Emirates is a global carrier that typically carries tens of millions of passengers around the world each year. That’s a lot of Skywards Miles flying into people’s accounts! While most of the time the process is seamless, occasionally those Miles will fail to show up.

But it’s not a big deal — you just have to lodge a missing Miles claim with Emirates to chase them up. Other situations where this might occur is when partner airlines and codeshare flights are involved, which can complicate things sometimes.

Here’s how to submit an Emirates missing Skywards Miles claim in most scenarios.

How do I claim missing Skywards Miles from Emirates flights?

Are you missing Skywards Miles from an Emirates flight with an Emirates ticket number? Here are the steps to recover those miles instantly:

  1. Go to your Emirates Skywards account page and log in.
  2. From the left-side bar, click on ‘Claim Miles’.
  3. Enter your full Emirates ticket number beginning with 176- (this is found in the top-right corner of your Emirates flight itinerary document).
  4. Enter your booking reference, which is a six-character alpha-numeric code.
  5. Choose the passenger name (in most cases, yourself).
  6. Click ‘Submit’. If all the details match up, your missing miles will be credited instantly.

Are you a new Skywards member looking to claim on past flights? Note that only flights taken in the two months prior to your joining date can be back-claimed.

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How do I claim missing Skywards Miles from partner flights?

The process is a bit more complicated when you’re missing miles from partner airline flights, such as Qantas or Malaysia Airlines. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your Emirates Skywards account page and log in.
  2. From the left-side bar, click on ‘Claim Miles’.
  3. Under the main claim box, look for a smaller section called ‘Claim miles from one of our partners’.
  4. Navigate to ‘Live Chat’ to complete a partner airline claim. Alternatively, fill out the form further down that page for hotel, car rental, retail and lifestyle partners.
  5. Missing Skywards Miles will be credited to your account after review of your claim.

The cut-off for these claims is six months from the transaction date. So if you haven’t received your Miles after 1-2 months, we’d suggest you lodge a missing Miles claim sooner rather than later.

Summing up

While Emirates Skywards Miles may go missing occasionally, rest assured that the process to claim those Miles back is usually quick and painless. In fact, Miles from Emirates’ own flights will usually be credited to you instantly, while those of partner airlines can be resolved over Live Chat.

To avoid missing out on Miles in the first place, it’s good practice to make sure your Skywards number is attached to your booking prior to your flight. Keep in mind, this applies to flights with partner airlines as well. 

Missing miles from non-flight partners such as hotels and car rentals may take a bit more effort, but as long as you have all the correct documentation, there should be no further obstacles to your claim. And once you’ve got those Miles safely locked into your account balance, then take a gander at the seven best uses of Skywards Miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Miles from past flights?

Yes. As an Emirates Skywards member, you can claim Skywards Miles within six months of flying on a qualifying Emirates flight. If you weren’t a member at the time of the flight, then you can claim miles from flights no longer than two months before you signed up for Skywards.

How much are 5,000 Emirates Miles worth?

The value of Emirates Skywards Miles depends on how you earned them and what you choose to redeem those Miles for. For example, a First Class flight redemption usually gets more value out of your Miles than an Economy Class flight. Read our guide to point valuations for more information.

Can you claim Skywards Miles retrospectively?

Yes, you can claim Skywards Miles for past activity through the ‘Claim Miles’ page in your Skywards account. Some limitations do apply.

How do I join Skywards Miles?

You can join the Emirates Skywards program through this signup link.

How do you earn Skywards Miles?

You can earn Skywards Miles by flying with Emirates and its partner airlines. See our Emirates Skywards Program ultimate guide for more information. 

Who are the Emirates Skywards partners?

Emirates Skywards has various airline, hotel and car rental partners. See the full list on the partners’ page.

Can you earn Skywards Miles with Qantas?

Yes, if you are an Emirates Skywards member, you can. Simply add your Skywards member number to your Qantas flight booking to earn Miles. Ask a Qantas representative at the check-in, lounge or boarding gates for assistance if needed.

Where can I find my Emirates Skywards number?

Your Emirates Skywards number is displayed on the top of member email communications you receive, and also on the Emirates App or Emirates Skywards website when logged in.

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