Why be restricted by artificial limits? Some credit cards will halve or even cut off your points earning potential when you reach a certain points cap each month. This could impact the number of points you could earn over the long term.

Luckily, there are a few card products that still offer what we call an ‘uncapped points earning potential’. This means that even if you’re a big spender one month, you’ll still get a full serve of points later on. Here is our overview of uncapped rewards credit cards.

Why choose an uncapped rewards credit card?

Credit cards with no points caps are perfect for business owners and other big spenders, who might put through more than $10,000 worth of expenses a month. Your points earning potential is only limited by your card credit limit and your monthly spend.

Without any caps on points, you could be on your way to your next reward booked with points, sooner.

Best American Express reward cards with uncapped points earn potential

As a premium card issuer, American Express has some of the most competitive card products on the market. Best of all, your points-earning ability is uncapped. Here are offers from Amex, covering both Qantas, Velocity and Membership Rewards cards.

The offers displayed on this page are selected from a range of products across pointhacks.com.au as at the time of publishing this article. The use of the terms “Best” is derived from a combination of the highest points offered on sign-up and/or on recurring spend, plus having uncapped points earn.

Best Visa/Mastercard reward cards with no points caps

There aren’t many Visa and Mastercard reward credit cards left on the market which still offer an uncapped points earn. Here are the few that still do, as featured on the Point Hacks website.

What do I look for when searching for credit cards with no points caps?

  • Earn rates: If you’re looking at an uncapped card, then you’ll want the earn rate to be good, right? Be sure to compare how many points you’ll actually get per dollar spent, for each card. Note that Membership Rewards and Amplify programs can transfer to other frequent flyer programs, but not at a 1:1 rate. Read the linked guides for more information.
  • Bonus points offer: Supercharge your points balance with a hefty sign-up bonus from the get-go. This is on top of the points you’d usually earn when spending on the card.
  • Other card benefits: See if there are any other benefits of a particular card that might suit you, such as included insurances or participation in schemes such as American Express Shop Small.

What do I be mindful of with uncapped rewards credit cards?

  • Annual fees: Premium cards with uncapped points earn and high sign-up bonuses usually also have high annual fees. Be sure to take these fees into account.
  • Interest rate: Rewards cards generally have high interest rates. If you’re spending heavily and making use of uncapped points earn, be sure to pay your balance off every month, or you’ll be slugged with extra interest charges.
  • Spending: If you don’t actually spend enough in a month to hit the points caps on other cards, then you probably don’t need an uncapped credit card which may be more expensive.

Summing up

Uncapped credit cards can offer great value for the savvy high-flyers and big spenders, whether that be part of running of a business or for day-to-day expenses. Every dollar you spend will be equally rewarded.

American Express cards are all uncapped, compared to a handful of Visa and Mastercards. If going for an Amex card, remember to see if it’s accepted at the places where you typically spend the most.

Also, be mindful to do your research to ensure you’re getting a good deal. It’s advisable to consider the annual fee and the effective earn rate for the points in your desired rewards or frequent flyer program.

We will often have exclusive offers with high sign-up points for these uncapped credit cards, so check back occasionally to see if we have any new deals here.

Frequently asked questions

The following answers are general advice and do not take into account your personal circumstances. Be sure to consider all aspects of a no-annual-fee credit card before applying.

Is there an unlimited credit card?

Cards with no pre-set limit do exist. They are typically known as ‘Charge Cards‘ and are offered by American Express in Australia. Strict eligibility criteria do apply.

Which credit card offers the most Qantas Points?

Check out our guide to the highest Qantas Points-earning credit cards for the latest information.

What is a points cap?

A points cap is when the number of points you can earn per month (usually) is restricted to a certain threshold. If you hit a points cap, you may find your spend will earn fewer or no points at all.

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