UPDATED 15 November 2021 | Did you miss out on Qantas’ recent ‘status challenge’ promotion? Well, here’s your chance to unlock the gilded perks of Gold after earning just 100 Status Credits.

Simply register your interest on the Qantas website by 11:59 pm on 30 November 2021. Then, earn those 100 Status Credits between 1 December 2021 and 28 February 2022. Qantas Gold is then yours for at least a year.

Here’s all you need to know to take home the Gold!

What is the Qantas ‘Fast Track’ status challenge?

A status challenge is Qantas’ way to encourage potential customers to earn elite status. But rather than give it out freely (known as a ‘status match’), a challenge involves some extra work from the participant to reap the rewards.

In this case, the Qantas status challenge requires customers to earn 100 Status Credits before 28 February 2022 to land Qantas Gold status, which usually requires 700 Status Credits to qualify in the first year.

Qantas Gold means lounge access, priority perks, and higher chances of upgrades.

With so many Qantas Frequent Flyers using the points they have been stockpiling during the pandemic to book an overseas trip, there’s a lot of FOMO from members of other loyalty programs who don’t have nearly as many options.

We know there are a lot of people who missed out when we did this previously, so if they’re willing to come across to Qantas, we will fast track them to Gold status. They will start enjoying the benefits that come with that including access to lounges, additional baggage allowance and earn more points when they travel.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Loyalty CEO, 15 November 2021

How do I take part in the Qantas ‘Fast Track’ status challenge?

We know many of our readers are quite familiar with the in-and-outs of Qantas Frequent Flyer, so we’ll summarise the key points here along with the direct sign-up link to get you on your way.

Qantas ‘Fast Track’ status challenge: key facts and how to apply in five steps

Only Australian residents who are Qantas Bronze or Silver status are currently eligible to apply.

  1. Submit your registration (‘Expression of Interest’) which opens 15 November 2021 and closes on 30 November 2021.
  2. After registering, Qantas will request a colour scan of your current frequent flyer membership card (digital accepted) or a screenshot of your online account. There is no need to include your flying history.
  3. If accepted, the challenge will take place between 1 December 2021 and 28 February 2022. During this time, you’ll need to earn those 100 Status Credits.
  4. Between these dates, you will receive Qantas lounge access and boosted luggage allowance perks by way of a complimentary Qantas Club membership. However, you won’t have the full benefits of Qantas Gold status yet.
  5. If you successfully earn the 100 Status Credits during the challenge period, you’ll receive full Qantas Gold benefits until the end of your next membership year.

In addition, you should note the following:

  • Your existing status level must generally be earned through your own flying activity. Complimentary status (e.g gifted) and status earned by Family Pooling does not qualify, as per the T&Cs.
  • Qantas may terminate your membership if you submit fraudulent documents.
  • Status Credits earned on the ground from partners are eligible for the status challenge — see the latest Qantas deals here.

What airline frequent flyers can take part in the Qantas status challenge?

Elite members of 16 competing airlines are invited to take part in the Qantas status challenge to earn Qantas Gold-tier membership. In alphabetical order, the airlines are:

AirlineEligible tiers
Air Canada (Aeroplan)50K, 75K, Super Elite
Air China (Phoenix Miles)Gold, Platinum
Air India (Flying Returns)Golden Edge Club, Maharajah Club
Air New Zealand (Airpoints)Gold, Elite
ANA (Mileage Club)Platinum, Diamond
Asiana Airlines (Asiana Club)Diamond, Diamond Plus, Platinum
Delta Air Lines (SkyMiles)Gold Medallion, Platinum Medallion, Diamond Medallion
EVA Air (Infinity MileageLands)Gold, Diamond
Etihad Airways (Etihad Guest)Gold, Platinum
Korean Air (Skypass)Morning Calm Premium Club, Million Miler Club
Shenzhen Airlines (PhoenixMiles)Gold, Platinum
Singapore Airlines (KrisFlyer)Elite Gold, PPS Club, Solitaire PPS Club
South African Airways (SAA Voyager)Gold, Platinum
Thai Airways (Royal Orchid Plus)Gold, Platinum
United Airways (MileagePlus)Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, Premier 1K
Virgin Australia (Velocity)Gold, Platinum

That’s a lot to digest! Ready to take the plunge? Hit the big red button below. Otherwise, read on for more background information on Qantas Gold status and why you should consider the status challenge.

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What is Qantas Gold status?

Our dedicated guide to Qantas’ status levels explains how that system works in more detail. But if you’re just after a quick refresher, here are the perks specific to Qantas Gold status and why we regard it as the best ‘sweet spot’ on the status ladder.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold Card Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold

Achieve (usually): 700 SCs + 4 eligible sectors
Achieve (this status challenge): 100 SCs only
Maintain: 600 SCs + 4 eligible sectors
For lifetime status: 14,000 SCs
Oneworld equivalent: Sapphire Oneworld Sapphire icon

  • Access to Qantas Club (domestic), Qantas International Business Lounges (international), oneworld partner, Emirates and China Eastern Business Class lounges, regardless of travel class
  • One or two extra checked bags depending on route and class
  • Access to Premium Security Lanes at Sydney (Domestic), Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Airports
  • Business Class check-in
  • Priority boarding and baggage handling
  • Reciprocal perks on oneworld member airlines
  • 75% bonus points on Qantas, Jetstar and American Airlines flights
  • Preferential access to reward seats and upgrades on Qantas flights

Watch this video to learn more about Qantas Lifetime Gold:

How do I meet the Qantas status challenge requirements?

Have you locked in the status challenge? Now you need to earn 100 Status Credits. With a focus on domestic routes, here are how many Status Credits you can rack up on Qantas and Jetstar flights (purchased with a Bundle).

Qantas faresRed e-DealEconomy FlexQantas Business
Jetstar faresPlus Bundle Max Bundle
Short flights
(e.g. Sydney to Melbourne)
10 SCs20 SCs40 SCs
Medium flights
(e.g. Brisbane to Cairns)
15 SCs30 SCs60 SCs
Longer flights
(e.g. Perth to Sydney)
20 SCs40 SCs80 SCs

It would take 5 return Sydney-Melbourne Jetstar Plus Bundle flights or a single return Brisbane-Cairns journey in Qantas Business Class to meet the 100 SCs challenge requirement, for example.

Summing up

This is an excellent opportunity for Qantas to snatch up some more high-value passengers, as those who chase status usually are. Although 16 airlines around the globe are included, it’s clear that the Red Roo is hunting down Velocity Frequent Flyers who are looking for a change of pace.

The challenge threshold of 100 SCs is reasonable — it’s not too out-of-reach, but high enough to weed out those who would want to try snatch Gold status with very little effort.

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