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40,000 bonus Velocity Points on offer with the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa

ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa - No overseas transaction fee on purchases

ANZ are offering 40,000 bonus Velocity Points when you spend $500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval with the Rewards Travel Adventures card. Also included is a Virgin Australia domestic return flight, two single entry Virgin Australia domestic lounge passes plus no overseas transaction fee on purchases. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs, fees, charges, flight restrictions and lounge conditions apply.

  • 40,000 bonus Velocity Points when you spend $500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval
  • One complimentary return domestic flight each year with Virgin Australia until the card is cancelled
  • Two complimentary single entry Virgin Australia lounge passes each year until the card is cancelled
  • No overseas transaction fee on purchases
  • Earn 1.5 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $2,000 per statement period, then 0.5 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $2,000 per statement period 
  • Annual Fee: $225 p.a.
  • Spend $500 on eligible purchases in first 3 months of approval to receive bonus
  • Eligibility criteria, T&Cs, fees and charges apply. Velocity member Terms and Conditions apply.

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ANZ are offering 40,000 bonus Velocity Points when you spend $500 on eligible purchases in the first three months of approval with the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa, designed to appeal to both travellers and those interested in rewards points, with a competitive $225 annual fee compared to other cards on the market.

Cardholders will also receive a complimentary Virgin Australia domestic return flight and two single-entry Virgin Australia domestic lounge passes after $500 spend on eligible purchases in the first three months of approval – and these benefits renew each year (unless the card is cancelled).

ANZ made a number of changes to their card range in March 2017, removing linked American Express cards and adjusting various other features of the cards. All information in this guide has been updated accordingly.

ANZ eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.
Velocity member terms and conditions apply.

Card Details

CardANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card
Loyalty programANZ Rewards - linked to Velocity, Asia Miles, Krisflyer & Airpoints
Points earned from spend1.5 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $2,000 per statement period, then 0.5 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $2,000 per statement period 
Travel benefitsA free Virgin Australia domestic flight and two Virgin Australia domestic lounge passes each year until the card is cancelled
Included InsuranceOverseas Travel and Medical Insurance cover (PDS)
Overseas transaction feeNone
Income Requirement$35,000
Annual fee$225 p.a.

Earning ANZ Reward Points with the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card

The current bonus Velocity Points offer is quite unique since the card earns ANZ Rewards on regular spend.

We have a full guide to ANZ Rewards, but in a nutshell, points can be transferred out to Velocity Frequent Flyer, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles and Air New Zealand Airpoints. You can also redeem ANZ Reward Points for gift vouchers and other merchandise.

Everyday purchases with the Rewards Travel Adventures Card earns 1.5 ANZ Reward Points per dollar on eligible purchases.

ANZ Rewards Points are transferred to Velocity at 2 ANZ Rewards Points = 1 Velocity point, and to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles at 3 ANZ Rewards Points to 1 frequent flyer mile.

The effective Velocity point earn rate on this card is 0.75 Velocity points per $1. For KrisFlyer miles and Asia Miles, it is 0.5 miles per $1.

These points earn rates are not exceptional compared to other cards on the market, say ANZ Rewards Black, but earning points is not a focus for this card. Instead, there’s a balance being struck between points earn alongside travel-specific benefits, which we’ll get into next.

Earn bonus ANZ Rewards points at the ANZ Bonus Points Mall as a cardholder

The ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card is also eligible to use the ANZ Bonus Points Mall as a means to earn more bonus points when shopping online, after clicking through from the ANZ Bonus Points Mall website.

This is a neat, unique win for ANZ Rewards cardholders. In comparison to earning points from Virgin or Qantas own online malls, you can earn more ANZ Rewards points, which have greater flexibility.

No overseas transaction fee for overseas purchases

Only a select few cards on the market in Australia offer this benefit, and with consumers (like me!) spending increasingly at a global level on many products and services, not just travel, incurring fees of 2-3.5% on other cards can quickly rack up.

It is pleasing to see another card offer no overseas transaction fee as a product feature given the potential for real savings on almost every non-AUD denominated transaction, whether that’s on spend for when you’re travelling, or when buying goods and services that are billed outside of Australia.

