$26.505,0008335,47734.45In Stock
Willow Bridge Dragonfly Shiraz 201712$179.88$14.995,0004175,54030.80In Stock
Grant Burge Summers Chardonnay 20166$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Grahams Stone Terrace Vintage Port 20151$379.00$379.005,0005,0006,13716.19In Stock
Forest Hill Estate Chardonnay 20156$172.80$28.805,0008335,51831.94In Stock
Cookoothama King Valley Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 201612$161.88$13.495,0004175,48633.89In Stock
Dandelion Legacy of Australia xxxo NV6$288.00$48.005,0008335,86420.36In Stock
Taylors Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon 20166$156.00$26.005,0008335,46835.05In Stock
Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz 20166$179.70$29.955,0008335,53930.82In Stock
Brokenwood Shiraz Area Blend 201412$336.00$28.005,0004176,00817.88In Stock
Willow Bridge Dragonfly Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 201712$179.88$14.995,0004175,54030.80In Stock
Handpicked Regional Yarra Valley Chardonnay 20156$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Seppeltsfield DP62 Rare Muscat NV Paramount Collection1$625.00$625.005,0005,0006,87511.00In Stock
Thorn Clarke Barossa Trail Grenache 20166$178.50$29.755,0008335,53631.01In Stock
Olivers Taranga Vermentino 20176$134.94$22.495,0008335,40540.05In Stock
Grahams Vintage Port 19831$297.00$297.005,0005,0005,89119.84In Stock
Olivers Taranga Fiano 20176$150.00$25.005,0008335,45036.33In Stock
Olivers Taranga Ruthless Ruth Liqueur Muscat NV 350ml6$341.94$56.995,0008336,02617.62In Stock
Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 20061$297.00$297.005,0005,0005,89119.84In Stock
Clarendelle Blanc inspired by Haut Brion 20166$197.70$32.955,0008335,59328.29In Stock
Grahams 40 YO Tawny NV Gift Box1$384.00$384.005,0005,0006,15216.02In Stock
Eden Hall Gruner Veltliner 20166$178.50$29.755,0008335,53631.01In Stock
Ferngrove Majestic Cabernet Sauvignon 20146$172.80$28.805,0008335,51831.94In Stock
Howard Park Jete Brut Blanc Sparkling NV6$180.00$30.005,0008335,54030.78In Stock
Thorn Clarke Eden Trail Shiraz 20156$153.00$25.505,0008335,45935.68In Stock
Eden Road Long Road Syrah 20156$139.50$23.255,0008335,41938.84In Stock
Grahams Six Grapes Reserve Port Organic NV6$285.00$47.505,0008335,85520.54In Stock
Dal Zotto Barbera 20146$131.94$21.995,0008335,39640.90In Stock
West Cape Howe Shiraz Cape to Cape 201612$183.60$15.305,0004175,55130.23In Stock
Hay Shed Hill Chardonnay 20166$141.00$23.505,0008335,42338.46In Stock
Giant Steps Yarra Valley Syrah 20156$178.50$29.755,0008335,53631.01In Stock
Peos Four Aces Manjimup Shiraz 20146$189.00$31.505,0008335,56729.46In Stock
Brokenwood Indigo Chardonnay 20166$297.00$49.505,0008335,89119.84In Stock
Willow Bridge Dragonfly Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 201812$179.88$14.995,0004175,54030.80In Stock
dArenberg Sticks Tempranillo 20126$155.94$25.995,0008335,46835.06In Stock
Angove Cabernet Family Crest 20156$128.88$21.483,5005833,88730.16In Stock
Margaret River Icons6$150.00$25.003,0005003,45023.00In Stock
Heidsieck and Co Monopole 09 Gold Top6$330.00$55.003,0005003,99012.09In Stock
Pommery Brut Royal Champagne NV with Limited Edition Gift Box6$297.00$49.503,0005003,89113.10In Stock
Heidsieck and Co Monopole Gold Top 2009 (no gift box)6$330.00$55.003,0005003,99012.09In Stock
Vranken Demoiselle La Parisienne Vintage 20126$357.00$59.503,0005004,07111.40In Stock
Pommery Brut Rose Champagne NV6$510.00$85.003,0005004,5308.88In Stock
Pommery Brut Royal Champagne NV6$297.00$49.503,0005003,89113.10In Stock
Pommery Brut Royal Champagne NV in HOKUSAI Limited Edition Gift Box6$297.00$49.503,0005003,89113.10In Stock
Vranken Demoiselle E O Tete De Cuvee NV in Gift Box6$316.50$52.753,0005003,95012.48In Stock
St Agnes XO Imperial 20 Year Old 700ml1$199.00$199.002,5002,5003,09715.56In Stock
Grant Burge 200ml Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay24$228.00$9.502,000832,68411.77In Stock
Yalumba Organic Pinot Grigio 20166$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Louis Pommery England Brut NV Sparkling1$99.00$99.001,0001,0001,29713.10In Stock
Hombo Shuzo Kishogura Tsubo Shochu (gift box) 720ml1$79.00$79.001,0001,0001,23715.66In Stock
