For passengers who want an occasional taste of pre-flight lounging without springing for an annual membership, Qantas is now offering a new way to access Qantas Club lounges for a recurring fee.

Aptly named Qantas Club Flexible, this ad-hoc subscription allows you to enjoy most of the key perks of Qantas Club, but not everything is included compared to the traditional annual membership.

How much does Qantas Club Flexible cost?

There’s still a one-off joining fee of $129, in line with the annual sign-ups. The flexible membership is then $99 per 28 days, which you can cancel anytime up to three days before renewal.

Qantas tells us the joining fee is valid for 90 days from the expiry of a Qantas Club Flexible membership – if you re-subscribe within that period, you won’t need to pay the sign-up fee again.

Predictably, Qantas Club Flexible ends up being significantly more expensive than a standard Qantas Club membership if you hold it for a full year. Including the joining fee:

  • A full Qantas Club membership is $828 for the first year.
  • Qantas Club Flexible costs $1,416 for the first year (there are 13× 28-day periods in a year).

But Qantas Club Flexible isn’t aimed at regular travellers. If that’s you, the standard membership is far better value. Qantas Club Flexible could be helpful for those who only jet off on a handful of trips every year.

We have been focussed on listening and responding to customer feedback over the past 12 months, and we know our customers are looking for flexible options when it comes to lounge access.

Qantas Club Flexible gives customer the choice to enjoy the benefits of our Qantas lounges in a time frame that suits them – the perfect option for travellers who don’t fly every month.

– Qantas spokesperson, 10 July 2024
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What benefits does Qantas Club Flexible have?

Qantas Club Flexible doesn’t offer the complete suite of benefits, either. What you do get is:

  • Access to Qantas Club and Qantas International Business Lounges before eligible QF and JQ flights
  • Ability to bring up to two children aged 4-17 and any child aged 3 or under into Qantas lounges
  • Access to Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards
  • 3 Qantas Points per dollar spent
  • Until 31 March 2025, the additional checked baggage allowance on QF flights (special offer)

What’s not included?

  • Ability to bring in an adult guest to Qantas lounges
  • Access to partner and associated lounges (non-QF lounges)
  • Ability to purchase an Annual Guest Card

In short, if you usually travel with a companion and/or also access non-QF-associated lounges as part of your travel, then the standard membership is a better fit.

Summing up

Qantas Club Flexible is a new subscription for occasional lounge users. For a one-time $129 fee and then a $99 charge per 28 days, travellers get access to Qantas Club and International Business Lounges during periods of their choosing.

However, it lacks a guest allowance and partner lounge access. It’s also pricier than a standard annual membership if kept for more than six months in a year, making it best for those who only travel sporadically.

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