The best part? You’ll earn the full points earn rate for eligible purchases, plus the no overseas transaction fee benefit.

ANZ state that the overseas transaction fee is waived for foreign currency purchases, and purchases where the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located outside Australia.

On top of that, cash advance fees are also waived when you use the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card to withdraw cash from a branch or ATM outside of Australia.

Of course, a cash advance fee like many other accounts applies to other cash advances on your account, and you could incur ATM fees from the ATM operator too.

Complimentary return domestic Virgin Australia flight

The complimentary domestic return flight is available each year until the card is cancelled, and becomes available in the current offer after spending $500 on eligible purchases in the first three months of approval.

The first key thing to understand is that there a list of routes between cities that you can redeem your Economy flight for. Here’s the table, which thankfully is actually fairly extensive. You can use your complimentary flight in either direction between each city pair in the list below – this list is accurate as of 1 September 2017 – but double check on the ANZ website for any changes since.

City Pairs 
AdelaideGold Coast
AdelaideAlice Springs
Alice SpringsAdelaide
Alice SpringsDarwin
Ayres RockSydney
Ballina / ByronSydney
BrisbaneHamilton Island
BrisbaneMount Isa
CanberraGold Coast
Coffs HarbourSydney
DarwinAlice Springs
Emerald Brisbane
Gold CoastSydney
Gold CoastAdelaide
Gold CoastCanberra
Gold CoastMelbourne
Hamilton IslandMelbourne
Hamilton IslandSydney
Hamilton IslandBrisbane
Harvey BaySydney
MelbourneGold Coast
MelbourneSunshine Coast
MelbourneHamilton Island
Mount IsaBrisbane
PerthPort Headland
Port HeadlandPerth
Port MacquarieSydney
Sunshine CoastSydney
Sunshine CoastMelbourne
SydneyHarvey Bay
SydneyGold Coast
SydneySunshine Coast
SydneyPort Macquarie
SydneyAyers Rock
SydneyBallina / Byron
SydneyCoffs Harbour
SydneyHamilton Island

The available city pairs between which you can use the complimentary flight is fairly extensive compared to other similar benefits from other banks, with East to West Coast (and vice versa) routings allowed between Perth and Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Another key restriction is that ANZ state that ‘bookings are subject to availability and some flights may not have complimentary seats available.’

We’re yet to get first-hand access when it comes to how availability for the complimentary flight benefit works in practice. I’m hopeful I’ll get more information on this soon.

Next, the complimentary domestic flight is going to work best for people who can plan their trips, as it must be booked at least 60 days in advance of travel.

There’s another set of restrictions to know about too – the account holder must be the traveller on the complimentary flight when it’s redeemed, and you won’t earn Velocity points, status credits or be able to use upgrade options (points or Platinum upgrade credits) on the complimentary flight.

There are some more detailed flight terms available at anz.com/adventurescardwelcome.

Two single-entry Virgin Australia domestic lounge passes each year you hold the card

Just like the complimentary flight, the Virgin Australia domestic lounge passes become available after $500 minimum spend in first three months of approval, and are available each year until the card is cancelled.

You can use the domestic lounge passes at any of Virgin Australia’s domestic lounges which are in a number locations around Australia.

If you’re a Velocity member, you’ll be able to add the domestic lounge passes to your account for use when you arrive at the lounge. Otherwise, if you call ANZ Rewards the passes will be posted out to you within four weeks.

Switching from another ANZ credit card to the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card

It is likely that there might be a few cardholders who would want to either change their existing ANZ Rewards card to the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card or add the card to their portfolio.

The advice I’ve been given from ANZ is that existing cardholders wishing to transfer their existing account should request an ‘inter-product transfer’ from ANZ either through internet banking, an ANZ branch or by calling the ANZ cards team directly to make the move.

Summing up: ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card

With the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card, ANZ have clearly tried to mix and match travel benefits and points earn to create a compelling offering that’s not just about earning bonus points and points from spend.

