Qantas is making domestic flying a touch more productive and informative with the launch of multiple digital news partnerships. The airline will now screen ABC News updates in its lounges and onboard the domestic jet fleet. Keep an eye out if you’re on a Boeing 737 with drop-down screens.

The deal with ABC will include two bespoke bulletins a day. Previously, the Red Roo screened Sky News Australia around its network.

And from 1 August 2022, passengers connecting to Qantas’ free lounge and onboard Wi-Fi will enjoy complimentary access to content on The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, which both usually lock premium content behind a paywall.

Qantas Chief Customer Officer, Stephanie Tully, says that the revamped digital options will help passengers stay across the day’s events while travelling.

We’re delighted to have ABC News bulletins on board across domestic flights and, for those who like to consume their news online, full access to The Australian and the Financial Review is on offer through our free Wi-Fi.

– Stephanie Tully, Qantas Chief Customer Officer, 1 July 2022
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Which other airlines offer digital partnerships?

This isn’t the first time that Qantas has offered access to digital publications. Back in 2015, Qantas signed a deal with PressReader to provide access to thousands of newspapers and magazines globally. But this was quietly stopped sometime in late 2017 and hasn’t been revived since.

Many other airlines around the globe still partner with PressReader to provide passengers with access to publications, including:

Meanwhile, American Express Platinum Card Members used to be able to enjoy a full complimentary membership to The Australian Financial Review. But that ended in early 2021, with a premium subscription to The Australian and The Wall Street Journal now included instead.

At least when you fly Qantas from August 2022, you’ll have access to both publications in the lounge and onboard. But it doesn’t beat the variety that we used to enjoy with PressReader!

Qantas adds premium access to The Australian and AFR was last modified: August 24th, 2023 by Brandon Loo