If you like the idea of topping up your Flybuys account with a few hundred points at a time and you have some moments to spare, then surveys might just be the answer.

Flybuys partners with Pureprofile Perks, a leader in consumer research and data. Members can access surveys through the Flybuys app or website, which rewards them with Flybuys points. Of course, Flybuys also benefits from this partnership, with access to its own database for future marketing and product improvements.

Flybuys will be able to utilise Pureprofile technology to create its own research community, where the data provided by members will help identify potential improvements and develop new products and services.

– Anna Meiler, Pureprofile Head of Sales, 4 May 2021

It’s a similar partnership to Velocity Frequent Flyer and e-Rewards, which offers bonus Velocity Points when members complete surveys. However, that partnership has a complex points-earning system compared to Flybuys.

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How do I earn Flybuys points with Pureprofile Perks surveys?

Once you’re registered with Pureprofile Perks, it’s easy to earn some bonus points.

  1. Head to the Flybuys website or app and look for the ‘Surveys’ section (on the Flybuys app, this is under the ‘Offers’ tab.)
  2. Click on ‘View Surveys’ under Pureprofile Perks.
  3. If you’re new, answer some questions about your demographics.
  4. If you’re eligible for a survey, the results will now appear along with the number of bonus points.
  5. Bonus points will be credited to your account within 48 hours.
Pureprofile Perks surveys dashboard
You can view the maximum bonus points available upon completion of the survey and an estimate of its length.

In the example above, one of the surveys offers 750 Flybuys points in exchange for 25 minutes of your time. The bonus points on offer and the length of the surveys will vary. So, it’s up to you to decide what surveys are worth tackling.

Summing up

Surveys can be quite time-consuming, so this isn’t the best avenue if you’re purely chasing Flybuys points. But if you are interested in market research or sharing your opinions, then these can be a good way to use up some time and also top-up your Flybuys points balance while you’re at it.

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Featured image: Christin Hume, Unsplash

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