The current Velocity Points bonus offer and complimentary flight are useful wins for cardholders, but the restrictions on how to use the domestic flight need to be noted for them to ensure they get the most value from it.

Similarly, with the Virgin Australia single-entry domestic lounge passes, a number of cards now offer this benefit, and if you have no other way to access the Virgin Australia lounge then they are really useful, but you need to remember that according to the terms and conditions, the account holder must be present when they are used.

My personal favourite benefit is the lack of overseas transaction fee, as this is an essentially an uncapped saving of 2-3.5% versus other cards which impose this fee.

If you spend a lot on your card outside of Australia, or not in Australian Dollars, this can quickly add up – and you’ll earn full points when doing so.

ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card could quickly become a ‘go to’ card in your wallet when you’re travelling thanks to the lack of overseas transaction fees.


ANZ would also like to include the following disclaimer:

Reward Points accrue in accordance with the ANZ Rewards – Rewards Program Terms and Conditions booklet (please call 13 13 14 for a copy). Purchases which are not eligible to earn Rewards Points are described in the ANZ Rewards – Rewards Program Terms and Conditions booklet, e.g. fees, cash, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers and transactions for gambling or gaming purposes will not earn Reward Points.

40,000 bonus Velocity Points on offer with the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Visa was last modified: April 3rd, 2018 by Keith

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  1. morgan

    Does anyone know how the free cash advance from overseas atm works? If I was to withdraw using credit account overseas with this card and were to immediately top up the card using cash from savings via app whether this would allow me to avoid 3% conversion fee? I would therefore only pay atm fee.

  2. David

    I can’t see any reference to the 40,000 points bonus on their website (even in the application screen).

    I wonder if this changed 1 July 2018.

  3. Sarah

    Hi this is the second year (I have paid 2 sets of annual fees already) I am holding this card but I have yet to book a flight. Does the first year free flight expire?

  4. Pete

    I find this card to be good value. I’ve just used the free flight entitlement and because of timing, I was able to secure two sets of return tickets for one trip – Sydney – Perth, Perth – Broome, Broome – Perth, Perth – Sydney. I had no availability issues. This easily covered the $225 yearly fee. Add to that the free travel insurance (I claimed $200 for a broken car windscreen while travelling overseas on it without hassle).

    A card that does actually pay for itself, blimey.

  5. I would like to share my exp in booking those free return flight with ANZ . For flight search they booked in T Class with Virgin Australia . Just use EF to search for T Class on available flight .

  6. Sara

    Can anyone comment on the actual exchange rates of overseas transactions on this card (in particular compared to 28Degrees?). All well and good to offer no transaction fees, but are the exchange rates also reasonable/good. Also, has anyone successfully received their 40,000 points?

  7. Penny

    Can travellers using this card speak from experience about the ease of booking the complimentary domestic return tickets?
    In particular I’m interested to know about blackout periods that coincide with summer, Xmas, Easter, or other public holiday periods. (ANZ’s T&C suggest blackouts at these times of year, and I’d like to know how extensive it is).
    Generally speaking, I would personally expect to redeem a flight ex-Melbourne around Christmas, or perhaps a public holiday long weekend (other than Easter).

  8. Laura

    I’ve redeemed my free flight booked for November MEL-CAIRNS.
    I’ve also received free lounge passes (which were offered upon booking). Booking takes a bit of time on the phone with the wait time to speak to someone and then they put you on hold to call their travel agent before confirming with you.
    I also used the card in Europe with no foreign transaction fees incurred.

  9. Hi all, I have already an ANZ Qantas FF black card that I’m planning to close after a trip booked for September, at he same time I would love open the Adventure card and take it with me for the same trip. Am I eligible for the bonus points or being already an ANZ customer make me not eligible?

    • The terms and conditions when you click through to the application page state:

      “Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card within the previous 12 months.”

      So as long as you are not transferring from your existing account – which is different from cancelling one card and opening another – (or have had the Travel Adventures card before, which it sounds like you haven’t), you should be eligible for the bonus points.

