Buy Velocity points with 15% off until end of August

A guide to buying Velocity Frequent Flyer Points

GUIDE: Buying Points
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POSTED: August 15, 2018
UPDATED: August 24, 2018
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Virgin Australia are offering 15% off when buying Velocity points until 31 August—this equates to around 1.99c per point at the top tier if purchasing the maximum 50,000 points.

Buying Velocity points might make sense when topping up your balance for a specific award redemption on Virgin Australia, or a partner like Singapore Airlines, Delta or Hawaiian Airlines.

This guide explains the basics of how and when you can purchase Velocity points, plus an example redemption.

The essential info

If you are short of the required Velocity points for a redemption on Virgin Australia or a partner like Singapore Airlines or Etihad, you can buy the remaining points needed online.

These are the key caveats:

  • Different to US programs like United MileagePlus, AAdvantage and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, you can only purchase up to 50% of your current points balance
  • 50,000-point maximum purchase in blocks of 500 points
  • The price per point varies according to the level, e.g. 500 points = $18 total = 3.6c per point // 25,000 points = $677 total = 2.7c per point // 50,000 points = $1172 total = 2.3c per point (approx; all prices are at the regular rate and include GST)—the best value is at the top tier
  • Points can be purchased twice per member per calendar year
  • While you must tell Velocity how you think you’ll be using the points that you buy, there is nothing that appears to hold you to this choice.

Note: Velocity points expire after 24 months of inactivity in your account, so make sure to keep your account active by earning/redeeming points regularly.

An example redemption

One of the best uses of Velocity points is for flying Business Class between the East and West Coasts of Australia for 35,500 Velocity points one-way.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class

If I had, say, 24,000 Velocity points already in my account, I could top up with 11,500 points for $312 under the current 15% off promotion.

Offer history

  • August 2018: 15% off
  • April 2018: 15% off

Other ways to earn Velocity points

Summing up

Make sure there is award availability for the redemption you are eyeing off before purchasing the points needed to top up your balance.

As we aim to get at least 2c per-point value from Velocity points, I would suggest you only buy points for a specific redemption rather than speculatively.

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