At Point Hacks, we are all about earning points with your credit card. However, we understand that this objective may not be for everyone. For some, it may be the convenience of having a credit card to facilitate transactions in this ever-changing digital world. For others, it may be wanting to get some rewards from your purchases at a low cost.

Whatever your reason, the Westpac Lite Credit Card allows you to obtain the benefits of a credit card without breaking the bank.

Digging into the details of the Westpac Lite Credit Card

The Westpac Lite Credit Card, as its name suggests, is light on both the annual cost and rewards and features. If you are after a higher-end card with more bells and whistles, you may wish to look at other Westpac Altitude Rewards Credit Cards.

The major features of the Card are shown below:

Card Details

CardWestpac Lite Credit Card
Loyalty ProgramN/A
Point earned from spendN/A
International transaction fee0%
Minimum Credit Limit$1,000
Maximum Credit Limit$20,000
Minimum Income$30,000 p.a.
Monthly fee$9 per month

The Card is most likely to appeal to those entering the credit card market for the first time or looking for a low-cost credit card that offers some rewards perks.

And what are the perks? As a Card Member, you will receive personalised cashback offers from Westpac Extras. These offers are generally in the form of a statement credit when shopping at a participating retailer using your Westpac Lite Card. You are also eligible for a Westpac Bonus Cashback when you shop via the Westpac Lounge on ShopBack. There are other discounts and offers from a wide range of shops, in-store and online also available.

Explained: the lower interest rate and no foreign transaction fee

One of the main features of this Card is that it offers Westpac’s lowest card purchase rate. This is a great feature for those carrying an interest on their Card.

The Card also comes with no fees on foreign transactions. And you don’t have to be travelling to benefit from this. Online purchases from foreign merchants are also covered!

Westpac Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay support

Westpac cards support Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments. Find out more in our guides for each of the compatible services.

Summing up

For a starter card, the Westpac Lite Card ticks all the boxes: low cost, lowest interest rate on offer from Westpac, low or no transaction fees, and still some small rewards on the side. But as always, make sure to seek professional advice to ensure that this Card meets your financial needs and circumstances.

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