With dynamic pricing creeping over to Marriott Bonvoy in March 2022, we had a feeling that the prized Hotel + Air packages wouldn’t be sticking around for much longer.

Unfortunately, Marriott has now confirmed that these packages are gone and can’t be purchased anymore. If you already have an existing seven-night hotel certificate, you must redeem it by 28 February 2022. Otherwise, you’ll get refunded the equivalent of seven peak nights worth of points, depending on the category of your certificate.

What were the Marriott Hotel + Air packages?

Marriott’s hotel and air packages started at a minimum of 255,000 Marriott Bonvoy points. You would get a voucher for seven nights in the hotel category of your choosing, plus either 50,000 or 100,000 frequent flyer miles/points.

Hotel Category7 nights + 50,000 miles7 nights + 100,000 miles
1-4255,000 points330,000 points
5315,000 points390,000 points
6435,000 points510,000 points
7495,000 points570,000 points
8685,000 points750,000 points
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How do I use existing hotel certificates?

If you’re still holding one of these packages, call up Marriott on 1-800-321-7396 (US) or 1800 251 259 (Australia). Just keep in mind the seven-night booking must be used consecutively at the hotel of your choice. Unfortunately, unused nights are forfeited – you can’t have four nights in one place and three in another, for example.

Remember that this certificate needs to be redeemed by 28 February 2022. If you don’t, any unused certificates will be refunded in points. The same applies if you redeem your certificate and later need to change the booking – you’ll get the refund instead.

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Your refund amount is based on seven nights of peak pricing on the current rates. Here’s a quick summary of the points you’ll get back if you don’t use your certificate:

Hotel CategoryCertificate refund after 28 Feb ’22
170,000 pts
2105,000 pts
3140,000 pts
4210,000 pts
5280,000 pts
6420,000 pts
7490,000 pts
8700,000 pts

Which airlines could I use the Marriott Hotel + Air packages with?

If you’ve previously redeemed a Hotel + Air package, you’d know there is a very large list of airlines that will happily accept your haul of points or miles from Marriott Bonvoy. The participating airlines most relevant to Australian travellers include:

Any airlines miles earned through Hotel + Air packages will still be honoured, as those miles would have already been credited to your frequent flyer account. Only unused hotel certificates are being refunded.

Summing up

It’s a real pity that Marriott Hotel + Air packages are being eliminated. We understand the uptake wasn’t high, given the large number of points needed. But overall, it was a great-value deal for high rollers.

As Marriott Bonvoy moves to dynamic pricing, hotel categories are being removed as well. It’s only natural that Hotel + Air packages will follow, as the value of the hotel certificate is tied to hotel categories.

Make sure to use up any existing certificates before 28 February 2022, or you’ll get a points refund instead.

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This article was originally written by Evin Tan Khiew.

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