      • Thanks Matt, it’s always the “Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions” that make me a bit “uncomfortable” :-).
        I’m not sure how to consider my actual FF Black card, and yes, this would be my first Travel Adventure.

    • When you click through to the application page, the terms and conditions state:

      “Only eligible approved applicants will be contacted by ANZ to supply their Velocity number once the eligibility criteria is met. The bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to your Velocity account within two months of ANZ receiving your Velocity number after the eligible spend criteria is met.”

      So sounds like ANZ will proactively contact you.

  10. Melay

    I can highly recommend this card! Used it heaps of time overseas with no foreign transaction fee. I used it withdrawing from the ATM as well which has good exchange rate. The free flight definitely offset the annual fee coming from WA like me 🙂

    • Hey Rick – no, ANZ haven’t given us an end date for this one. We’re hoping it will run for a month or two at least but they could decide to pull it at any time.

    • Keith Author

      The offer isn’t targeted, but is only available through ANZ advertising partners and not directly on their website. You should be able to find it referenced on other websites too.

  11. David

    Just want to mention that after a 4 week trip through Russia, Greece, and Turkey; I was not charged once for ATM use.

    Great card and have replaced my 28D and citibank plus with this.

    • Avolin

      David, are you able to comment on the exchange rate on foreign transactions using 28D vs this ANZ card?

      I’m interested in replacing my 28D and Citibank Plus, only if ANZ’s exchange rate is not ridiculous.

  12. Ange

    I can confirm that I used my free flight- MEL-PER and I earnt both status credits and Velocity points. I also upgraded both sectors using 30000 Velocity points for each sector. There was no questions asked at all in the lounge when I asked to upgrade the flights. The status credits and points were a welcome surprise to my account when I wasnt expecting any as per the T&Cs.

  13. Tony Harding

    I am struggling to see how I can redeem the free flight – what is the mechanism – I have had the ANZ Adventures card for many months now and wish to fly!

    • Keith Author

      The card terms outline booking as follows:

      To confirm your eligibility and to make or change a Flight booking, contact ANZ Rewards Centre on 1300 367 763 between Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm AEST, excluding national public holidays.

  14. Brandon

    Just wondering – do you know if you can redeem the complimentary flight and book an accompanying ticket on the same flight together? (Say if you wanted to book for two people but still utilise the free flight?)


    • Keith Author

      Yes, that should be possible but an existing cardholder would need to confirm. Worst case scenario you would end up with two booking reference numbers which you can then call Virgin Australia to have linked for seat selection.

  15. Christian

    It’s worth mentioning the complementary travel insurance on this card. The PDS needs to be carefully examined to ensure eligibility, but the main points to take away are that you’re entitled to 6 months of travel insurance if you’ve been in Australia for 75% of the 12 months before your trip, and spend $250 on the card on travel-related expenses (easy). The cover is comparable to any mainstream travel insurance provider.

    There are a few different ways to slice it, I think the simplest is to look at it as 3 months free travel insurance per 12 month period (which would normally be valued around $300). However, if you’ve been in Australia for more than 9 months you can leverage up to 6 months OS. You can only do this once every 15 months, but if you consistently did 9 months AU / 6 months OS this would value out to around $500 every 15 months. That isn’t practical for anyone, so I prefer to just look at is as 3 months in any 12 month period.

    I too begrudge paying high fees for credit cards but avid travellers (aka, those who would be looking at this card) can get thousands of dollars of value out of this card every year when leveraged appropriately, plus you get points too. The travel insurance alone negates the annual fee. I’m ditching my ANZ Platinum and 28 Degrees cards in favour of this.

  16. eM

    I’m interested in this product but wanted to get clarification – the T&Cs say spend $500 in the first 3 months of approval and get a complimentary domestic flight every year (until the card is cancelled).

    So does that mean I don’t have to spend another dollar after that and still get my free flight? Or do I need to spend $500 in the first 3 months of every year? Seems like a good deal, and because of that I feel slightly wary.

    • Keith Author

      Our understanding is that the flight is renewed year on year without meeting minimum spend criteria.
      The terms state:
      To qualify to book a Flight or receive Lounge Passes, You must hold an Eligible Account and have made at least $500 of net Eligible Purchases using that Eligible Account in the first three months after your Account Date
      Account Date date is defined as:
      Account Date means the date that your ANZ Rewards account is created.