Lana Prosecco NV6$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo (gift box) 720ml1$103.00$103.001,0001,0001,30912.71In Stock
Cullen Diana Madeline 20161$119.00$119.001,0001,0001,35711.40In Stock
Mars Wa Bi Gin 700ml1$135.00$135.001,0001,0001,40510.41In Stock
Tsukinokatsura Iwai 80 Junmai Sake 720ml1$75.00$75.001,0001,0001,22516.33In Stock
Yoshinogawa Daiginjo Sake (gift box) 720ml1$109.00$109.001,0001,0001,32712.17In Stock
Hombo Shuzo Joto Chiran-Cha Umeshu 720ml2$94.00$47.001,0005001,28213.64In Stock
Yarra Valley Caviar Connoisseur Pack1$170.00$170.001,0001,0001,5108.88In Stock
Fukuju Junmai Sake 720ml2$110.00$55.001,0005001,33012.09In Stock
Killerby K Cabernet Merlot 20156$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Williams and Taylor Prestige Hamper with Wine1$144.00$144.001,0001,0001,4329.94In Stock
Mars Maltage Cosmo Malt Blended Whisky (gift box) 700ml1$154.00$154.001,0001,0001,4629.49In Stock
Killerby K Chardonnay 20166$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Sesion Tequila Twin Pack Blanco and Reposado2$180.00$90.001,0005001,5408.56In Stock
Kenbishi Kuromatsu Sake 900ml1$69.00$69.001,0001,0001,20717.49In Stock
Houraisen Kuu Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720ml (gift box)1$120.00$120.001,0001,0001,36011.33In Stock
Tengumai Umajun Junmai Sake (gift box) 720ml2$80.00$40.001,0005001,24015.50In Stock
Yoshinogawa Ginjo Gokujo 720ml2$98.00$49.001,0005001,29413.20In Stock
The Little Wine Company Verdelho 20156$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Serafino Pinot Grigio Bellissimo 20176$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Serafino Tempranillo Bellissimo 20176$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Amanoto Junmai Daiginjo 35 (gift box) 720ml1$115.00$115.001,0001,0001,34511.70In Stock
Thorn Clarke Sandpiper Pinot Gris 20176$89.94$14.991,0001671,27014.12In Stock
Mixed Jameson Deconstructed3$180.00$60.001,0003331,5408.56In Stock
Yalumba Organic Viognier 20166$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Greystone Sauvignon Blanc Thistle Ridge 20176$89.94$14.991,0001671,27014.12In Stock
Houraisen Bi Junmai Daiginjo (gift box) 720ml1$99.00$99.001,0001,0001,29713.10In Stock
Brokenwood Cricketpitch Mixed Dozen12$165.60$13.801,000831,4979.04In Stock
Mars Iwai Tradition Blended Whisky (gift box) 750ml2$218.00$109.001,0005001,6547.59In Stock
Sesion Tequila Twin Pack Mocha and Reposado2$180.00$90.001,0005001,5408.56In Stock
Yoshinogawa Yuzushu 500ml2$98.00$49.001,0005001,29413.20In Stock
Dewazakura Omachi Junmai Ginjo Sake (gift box) 720ml2$142.00$71.001,0005001,42610.04In Stock
Dewazakura Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo 720ml2$116.00$58.001,0005001,34811.62In Stock
Hombo Shuzo Genshu Yakusugi Shochu (gift box) 720ml1$118.00$118.001,0001,0001,35411.47In Stock
Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco NV6$89.70$14.951,0001671,26914.15In Stock
Kunizakari Muroka Umeshu 720ml2$102.00$51.001,0005001,30612.80In Stock
Mars Komagatake Single Malt Nature of Shinshu Shinanotanpopo (gift box) 700ml1$254.00$254.001,0001,0001,7626.94In Stock
Sesion Tequila Reposado 750ml1$90.00$90.005005007708.56In Stock
Pukara Estate Gourmet Oils & Balsamic Mix1$38.50$38.5050050061615.99In Stock
Maya Sunny Honey Gift Pack1$45.00$45.0050050063514.11In Stock
Sesion Tequila Mocha 750ml1$90.00$90.005005007708.56In Stock
St Agnes XO 15 Year Old 700ml1$99.00$99.005005007978.05In Stock
Rossini Baerii Black Caviar 30g1$90.00$90.005005007708.56In Stock
Yarra Valley Caviar Salmon and Trout Twin Pack1$85.00$85.005005007558.88In Stock
Fudge and Brittle Favourites Pack1$46.00$46.0050050063813.87In Stock
Yarra Valley Caviar Premium Salmon Pack1$99.50$99.505005007998.03In Stock
Sesion Tequila Blanco 750ml1$90.00$90.005005007708.56In Stock
Fudge by Rich Mixed Five Favourites1$39.75$39.7530030041910.55In Stock
Spencer Cocoa Dark and Milk Chocolate 4 pack1$42.95$42.953003004299.98In Stock
Rabbit Hole Tea Sampler Gift Box1$49.00$49.003003004479.12In Stock
Mr Black Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur (700ml)1$59.99$59.992502504307.17In Stock
Jameson Deconstructed Round 1Litre1$64.99$64.992502504456.85In Stock
Jameson Deconstructed Lively 1Litre1$64.99$64.992502504456.85In Stock
Jameson Deconstructed Bold 1Litre1$64.99$64.992502504456.85In Stock

