Delta Air Lines plans to take its lounge experience to the next level with a new ‘premium lounge’ concept. Designed around the airline’s most elite guests, the luxury spaces are set to provide something special for those on the inside, over and above the more typical Delta Sky Club experience.

Notably, it’s something that Delta’s biggest rivals have offered for years. American Airlines has the Flagship Lounge, reserved for selected frequent flyers and eligible premium cabin passengers. Similarly, United has the Polaris Lounge, which is only open to those flying long-haul in Business Class or First Class.

Delta’s new concept doesn’t yet have a distinct branding. Nor has the access list been locked down. Given the approach taken by Delta’s biggest competitors, it’s expected that travellers in the airline’s most premium cabin experience, Delta One, would be invited inside. But access for high-tiered frequent flyers, including the carriers’ by-invitation Delta 360° members, remains to be seen.

We want each of our guests to receive a highly personalized and dedicated level of service. It’s not enough to have beautiful spaces and exceptional offerings. Premium lounge customers should feel welcomed and known when they walk in the door, just as they would at their favorite hotel or restaurant. We look forward to providing that warm welcome and making ‘premium’ feel personal for each guest.

– Claude Roussel, Vice President – Sky Club and Lounge Experience, February 2024

Along with three premium lounges, there’ll also be two new Delta Sky Club locations opening, with one existing lounge also getting a significant expansion. Here’s what you need to know.

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Delta’s first premium lounges for New York, Los Angeles and Boston

New York’s JFK Airport will be home to the first Delta premium lounge. It’s opening in ‘summer 2024’ (between June and August).

For a mix of table service and efficiency, there’ll be a full-service brasserie as well as a more laidback, ‘chef-assisted market’. That’s where travellers will find open kitchens as well as a dedicated wellness area.

Delta premium lounge at New York JFK
Enjoy full table service, or pop past a service counter for something quick before you jet off.

Los Angeles will also sport a premium lounge from Q4 2024. Conveniently, it’ll be directly accessible from the Delta One baggage check-in area downstairs to side-step any queues at the terminal’s main security checkpoint. Once upstairs, guests can unwind at the lounge’s exclusive outdoor terrace – or of course, inside the lounge proper.

Last but not least, Boston is also in line for a Delta premium lounge. Like Los Angeles, Boston is planned for Q4 2024. Sporting 120 seats, it’ll live adjacent to the main Delta Sky Club by the E gates.

More Delta Sky Club locations

Alongside new the new premium lounge concept, the airline is opening two new Delta Sky Club locations.

In Q4 2024, Charlotte will join Delta’s roster of cities with a Sky Club. There’ll be space for over 250 travellers. And of course, Delta Sky Club lounges welcome travellers with the American Express Platinum Card – including cards issued in Australia. If you have the invitation-only Amex Centurion Card, that works too.

Seattle – already home to one Delta Sky Club – will gain a second in Q4 2024. Like the current lounge, the new spot will sit in Terminal A. Access requirements will likely mirror the current Sky Club. However, having a second lounge means more space for all eligible flyers.

Then there’s Miami, where the city’s existing Sky Club is being expanded to seat 320 guests. That’ll happen sooner, within Q2 2024.

While adding more locations to its map, Delta does have some quirky rules surrounding lounge access. They mostly impact travellers with status from the airline’s own loyalty program, Delta SkyMiles. You can view the latest rules on the Delta website.

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All images courtesy of Delta.

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