The pages of a book are incredibly rewarding – but what if there were some tangible rewards you could earn, too? Australia’s leading bookstore Dymocks caters to bookworms with its Booklover Rewards loyalty program. Members enjoy a range of benefits, including discount vouchers, exclusive events, advance notification of new releases, and much more.

The perks of the program are an open book, so we dive into what to expect from Booklover Rewards.

What are the benefits of Dymocks’ Booklover Rewards program?

Contrary to its name, Booklover Rewards isn’t just for book lovers. In fact, Dymocks stocks an array of items including gifts, entertainment products like console games and CDs, and even kids toys.

The key benefit of becoming a Dymocks Booklover Rewards member is the ability to earn points towards a discount on future purchases. If you’re a regular shopper, your transactions can add up quickly – so why not take advantage of the program?

There are two tiers of the Booklover Rewards program, determined by your spend over a consecutive 12-month period:

  • Classic – for members that spend between $0 to $499
  • Gold – for members that spend over $500

Many of the benefits of the Booklover Rewards program are the same across the two tiers, except for the ones we’ve highlighted below:

  • Earn points – 5 points per $1 for Classic, 7 points per $1 for Gold
  • Birthday reward – $5 for Classic, $10 for Gold
  • Bonus offers and rewards
  • Automatic entry into exclusive competitions – one entry for Classic, two for Gold
  • VIP events and exclusive event invitations
  • Limited edition and signed copies
  • Extra content
  • First to know about new releases
  • Advance proof copies of new releases (for Gold only)

How do I earn Booklover Rewards points?

Booklover Rewards points are earned on purchases made at Dymocks either in-store or online. You’ll need to swipe your card or quote your mobile number when purchasing in-store, or log into your account online for the points to be credited.

The points-earning rate is different across the program’s two tiers, as we’ve covered. But you’ll collect points on every dollar spent at Dymocks. This includes their range of lifestyle products, games and stationery. The only exception is when you purchase a gift card. You also won’t earn points on delivery costs, or on e-books.

Note that if your account is inactive for over 18 months, you’ll lose all your Booklover Rewards points at the end of the following financial year.

How do I redeem Booklover Rewards points?

Your points convert to a reward once you’ve hit a certain target. For Classic members earning five points per $1, you’ll receive a $5 voucher when you hit 500 points, or have spent $100. Similarly, Gold members earning seven points per $1 can enjoy a $7 voucher after reaching 700 points, or a $100 spend.

The reward can be redeemed in-store or online across the entire Dymocks range, excluding gift cards and e-books.

How can I maximise my rewards?

In addition to all the great benefits you’ll receive as a Booklover Rewards member, there are some additional ways to get rewarded when shopping at Dymocks.

Earn Qantas Points

Qantas Shopping mall makes it easy to earn Qantas Points when shopping online at your favourite retailers. Simply click through the Qantas Shopping portal to the Dymocks website and complete your purchase as usual. You’ll earn Booklover Rewards points, but also Qantas Points – all for minimal extra effort!

At the time of writing, you’ll earn two Qantas Points per $1 spent at Dymocks when you shop via Qantas Shopping. But keep an eye out for bonus point offers throughout the year to boost your earnings.

Dymocks via Qantas Shopping
Clicking through Qantas Shopping can net you Qantas Points when shopping at Dymocks.

Use a points-earning credit card to pay for your purchase

Qantas’ online shopping portal isn’t the only way to earn Qantas Points (or any frequent flyer points, for that matter). A credit card that earns frequent flyer points can help you achieve your travel goals from your everyday spend. So the next time you’re stocking up on the latest softcovers at Dymocks in-store or online, consider maximising your rewards with a points-earning card. And if you’re buying online with Qantas Shopping, that means three times the opportunities to get rewarded from a single transaction.

How do I become a Dymocks Booklover Rewards member?

It’s free to become a member of Dymocks’ Booklover Rewards program. The process to sign up online is quick and easy, or you can join in-store. You’ll just need to provide your mobile number and email address to get started (so you don’t miss out on new releases!)

Summing up

Bibliophiles certainly have plenty to celebrate with Dymocks’ loyalty program. But given that the retailer offers more than just books, it’s a great way to earn rewards when picking up your lifestyle essentials too.

With more retailers in Australia offering customer loyalty programs, there are more ways to earn rewards from your daily activities. Explore all of our guides to loyalty programs, including IKEA Family, JB Hi-Fi Perks, My Dan’s and more.


What are the benefits of Dymocks’ Booklover Rewards program?

Booklover Rewards members have the ability to collect points when making purchases across Dymocks’ entire range, excluding gift cards and e-books. The points can then be redeemed for discounts off future purchases. Members also receive exclusive access to events, additional content, access to limited edition and signed copies, advance new release notifications, and more.

How do you become a gold member of Dymocks’ Booklover Rewards program?

Simply spend over $500 across a consecutive 12-month period to unlock Gold Booklover Rewards.

How do you use Dymocks’ Booklover Rewards points?

Once you’ve spent $100, you’ll receive a voucher. Classic members receive a $5 voucher ($100 = 500 points) while Gold members receive a $7 voucher ($100 = 700 points).

How many Dymocks Booklover Reward points do you get per dollar?

Classic members receive 5 points per $1 spent, while Gold members receive 7 points per $1.

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