Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777-200 Review – NZ104 Sydney to Auckland

I’ve long been intrigued by Air New Zealand, having not flown with them at all – until now! They control premium cabin points redemption seats extremely tightly, so Premium Economy and Business Class flights are rarely available using points.

The exception to this is when booking with Air New Zealand’s own frequent flyer program – Air New Zealand Airpoints. However Airpoints Dollars do not offer fixed price redemptions. Instead you can redeem them at a variable rate based on the cost of the flight.

As part of the Point Hacks New Zealand launch, I figured I had to check out Air New Zealand’s long-haul cabins with a trip across the Tasman to Auckland, and see if Air New Zealand’s inflight experience is worth using hard cash or Airpoints Dollars for.

Research & Booking

Air New Zealand operates one or two widebody aircraft between Auckland and Sydney / Melbourne a few times per week.

Their booking engine shows clearly which flights will have Premium Economy or long-haul Business Class, but also looking for flight numbers NZ1XX, such as in this case – NZ104.

I wanted to travel in Air New Zealand’s Premium Economy, and preferably check out the spaceseat product on their 777-300ER. This has Premium Economy in a 2-2-2 layout.

I nabbed a sale fare for arund $400, booking a flight with as spaceseat – but unfortunately their was a last-minute aircraft swap, so ended up with the more common 777-200ER and 787 Premium Economy cabin which has a 2-4-2 layout on the 777, and a 2-3-2 layout on the 787.

It’s really tough, and (maybe not possible – someone let me know if it is?) to redeem points for Air New Zealand Premium Economy – neither the United, Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa award charts allow you to redeem on Premium Economy for Air NZ.

As a result, your best option is going to be using either AirPoints Dollars (as a New Zealand credit card holder) or paying cash – this flight ended up around $400 on sale around two weeks before departure.

I decided to credit this flight to my Velocity account, where I earned 45 status credits and a little over 2,000 Velocity points.

The Flight – NZ104 Sydney to Auckland, 777-200 Premium Economy

Rocking up to Sydney Airport, I found that Air New Zealand’s premium check in area caters for both Premium Economy and Business Class travellers, which is a nice time-saver over travelling in Economy.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy check in | Point Hacks

You won’t get an Express Pass to help you get through immigration and customs faster – or lounge access which is reserved for Business Class passengers, and those with Star Alliance status.

As an Etihad Gold cardholder, I thought I’d gain access as part of Etihad’s agreement with Air New Zealand – but no, this was as close to the Sydney Air New Zealand lounge as I got.

Air New Zealand Lounge Entry Sydney | Point Hacks

After fending off the large crowds at the gate, our 777-200 came into view, confirming that my flight had been swapped from the planned 777-300ER with the Spaceseat.

Air New Zealand 777 200 | Point Hacks

I had scored a seat in the second row of Premium Economy (row 24), which was just forward of the wing.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 2 | Point Hacks

And waiting on the seat was a bottle of water, a nice touch to start off the flight.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 1 | Point Hacks

We were soon also offered orange juice and champagne. I took both, plastic cups and all. No room for class here.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 3 | Point Hacks

I then started checking out the seat in more detail. The seat is all simple, black leather, with a large IFE screen and around a 41″ seat pitch, which is generally market-leading, with locally only Japan Airlines topping Air New Zealand according to SeatGuru’s comparison chart.

I had a window seat, with noone next to me which helped with taking photos for this review.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 4 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 5 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 6 | Point Hacks

The Premium Economy seat also has a foot rest that folds out from the leg rest. I’m always too tall to make use of these, they never quite work for me ergonomically.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 8 | Point Hacks

This one was no different, I folded it out but just felt uncomfortable so put it away again. Those with shorter legs would have more success.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 18 | Point Hacks

I thought the inflight entertainment was excellent – a large, responsive touch screen, so that while you’re jabbing the back of the person’s head in front of you, unless you are being intentionally inconsiderate you won’t disturb them – and a great selection of movies and TV.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 9 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 10 | Point Hacks

Along with some decent headphones, I enjoyed my 3 hours in the air catching up on a new movie.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 11 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 12 | Point Hacks

Food on Air New Zealand NZ104 in Premium Economy

As a departure around 11am, NZ104 is well timed for a mid-air lunch. This was the menu:

Along with the chicken salad entrée, I opted for the slow cooked lamb shank main. All the food was of high quality, to me this seemed like good quality Business Class food rather than Premium Economy, and I suspect it was a limited version of the Business Class menu on offer to Premium Economy passengers.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 13 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 14 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 15 | Point Hacks

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 16 | Point Hacks

I followed up with a big mug of tea, served with a Cadbury’s chocolate – or two, maybe three, I don’t remember 🙂

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777 200 17 | Point Hacks

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Summing up – Air New Zealand Premium Economy across the Tasman

This was a great way to get between Sydney and Auckland, although it’s a shame the flight is not readily available using points that are easy to access to Aussie frequent flyers.