Table updated 5 November 2018.

What’s Qantas Wine?

Qantas Wine is Qantas’ wine program and offers the ability to earn thousands of bonus Qantas Points from wine purchases, usually in cases of 6 or 12.

At risk of sounding like a bit of an alcoholic when I’m not meaning to, Qantas Wine is one of my favourite ways to pick up bonus points. I tend to only buy wine when a bonus is offered, and not being a wine snob or one too particular around shopping around for the best wine deals, knowing that I’m getting a kicker of bonus points works for me.

Qantas Wine also have added a range of gourmet food at (as you’d expect) gourmet food prices – so this isn’t one to take advantage to start earning more points on your day to day groceries, but is worth bearing in mind for gifts or treats.

The full guide to Qantas Wine

Anyone with a Qantas Frequent Flyer membership can purchase wines from Qantas Wine. This guide covers both the free and paid membership options, outlining how you can earn more points and when it’s worth going for the paid membership.

As a regular Qantas Frequent Flyer member, you can access Qantas Wine as a regular customer with an account that’s linked to your Qantas Frequent Flyer number.

You can earn 1 bonus Qantas Point for each dollar spent, and on top of that you will receive free delivery on all your orders and receive email invites for bonus point promotions.

If you are ‘points rich’ you can also choose to pay for your wine using your Qantas Points balance, but I wouldn’t recommend it as you can get better value out of your points for upgrades or flight redemptions.

Earning bonus Qantas Points

Bonus points are usually awarded for certain cases of wines, often the more expensive options – but sometimes also on some of the more accessible mixed cases. Bonuses usually start at 2-3,000 Qantas Points, and work their way up depending on the price of the case or bottle of wine.

A previous example promotion was for a case of 3 Handpicked Single Vineyard Marsanne 2014 or 3 d’Arenberg The Ironstone Pressings Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2010 with 5000 bonus points, for $174.00 including delivery.

Qantas Wine Offer Email

Both wines in this bonus offer are hard to find in big retailers such as Dan Murphys, so let’s value them based on the wine-makers website. The Marsanne comes in at $57 and the d’Arenberg at $65.

Given the offers are for a case of 3, if this is a wine you’ll like this an OK deal – it’s selling for around retail, and you’ll get at least around 5,180 Qantas Points on top.

The key concept to understand is that there’s no general rule you can apply around the value of Qantas Wine’s pricing – sometimes it’s a good offer, especially so when the wine comes with a chunk of bonus points. But then often standard pricing can be beaten by your local wine merchant.

Other offers have included 10,000 and 15,000 Qantas Points on cases around the $250 to $300 mark.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the Qantas Wine sale page of their website for some of the better deals.

Qantas Wine Paid Premium Membership

Alongside the free membership Qantas also has a paid membership on offer. This will set you back $99 (standard pricing) with a free gift included.

The free gift at the time of writing is either a bottle of Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne which I would value at $59.99, or a bottle of Seppeltsfield NV Paramount which Qantas values at $329. This particular bottle couldn’t be found online anywhere else so take this value with a grain of salt.

As a paying member of Qantas Wine, you’ll receive 3 points per $ spent, on top of free delivery.

You’ll also receive invites to exclusive events for Qantas Wine members – however, these are often paid events, rather than free, and wouldn’t suit all tastes.

Here’s a write-up (external site) of an EpiQure event held in Adelaide in May 2015, for example.

There’s also a wine plan component of Qantas Wine, where you can opt-in to receive wines delivered quarterly based on your preferences. Joining a wine plan also comes with free paid membership, so could be worth looking at if you were considering the membership anyway.

Gaining free or discounted membership

Qantas often has some promotions running to entice you to sign up which usually come in the form of a coupon, or a free bottle of wine.

Previously coupons offering one-year free membership have shown up. Many members commonly also receive free renewal year-on-year if they continue to make purchases.

Summing up

The fastest way to earn points out of Qantas Wine is to look out for the bonus point promotions in your inbox and see if they meet your taste for wine to stock up on when they crop up.

Just like many people, giving wine is handy business and social custom and using Qantas Wine to stock up wine in this way can ensure you’re not left short.

These bonuses can quickly bump up your Qantas Point balances if earned wisely.

When there are sign up offers for the paid membership you could consider joining. With the current promotion, the membership cost is around $30 once you take into account the bottle of champagne.

If you’re not a fan of Champagne or Port then hang on for one of the “free year” coupons to show up, as the $99 fee is generally not going to be value for money.

This guide is updated with any new promotion codes or lucrative bonus points offers as they come available.

How about you? Have you had any great Qantas Wine points wins?

Feature image courtesy / Andy Francis.

Lucrative list: up to 20,000 bonus Qantas Points with Qantas Wine this week was last modified: November 6th, 2018 by Matt Moffitt