The Star Club is a broad loyalty program spanning a range of focuses. For some, it’ll mainly offer benefits on hotel stays. For others, it could be more about earning and spending points on lifestyle activities like dining and spa treatments. And of course, those who choose to gamble can earn benefits too.

We’ll flag right up front though – some people might choose to avoid The Star Club entirely, and that’s okay. This is, after all, a program that can encourage and reward gambling, among other activities. But if walking onto a casino floor isn’t for you, there’s still gains to be had from other aspects of The Star Club.

Here’s a rundown of how The Star Club works. Just take time to consider whether it works for you.

How do I join The Star Club?

The Star Club is free to join, but an identity check takes place when signing up. This reflects the nature of the program, which encompasses gaming along with dining, leisure and other activities.

  1. Go to The Star Club’s sign-up page on The Star Entertainment Group’s website.
  2. Nominate your ‘home’ Star venue – the one you’d visit most often.
  3. Confirm your identity using an Australian driver’s licence, an Australian passport or an international passport.
  4. Enter your other information, read and accept the T&Cs, and complete the process.
  5. Make a record of your membership number in The Star Club.

Which hotel brands are attached to The Star Club?

The Star Club unlocks benefits across a range of hotels in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. These properties are all associated with The Star Sydney, Treasury Brisbane and The Star Gold Coast.

In Sydney, there’s both The Darling and The Star Grand Hotel and Residences. On the Gold Coast, there’s The Star Grand and The Darling. In the Queensland capital, it’s simply Treasury Brisbane.

In total, that’s just a handful of hotels. But it may be enough to be useful for somebody regularly travelling to these cities. Especially so, travellers based in Melbourne (where The Star Club doesn’t have a presence), who might regularly frequent the other two east coast capital cities: Sydney and Brisbane.

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What are The Star Club’s tier levels?

Including entry-level membership, The Star Club offers four public tiers as well as invitation-only membership above that. The levels are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond (by invitation only)

Here’s a look at how the benefits improve as you progress through each tier. When it comes to moving between the levels, this occurs by accruing Tier Points. Members need to earn the corresponding number of Tier Points during their membership year to retain their existing level or move up to the next one. Curiously though, The Star Club offers no transparency around how many Tier Points are earned via each activity. Just that the balance will continue to increase as a member continues to spend.

As for the membership year, it’s based around the date when the cardholder joins the program. The person’s membership year runs for 12 months from that date, and for every 12 months thereafter. This means membership years aren’t fixed to calendar years.


The first level: given to all members of The Star Club upon joining.

  • Free internet access during hotel stays.
  • Access to ‘special offers’ at selected restaurants.
  • A ‘special birthday offer’, provided you keep your contact preferences set to receive marketing materials.
  • Access to pre-sale event ticket sales.
  • Discounts of 10% at most on-property restaurants, bars and spas, as well as on hotel stays.
  • Earn up to two complimentary beverages (tea, coffee and soft drink) per day when gaming.
  • On visits where the member earns at least five Tier Points, receive complimentary parking on that visit.


Requirement to earn and retain: 100 Tier Points per membership year.

Along with all Bronze privileges in The Star Club, Silver members also get:

  • An increased discount of 15% on accommodation, and at most on-property restaurants, bars and spas.
  • Priority queueing at selected venues.
  • Up to six complimentary non-alcoholic beverages per day, regardless of on-property spend.


Requirement to earn and retain: 1,500 tier Points per membership year.

Building on the benefits of Bronze and Silver, Gold members of The Star Club can expect:

  • Five complimentary hotel nights per membership year, for stays between Sunday and Thursday.
  • Earn 25% more Casino Dollars (redeemable points) on eligible spends.
  • A greater discount of 20% on hotel stays and at participating restaurants, bars and spas.
  • Complimentary standard parking across all venues.
  • At The Star Gold Coast, complimentary preferred parking, or 50% off valet parking rates.
  • Access to selected private gaming rooms (Oasis at The Star Sydney and The Star Gold Coast, and The Suite at Treasury Brisbane).
  • One complimentary guest pass to bring an invited companion into a private gaming room.

When members first upgrade from Silver to Gold status, the number of complimentary nights credited to the account is pro-rated in line with the time remaining in the current membership year. Here’s how that works.

  • Receive two free complimentary nights when qualifying for Gold when there are three months or fewer remaining in the current membership year.
  • Get three free nights when qualifying 3-6 months before the end of the current membership year.
  • Pocket four complimentary nights when achieving Gold 6-9 months in advance of the new membership year.
  • Land five complimentary nights after reaching Gold with 9-12 months remaining in the current membership year.

When you achieve status in The Star Club, it’s immediately valid for the remainder of the current membership year, along with the entire next membership year. (This mirrors exactly what happens with Qantas Frequent Flyer status). When it comes to these free hotel nights, this means you’ll receive that initial serve of freebies to use straight away. But then, when that second membership year begins, you’ll receive five more free nights.


Requirement to earn and retain: 5,000 Tier Points per membership year.

