The American Express Velocity Escape Card is a Velocity Point-earning card with no annual fee, and as a result comes with very few additional benefits outside of earning points – but it does that one thing well.

The Velocity Escape Card is a great entry-level offering as a gateway into the world of Velocity Points earn.

Who is the American Express Velocity Escape card for?

This card will likely suit those:

  • who frequently travel on Virgin Australia
  • who are averse to cards with high annual fees and are looking for a no or low annual fee card that still earns Velocity Points
  • who may not meet the income threshold for premium Velocity earning credit cards
  • where the higher cost of a premium Velocity Card outweighs the benefit of the card’s additional features, due to your income or spending being too low to either use these features or obtain maximum value from them
  • those who want to start earning Velocity Points from their credit card spend with little risk.

Digging into the details

The Velocity Escape American Express is visually cut from the same cloth, but targeted at a different customer to the high-end sister card the Velocity Platinum.

The Escape offers few ongoing benefits, but with a bargain of an annual fee for free.

CardAmerican Express Velocity Escape
Loyalty programVelocity Frequent Flyer
Points earned from spend0.75 Velocity Point per $1 on all eligible spend except government spend
1 additional Velocity Point per $1 spent on select Virgin Australia services
0.5 Velocity Point per $1 on government spend
Points capNone
Earns points at ATOYes
Additional card membersFree
Included InsurancesRefund Protection, Purchase Protection and Online Fraud Protection Guarantee
Minimum income requirement$40,000 p.a.
Annual feeNone

This means it’s one of the best no or low annual fee cards out there for Velocity Point earn for those who don’t want a heap of benefits with their card and don’t want to stump up for the annual fee.

You’ll earn 1.75 Velocity Points per $1 spent with Virgin Australia, 0.75 Velocity Point per $1 everywhere else with the exception of transactions to government bodies and the ATO, which earn 0.5 Points per $1 spent in line with many other cards American Express issue.

Additional card members are free of charge for those who want to earn more points by adding household members onto their account.

The card is also eligible for Amex Offers, which provide American Express cardholders with rotating promotions and discounts for a variety of products and services, as well as the Local Champion game, where cardholders use the Amex app to earn additional bonus point per $ spent at retailers where they shop the most.

American Express Plan It

American Express launched ‘Plan It’ in mid-2020, which allows cardholders to create instalment plans that allow for equal payments to be distributed over a 3, 6 or 12 month payment period. There is a monthly fixed fee to access this feature, with up to 10 Plan It plans with a minimum of $150 balance able to be created.

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Considering this card for Business-related transactions?

American Express offer a range of both business and consumer charge and credit cards. They do permit business transactions to be made on personal cards, unlike some other banks, but you might find some of the other business-focused benefits of the business cards to be appealing or more appropriate.

So – if you’re a sole trader or a business looking to earn points with your business spend – this card would still work for that purpose.

There’s a full list of business and personal consumer American Express cards which might be suitable for earning points from business-related transactions here.

American Express Velocity Escape Guide was last modified: July 28th, 2021 by Daniel Sciberras

Unparalleled mobile wallet integration

American Express cards support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments.

Read the Point Hacks guide to using Apple Pay or for using Google Pay and Samsung Pay, including instructions on how to add your American Express card to those services.

With this feature set up, it means you could still use your NFC-enabled phone to make purchases with your American Express account, even if your physical card is lost or stolen and pending replacement.

American Express Velocity Escape Guide was last modified: July 28th, 2021 by Daniel Sciberras

Summing up

The American Express Velocity Escape Card is a great entry level card for ongoing Velocity Points earn with an earn rate of 0.75 Velocity Points per $1 on most eligible spend and no annual fee.

American Express Velocity Escape Guide was last modified: July 28th, 2021 by Daniel Sciberras