Melbourne-based online retailer has undergone huge growth over the past few years and is a valuable option for online purchases earning Qantas, Velocity or ANZ Rewards points or cashback.

The store

On checking out the site, it turns out there are over 28,000 products on sale.

You can use the brand filter in the top banner navigation to drill down into which of the many brands are included but big ones like Apple, Acer and Dell are on there. logo | Point Hacks

Kogan have expanded aggressively into homewares, home supplies (think bulk-buy dishwasher tablets and the like) and own-branded electronics alongside big-brand electronics.

Earning Qantas Points

If you add your Qantas Frequent Flyer number to your account, you will earn at the rate of 0.5 Qantas Points per $ spent without having to do anything else.

However, if you also click through the Qantas Online Mall, you will pick up 2 extra points, bringing your total to 2.5 Qantas Points per $ spent.

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Earning Velocity Points

With the Velocity eStore, you will earn 2 Velocity Points per $ spent and you do not need to do anything more than click through their online shopping portal.

Earning ANZ Rewards points

ANZ customers clicking through their ANZ Bonus Points Mall will earn 4 ANZ Rewards points per $ spent.

Earning cashback through Kogan’s eBay store

Whilst you will not earn cashback when making purchases directly through the Kogan website, if you buy something through their store on eBay, you will earn 1% cashback with Cashrewards.

Summing up: which is the best deal?

If you make a purchase of $100, you will earn 200 Qantas or Velocity Points, 400 ANZ Rewards points or $1 cashback.

If we value Qantas and Velocity Points at 2c a piece, then that is like earning $4 worth of points on your purchase, which is quadruple the amount if you opt for direct cashback. ANZ customers can get $3 back, valuing ANZ Rewards points at 0.75c each.

Then the only decision to make is where your points allegiance lies, i.e. with Qantas or Velocity. Just remember to click through the appropriate link to earn your points—it is very simple!

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