As an upgrade option though, if you are willing to spend the premium of between $150 and $300 maybe over Economy fares, it’s well worth considering.

The only downside to this flight? The team of older guys handling service weren’t the friendliest flight attendants I’ve come across – a minor criticism only.

I was also disappointed not to get the Spaceseat but I’ll just have to go back to Air New Zealand to check that out next time!

Air New Zealand Premium Economy 777-200 Review – NZ104 Sydney to Auckland was last modified: May 3rd, 2019 by Keith


  1. Briony

    Hi Keith,
    Just wondering how tall you are? My B-I-L is 6’4 with dodgy knees and apparently we’ll be hit by Air NZ’s refurbishment of their Boeing planes, now getting your Premium Economy, not the Spaceseat. I was just trying to figure out how much leg room he’ll have in the new configuration.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Kerry Neilsen

    We have also booked the spaceseat from Brisbane to San Fransisco and return later in the year and will be really annoyed if the plane is changed, which it seems they do all the time..

  3. bony

    Hi Keith,

    We will be flying to Vancouver from Sydney and they are using this aircraft. Is there a power point for laptop in premium economy?


    • Keith Author

      Hey Bony – I don’t recall. I did charge my phone from the USB port on the entertainment screen, but I don’t remember looking for a power point, sorry. Check with Air NZ to be sure?

  4. PointsLeverage

    I’ve flown Air New Zealand a few times in their Premium Economy Spaceseat (on the 777-300ER), and I really liked it (one of the few times I’d prefer to fly Premium Economy over Business Class – I’m not hugely in love with NZ’s Business seat, finding it a bit squishy). Catering always seemed tasty (athough some find portion size a little on the smaller side, but personally it’s always been enough for me). IFE content was decent and the system itself nicely laid out. Pity you didn’t get Air New Zealand lounge access, as the Sydney lounge is quite decent (Melbourne still waiting for it’s touch up).

      • adam2015

        Perhaps that suggests it doesn’t happen often – which I imagine it doesn’t or they’d have a hard time marketing and selling it the way they do.

        Still, if it happened to me, I’d be getting in touch and looking for compensation…

  5. adam2015

    I’m flying with my family to San Francisco on Air NZ in PE. I’ve gone out of my way to book spaceseats, which they heavily promote on their website and even promote during the booking process.

    So if they have a ‘last-minute plane swap’ and do us out of our spaceseats, I will be very annoyed indeed. ‘Disappointed’ won’t cover it, I will be royally p****ed off. That’s completely unacceptable when they make such a huge play of getting you to book spaceseats during the booking process (and which usually cost more).

    • Keith Author

      I agree, it was a big shame I didn’t get to try it out. I have my reservations about the Spaceseat being a long-legged guy, which is why I’m intrigued with it. I hope, of course, you don’t have the same outcome.

  6. Carol

    Anything has to be an improvement from the Air NZ economy service from Brisbane to Christchurch which I recently flew on. I had booked via the Virgin Australia website so I was surprised to see that it was an Air NZ flight. I discovered seat preferences couldn’t be made via the website prior to travel. Seemed to be confusion at the check-in about baggage allowances and requests for extra payment which were waivered after phone calls. The Air NZ lounge at Brisbane Airport really needs a makeover similar to the Virgin Domestic Lounge. The flight was late afternoon and the seats really needed a service. The inflight service depended on the cost of your ticket which I thought seemed a little cheeky. Next time I’ll ensure it’s only Virgin Australia both ways!

    • Keith Author

      This is the challenge of the ‘fake’ alliances that are setup across different airlines – your expectations from booking process were of VA, but not getting it throws you, so you really have to look out for the different carriers on offer despite you thinking you are booking through their site.

  7. Paul

    Thanks, interesting to hear about the alternate PE seat. Flew AirNZ for the first time on the space seat to LAX this year. Service, food and space were all outstanding, and easily business standard. However I did find them shocking to sleep on. I suspect these seats will do a much better job in that regard, but would prefer the space seat in almost all other respects.

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