One of the first things to understand about Qantas Points is that they can be used for a range of Qantas’ airline partners, not just for travel on Qantas flights.

We’ve covered the range of partners Qantas has here – and using your points with Emirates to New Zealand, Dubai or beyond is a great way to wring the most value from your Qantas Points.

This video from US vlogger Casey Neistat does a great and entertaining job of showing the best parts of the Emirates experience on a flight from JFK to Dubai, before connecting on another Emirates flight to Australia – the Business & First Class seats, cabins, the inflight bar and the infamous shower / spa room for First Class passengers.

I love this – it’s not the usual trip report gushing about the champagne, caviar and other formal trappings of Business & First Class – while he’s travelled heaps, he’s still got the ‘kid in a candy shop’ reaction, which I’m sure anyone else who has had an amazing first-time flight reaction will recognise too.

If Casey had used Qantas Points for his Business Class flight from New York to Dubai (which I’m 99% sure he wouldn’t have done, but we can!) then the cost would have been 84,000 Qantas Points plus fees and taxes.

For his whole itinerary – New York to Dubai, a 12 hour layover, then Dubai to Sydney, the total cost would have been 128,000 Qantas Points plus fees and taxes.

And this is how you do a 12 hour layover in Dubai. Except for the last part.

I have my own first Emirates First Class experience coming later this year. Looks like it should be fun!

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If you liked the music in the first video, the last track is by rogyr on SoundCloud…

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