If you’re a new Optus customer and sign up for a range of pre-paid or post-paid plans, you can earn between 3,000 and 20,000 flybuys points, which represent good value when transferred to your Velocity account.

The offer

There are three options for attracting bonus points. Sign up for one of these plans and you’ll receive the following bonus flybuys:

  • My Prepaid Ultimate and recharge $30: 3,000 flybuys
  • 12-month SIM Only: 5,000 flybuys
  • 24-month My Plan Plus with handset: 10,000-20,000 flybuys

Note that the bonus points are only for signing up, not for ongoing monthly spend.

The requirements

You must:

  • have received personalised promotional email from flybuys
  • be a new Optus customer
  • sign up by February 2017

Convert flybuys to Velocity

If for instance, you qualified for the maximum amount of 20,000 flybuys, you could convert them to 8,700 Velocity Points.

That’s just over half of the Velocity Points needed to redeem a Business Class flight between Sydney and Melbourne or Brisbane.

Read more in our flybuys guide here.

Summing up

Getting a good chunk of bonus flybuys points (which are convertible to Velocity) for switching up your phone plan, which you may have planned to do already, is a nice incentive to go with Optus.

If you didn’t receive a promotional email about this in your inbox, make sure to update your preferences (or sign up) on the flybuys website to hear about future offers from Optus and other flybuys partners.

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