Popular cruiseliner Celebrity Cruises isn’t reserved for celebrities – though you’ll certainly feel like one when relaxing onboard! Combining luxury, fun and immersive entertainment on its fleet of mega-ships, Celebrity Cruises are a firm favourite for cruises around Australia and across the globe.

For its loyal voyagers, Celebrity Cruises offers an exciting rewards program, Captain’s Club (not to be confused with Captain’s Circle, the loyalty program of Princess Cruises.) In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about Captain’s Club, plus how you can earn extra rewards when booking your next journey with Celebrity Cruises.

How does Captain’s Club work?

Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club program works on a simple points structure. ‘Club Points’ is the points currency of the program, and these points are used to determine your membership tier.

Captain’s Club has six member tiers offering greater benefits as you move up the ranks.

  • Preview – 0 Club Points
  • Classic – 2-149 Club Points
  • Select – 150-299 Club Points
  • Elite – 300-749 Club Points
  • Elite Plus – 750-2,999 Club Points
  • Zenith – 3,000+ Club Points

‘Preview’ is the entry-level tier of the Captain’s Club rewards program. If you join the program before you sail with Celebrity Cruises (i.e. before you accumulate any Club Points), you’ll be enrolled into this tier and can enjoy a few perks, which we outline below.

How to earn Club Points with Celebrity Cruises

Club Points are primarily earned from sailing, and the earning rate depends on the stateroom category and the number of nights you sail.

  • Inside & Ocean View staterooms – 2 Club Points per night
  • Veranda & Infinite Veranda staterooms – 3 Club Points per night
  • Concierge Class & AquaClass staterooms – 5 Club Points per night
  • Sky Suite & Aqua Sky Suites – 8 Club Points per night
  • Celebrity, Signature, Sunset & Royal Suites – 12 Club Points per night
  • Reflection, Penthouse & Edge Villa suites – 18 Club Points per night
  • Iconic Suite – 24 Club Points per night

You can also earn Club Points on the ground. Captain’s Club members can earn ‘Power Up Points‘ by completing activities like surveys and sharing social media content. For every 10 Power Up Points you earn, you’ll receive one Club Point. So if you complete a survey worth 20 Power Up Points, you’ll have 2 Club Points added to your account – that’s equivalent to one-night sailing in the lowest category stateroom!

Celebrity Cruises loyalty program
As a Captain’s Club member, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits when you sail with Celebrity Cruises. [Photo: roninkgd, Unsplash]

Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club member benefits

Members of Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club loyalty program can enjoy a range of perks onshore and at sea. For Captain’s Club Elite members and above, the benefits include private events, dining discounts and complimentary services. Below, we’ve summarised some benefits of the program. For the full, up-to-date list of member benefits, visit the Celebrity Cruises website.

Preview tier

  • Access to Captain’s Club newsletter online.
  • Eligibility for Captain’s Club offers when booking a future cruise on boardUse of the Loyalty Desk service centre between cruises.
  • Earn double Club Points when you travel solo in a stateroom.

Classic and above

  • Exclusive Captain’s Club offers and access to partner benefits.
  • Captain’s Club welcome party.
  • One category upgrade applicable through AquaClass®.
  • 10-15% discount on Premium Drink Package upgrade when purchased pre-cruise only (complimentary for Zenith members.)
  • 5% discount on Small Group Discovery Tours.
  • 25-50% discount on digital or print photo package.

Select and above

Elite and above

  • Private shipboard departure lounge.
  • Captain’s Club daily Elite Cocktail Hour.
  • Captain’s Club Senior Officer Party.
  • Complimentary bag of laundry.
  • Complimentary access to Persian Garden for one-time use while ship is in port.

Elite Plus and above

  • 15-25% discount on cover charge at specialty restaurants.
  • One complimentary fitness class.

Zenith tier

  • Access to the Retreat Lounge/Michael’s Club.
  • Zenith Lunch event.
  • Waived room service fee.
  • Complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in a Veranda stateroom (taxes & fees are extra).
  • At 6,000 points, and every 3,000 points, thereafter, receive a complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in an AquaClass® stateroom.

Partner benefits

In addition to the benefits that come from being a member, Carnival Cruises’ Captain’s Club program has a number of onshore partners – so you don’t need to wait until your next cruise to enjoy perks.

Carnival Cruises’ partnerships mostly extend to US-based businesses, including restaurants and entertainment venues. For example, you could redeem exclusive discounts for Broadway musicals, baseball games or circus shows.

View the full list of Captain’s Club Partnerships here.

How do I join the Captain’s Club loyalty program?

Captain’s Club is one of the cruise loyalty programs that you can join before you set sail. Here’s how.

  1. Create an account on the Celebrity Cruises website.
  2. Log in to your account and enrol as a new member, or add your existing Captain’s Club number.
  3. Book your next Celebrity Cruises voyage to begin earning Club Points!

Other ways to earn rewards when booking a cruise with Celebrity Cruises

Earn frequent flyer points

Frequent flyer points aren’t earned just from flying. When you book your next sea holiday via Qantas Cruises, you’ll pocket one Qantas Point per $1.

Or, earn at least three Velocity Points per $1 when you book a cruise via Cruisepilot. The higher your Velocity status, the more Velocity Points you’ll earn.

Explore our full guide on how to earn frequent flyer points on cruises.

Use a points-earning credit card

If you’re already eyeing your next cruise, why pay for it using a credit card that earns points to maximise your rewards? You could even take advantage of a credit card sign up bonus, like the one below, to give your points balance a boost – and perhaps earn enough for your next trip! Explore inspiration for your next overseas or domestic trip using frequent flyer points in our Experiences.

Featured image: Katelyn Greer, Unsplash


What is the Captain’s Club on Celebrity Cruises?

Captain’s Club is the loyalty program of Celebrity Cruises. As you move up the program’s six tiers, you’ll unlock greater benefits including discounts on dining and services, exclusive events, category upgrades and more.

How do I earn Club Points on Celebrity Cruises?

Club Points is the points currency of Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club program, and are primarily earned by sailing. The number of points you earn depends on the room type and number of nights you sail. Though you can also earn Club Points on the ground (converted from ‘Power Up Points’) by completing activities.

How do I join Celebrity Cruises’ loyalty program?

To become a member of Captain’s Club, create an account on the Celebrity Cruises website and enrol into the Captain’s Club program.

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