Optus and Flybuys are unleashing a range of deals that could see you earn up to 75,000 bonus Flybuys points. That’s roughly $375 off at the check-out or 37,500 Velocity Points — enough for a Perth-Sydney flight in Virgin Australia Business Class, with just $30.75 in taxes to pay!

Sit back in a comfortable Business Class recliner with Velocity Points.

Plans range from $35 to $65 a month, with 12-month and 24-month contract terms available. Here are the deals on offer.

The offer: Optus x Flybuys

Expiry: 31 March 2021

There are quite a few combinations available, in terms of data allowance, monthly cost and contract term. You’ll earn more Velocity Points with longer-term plans, of course. Firstly, here are the 12-month contract plans:

Monthly Cost (Data)Minimum cost (12 months)Flybuys PointsColes equivalentVelocity equivalent
$35 (40GB)$42010,000 pts$505,000 pts
$45 (60GB) $54015,000 pts $757,500 pts
$65 (80GB) $78030,000 pts$15015,000 pts

Now, here are the same plans and bonuses over a 24-month term:

Monthly Cost (Data)Minimum cost (24 months)Flybuys PointsColes equivalentVelocity equivalent
$35 (40GB)$84025,000 pts$12512,500 pts
$45 (60GB) $1,08040,000 pts $20020,000 pts
$65 (80GB) $1,66075,000 pts$37537,500 pts

Note that the bonus points are offered within 90 days of a new service being activated, not for ongoing spend. A penalty applies if you break your contract before the minimum term is met.

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What can I do with my Velocity Points?

So, you’ve waited the 90 days and now have a stash of Flybuys points ready to convert to Velocity. As a reminder, 1,000 Flybuys points fetches you 500 Velocity Points. Here’s how many points you need for Virgin Australia domestic flight rewards:

0-600 miles
(e.g. Sydney-Melbourne)
7,800 pts15,500 pts
601-1,200 miles
(e.g. Brisbane-Cairns)
11,800 pts23,500 pts
1,201-2,400 miles
(e.g. Perth-Sydney)
17,800 pts35,500 pts

So if you took out the $65 plan for 12 months, your 15,000 Velocity Points would nearly be enough for a short one-way flight in Business Class or return in Economy. In all cases, taxes apply which usually start from $30 per person, per flight.

Virgin Australia Adelaide Lounge The Library
Fly from Adelaide using your Velocity Points and enjoy the newly-opened lounge!

But if you held the $65 plan for 24 months, then your 37,500 Velocity Points would be enough for any one-way Business Class flight across the Virgin domestic network (including Perth-Eastern states) or return in Economy.

Learn about using Velocity Points for upgrades on Virgin Australia →

Summing up

Getting a good chunk of bonus Flybuys points (which can unlock Business Class flights via Velocity) is a nice incentive to go with Optus — especially if you were looking to switch anyway.

Be sure to read the fine print, including penalties for breaking contract terms, and shop around before deciding. But if the Optus plan is competitive for you and you can also benefit from the bonus Flybuys points, then this is the deal for you.

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