As Qantas gears up for the launch of Project Sunrise in 2026, the innovation behind this feat has been recognised with a global award.

The ‘Wellbeing Zone’ on Qantas’ specially designed Airbus A350s won the category of ‘Passenger Comfort’ in the 2024 Crystal Cabin Awards. The awards recognise outstanding innovations and technological advancements in the global aviation industry.

In a world-first, Qantas’ purpose-built Wellbeing Zone, created in collaboration with Diehl Aviation and Caon Design, aims to maximise customer comfort, health and wellbeing. This space will play a fundamental role on Qantas’ Project Sunrise flights, with passengers flying non-stop for up to 22 hours from Australia to various destinations across the globe.

Qantas’ Wellbeing Zone wins the category of ‘Passenger Comfort’ at the 2024 Crystal Cabin Awards. Photo: Qantas.

Located between the Premium Economy and Economy cabins, the Wellbeing Zone will feature sculpted wall panels and integrated stretch handles. The zone encompasses a self-serve bar with a hydration station and a range of nutritious refreshments, as well as a digital guided exercise program.

“State of mind and physical wellbeing are equally important for ultra long-haul flying. By creating a separate zone for movement and socialisation in our A350 cabin, we can help customers to feel their best when they arrive at their destination.” 
 – Phil Capps, Qantas Executive Manager Product and Service 

Project Sunrise will take off in 2026. Soon Australians will be able to fly point-to-point to popular destinations like London and New York. Compared to routes with one-stop, the non-stop Project Sunrise flights may reduce travel time by up to three hours.

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