As more Australians travel to Bali each year, the island is seeing a shift in trends. While upscale hotels and all-inclusive resorts once dominated the accommodation front, more travellers are looking into private villa accommodation for their Bali holiday.

Private villas in Bali come with plenty of perks, including personalised service and an abundance of space. And they’re surprisingly affordable compared to other types of accommodation in Bali.

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So if you’re planning a Bali trip, read on for our top 11 reasons why you should consider booking private villa accommodation.

1. Private villas in Bali are actually affordable

Where else can you experience luxury on a budget? If you’re travelling with a large group, private villas are one of the most affordable accommodation options in Bali. You can book a two, three or even six-bedroom villa and split the cost between your group. For couples looking for a romantic escape, a private villa can also often be cheaper than other Bali accommodation options, including hotels and resorts.

2. Accommodate groups of any size

Travelling to Bali as a duo, or with a dozen? Private villa accommodation is especially popular with families, groups of friends, and those travelling for hens or bucks celebrations. You can house everyone under one roof, and come together to enjoy meals, play games, or even kick back with a few Bintangs. Private villas are also popular with couples on their honeymoon looking for an intimate experience.

3. Villas give you privacy

Thousands of tourists flock to Bali each year and it doesn’t take much for the tiny island to feel crowded. If you’re staying at a hotel in a popular area, this feeling is amplified. Fortunately, a private villa lets you retreat to your own pocket of the island – even if it’s just off a main shopping or entertainment district. Connect with your companions in the entertaining areas of your private villa without any distractions or prying eyes.

4. Stretch out with plenty of space

When you book private villa accommodation in Bali, you’re booking an entire place – not just a single room. Most villas have a kitchen to prepare meals, as well as lounge and recreation areas. Some even come with outdoor decks for you to soak up some rays. There’s lots of room to spread out, which is especially welcome when you need some personal downtime.

5. Feel right at home in paradise

The purpose of your Bali holiday may be to escape everyday life. But after a long day of exploring, it feels great to return to somewhere that feels like home. Stock up your full-sized fridge with local delicacies, put the kettle on and relax with a tea, and laze around in your private deck chair – because playing musical chairs in a hotel can get tiring. Plus, you won’t unwillingly eavesdrop on conversations through paper-thin walls, or be disturbed by unruly guests in the hallway. Your home-away-from-home will feel like absolute bliss.

Relax outdoors in your own private villa. [Photo: Sonny Hiles, Unsplash]

6. Enjoy maximum flexibility

Private villa accommodation allows you to tailor your Bali trip to your exact liking. If you prefer more independence, you can simply check-in and enjoy your holiday at your own pace. There’s also the option of booking a villa that comes with housekeeping, turn-down service or meals. And some can even organise tours or activities for you. When you stay at a hotel or resort, the cost of your room covers facilities that you may not get time to take advantage of – such as a pool, sauna or gym. A benefit of booking a private villa is the choice of amenities, and you’ll only pay for what you use.

7. Take the night off from cooking with a personal chef

When you’re on holiday, it can be tempting to eat out all the time. After all, trying Balinese cuisine is an absolute must. However, it can be difficult to secure a restaurant booking during peak season – and lineups aren’t always ideal, either. And then there’s everything else: getting dressed, lathering yourself in mosquito repellant, flagging down a taxi, and actually having to decide where to eat.

One of the perks of private villa accommodation in Bali is having a personal chef whip up your meals. You can choose breakfast, lunch or dinner – or all three – and have your food prepared in the comfort of your villa. This is a great option if you’ve got dietary requirements, or you’re looking for fresh and healthy meals.

There is often an additional cost to hire a private chef, but it’s relatively affordable – especially if you’ve got a large group. Some of the ultra-luxurious villas include a private chef in their rates, so it’s worth enquiring with your accommodation beforehand.

8. Private villas are located all over Bali

Whether you want to marvel at the rice paddies in Ubud or cafe hop in Canggu, you’ll find private villa accommodation in all areas across Bali. The great thing is that they’re not just limited to popular tourist districts, either. Venture away from the crowds to discover a different side of Bali. You may find yourself surrounded by trees, or nestled along a river. But one thing is for sure – private villas provide a unique experience wherever you go.

9. A private villa lets you live like a Bali local

Balinese people embrace a peaceful, laid-back lifestyle. When you’re visiting the island, it’s impossible not to feel the serenity and calmness surrounding you. However, this can sometimes be hard to maintain when you’re staying at a busy hotel or resort. Step away from the crowds – and into your private villa accommodation – to experience the local life in Bali. You’ll be able to take in the gorgeous natural surroundings and venture to local markets. And because villas are often much quieter and less crowded, you’ll get some quality one-on-one time with the staff to exchange stories.

10. Hotels and resorts can be impersonal

Hotels tend to follow a similar template no matter where you’re staying. They have a revolving door of guests, making it difficult to have a personalised experience. But when you stay in private villa accommodation in Bali, you’ll notice a huge difference. The hospitality of the locals shines through, and there’s no request too difficult for them to accommodate. Bali villas boast their own charm, and the entire team of staff are dedicated to ensuring you have a memorable stay. The small details – like chocolates on your pillow and greeting you by name – are what sets the experience apart from others.

11. The ultimate luxury? A Bali private pool villa

Imagine all the luxuries mentioned above plus your very own pool to slip into whenever you like. Bali private pool villas are certainly a thing, and they’re not hard to come by at all. In fact, they’re on offer at villas of all sizes – from a one-bedroom couples’ villa to larger family-sized villas. A private pool is a great way to escape the heat, relax with a cocktail and keep the kids entertained. There are no crowds, no time limits, and best of all – you can live out all your luxury dreams in your Bali private pool villa. Just don’t forget to snap some photos, or it didn’t happen!

Slip out of bed and straight into the pool. [Photo: shawnanggg, Unsplash]

Set off on your Bali holiday today

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So start planning – your private villa in Bali is closer than you think!

Featured image: Daniel Faust, Unsplash

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