Along with all the perks of Bronze, Silver and Gold, Platinum cardholders in The Star Club receive:

  • Twelve complimentary hotel nights per membership year, which can be redeemed on any night of the week (subject to availability, and similarly pro-rated when first earning Platinum).
  • Earn 50% more Casino Dollars (versus Bronze and Silver) on eligible transactions.
  • An elevated discount of 30% on hotel stays and at participating restaurants, bars and spas.
  • VIP telephone concierge service.
  • Complimentary valet parking at The Star Sydney and The Star Gold Coast. Priority parking is also available at The Star Sydney and Treasury Brisbane.
  • Priority check-in at The Star Grand.
  • Expanded private gaming room access to include Sovereign rooms at The Star Sydney, Treasury Brisbane and The Star Gold Coast.

Platinum members of The Star Club who accrue 10,000 Tier Points in a single membership year are also rewarded with:

  • The ability to redeem a greater number of complimentary hotel nights on a single day for a better room. (For example, trade in four complimentary standard hotel room nights in exchange for one night in an Ocean Terrace Suite at The Star Grand Gold Coast).
  • Nominate one person to receive a Partner Card, granting them Platinum status in The Star Club.
  • Personalised service from a VIP host, but only at the discretion and invitation of The Star Club. (Not guaranteed simply by earning 10,000 Tier Points).


Requirement to earn and retain: by invitation only.

This top tier of The Star Club is an exclusive affair. It is to The Star Club what Chairman’s Lounge is to Qantas, or Beyond is to Virgin Australia. It’s not something the program talks about much, except to reinforce that the level is available by ‘invitation only’.

That said, given the program’s focus on rewarding spend and engagement, Diamond members are very likely those who spend more than their Platinum counterparts. Given The Star Club has specific Platinum benefits outlined for those surpassing 10,000 Tier Points each year, we can only assume that Diamond requires even greater spend for a potential invitation.

As for the benefits, we can share that Diamond members receive all the usual perks afforded to Platinum cardholders. This includes both the standard Platinum benefits, as well as those given at 10,000 Tier Points. For instance, Diamond members can similarly trade additional complimentary hotel night credits for an upgraded room. They can also issue a Diamond Partner Card to a companion of their choice, regardless of the number of Tier Points earned.

They’re also likely to gain the attention of a VIP host, and receive ‘priority check-in at our hotels’ – plural. (By comparison, standard Platinum only provides priority check-in at The Star Grand).

As for the other exclusive benefits of The Star Club’s Diamond tier, shhhh, it’s a secret.

How do I earn and redeem points via The Star Club?

The Star Club is much broader than your typical hotel loyalty program. Members can also earn rewards when dining at a range of participating venues – without needing to stay in-house. Across the trio of cities, there are inexpensive cafes and sports bars through to pool clubs, upmarket dining and venues by celebrity chefs like Luke Nguyen.

The Star Club unlocks privileges on hotel stays
Travellers can earn and spend Casino Dollars on hotel stays via The Star Club.

Members can earn rewards on spa treatments at participating venues, too. And of course, Star is a casino brand – which means rewards can also accrue via on-property gaming.

As for those rewards, with The Star Club, points are known as Casino Dollars. These can be redeemed on hotel stays, spa treatments and dining at most on-property locations. They can also be used on the casino floor – and that creates an interesting opportunity.

Because The Star Club is broad in focus, members might choose to only spend their actual cash on hotel stays and dining: earning rewards in the same way as a typical hotel loyalty program. But for something different, rather than redeeming those rewards on the same activities, you could choose to gamble with those Casino Dollars instead. All without placing any ‘real’ cash on the line (beyond the opportunity cost of the savings otherwise forfeited).

As goes without saying though, this won’t be a strategy for everyone. It’s fair to highlight that those who struggle with addictive behaviour – especially when it comes to gambling – shouldn’t join a program that rewards such spend, or that provides benefits only when visiting casino complexes.

For others though, The Star Club could be a way of earning rewards on an occasional punt, or when spending on things like hotel stays and dining. For those who regularly spend on these activities, earning complimentary hotel nights – in addition to Casino Dollars that can reduce the cost of paid hotel stays – is much like any other hotel rewards program.

Bet with your head, not over it. If you need assistance, call Gambling Help Queensland on 1800 858 858. Or visit the GambleAware website – produced by the NSW Government’s Office of Responsible Gambling.

How do I contact The Star Club?

For all membership enquiries regarding The Star Club, call 1800 223 011. Cardholders wishing to trade multiple complimentary room night credits for a shorter stay in an upgraded room should instead call the reservations team on 1800 700 700.

Frequently asked questions

What is The Star Club?

The Star Club is the rewards program of The Star Entertainment Group. You can earn points (Casino Dollars) on hotel stays, dining, spa treatments and more, and enjoy privileges and tier recognition.

Which hotels are part of The Star Club?

The footprint of The Star Club covers Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Members can earn and spend points at The Star Grand and The Darling in both Sydney and the Gold Coast, as well as at Treasury Brisbane.

Is The Star Club free to join?

Yes, there’s no charge to join The Star Club, and benefits begin straight away.

All imagery courtesy of The Star Club.

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