  17. Peter L

    Bit of a random (and perhaps naive!) question here in regards to points earned on rewards cards when travelling overseas. If a card displays that you earn 1 point per $1 spent, does that only apply for AUD, ie if you spent $100 EUR on the card and after conversion your bank charged you $150 AUD, do you earn 100 points or 150 points?

  18. Curry

    The way I see it is, $225 is the cost to earn points on this card.

    I have the old 28 degrees mastercard which has no annual fee, no transaction costs and a pretty good exchange rate.

    Why would I switch to this card? The only thing that could sway me is if the exchange rate offered was very favourable, then I would weigh up earning points versus the $225 annual fee.

    • Keith Author

      I think the perspective is altered depending on how much you value the free flight on offer with this card. If you value it highly, then the fee becomes less of an issue. If you don’t think you’ll use it, then the value proposition changes. The no overseas fees on a points-earning Amex is unique though.

    • Andy

      Hey Curry
      I’m sure you know this but the 28 degrees mastercard now has a $4 minimum/3% charge atm fee for cash advances while travelling overseas… As far as I can see from the ANZ website, the ANZ Rewards Travel adventures doesn’t (like the 28 degrees mastercard used to have before they changed it)
      “ANZ will also waive the cash advance fee if you use your ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures account to withdraw actual cash from a branch or ATM located overseas”.

      But I’m the same as you – I’m not used to paying fees for credit cards, so I guess we need to think about it in terms of earning points and also using the yearly free return flight…

      I was wondering what people thought of the 40,000 bonus velocity points that is in the introductory offer (perhaps not offered to every customer? It’s mentioned in my letter from ANZ). Surely that amount of Velocity points is more than worth the first years annual fee?

      • Curry


        Thanks for the info. I don’t use the 28 for cash withdrawals, only purchases. I use my Citibank card for cash withdrawals.

        Whilst not ideal having to use two cards, it does provide me with the best way to minimise free.

  19. Tom

    I have the ANZ black and was thinking of ditching it and opening up this one in a few months time when I go overseas. However, I’d be keen to do an inter-product transfer now, if my credit rating does not take a hit.

    Does any one know if inter-product transfers appear on your credit file? I’d assume not as they have already assessed you for the initial card, and you are basically just swapping it over…

      • Tom, Johnny: I would be 99% confident that it won’t touch your file.

        A credit file hit is only ever done when assessing whether a lender will provide you with a new (or more) line of credit, so in this case, where you’re transferring the same line of credit (not a new line of credit) from one product to another, no credit check is required.

        Worth getting Keith to check, however. But I know that other credit card companies don’t touch your file for product transfers where there is no limit increase.

      • Keith Author

        This isn’t something I can confirm or not – you will need to ask ANZ as an existing customer whether they will check your credit record, regardless of Darren’s 99% confidence level!

      • ConLaw

        I managed to swap products to this ANZ travel adventures card and ANZ advised me is that they do not do a credit check as all they are doing is a “product swap” and won’t touch your credit file. (Providing you are not increasing your credit limit.) ANZ reimbursed my previous credit card programme fees on a pro-rata basis from the anniversary date and then charged me the new fees for the Travel Card. Apparently you can do this yourself through your online banking portal.
        I made a query about certain flights for the xmas/new year dates and so far the availability is good, but I am based in Adelaide, and the demand may not be as high as the Eastern States.

  20. Johnny

    i have the black with them but i dont use them at all. i only kept it because of the lounge.
    the black card i used the most is one from Westpac. The ANZ black earning rate just not impressive at all, in fact i found this one even better than the black. no surcharge on overseas purchase, and be able to get points as well. Thinking of switching my black to this one.

  21. Jono

    I already have an ANZ black but as Keith says the no overseas transaction fee is a great benefit and the annual fee is easily offset by a free long distance Virgin flight. it’s almost tempting to own this card as well purely for the overseas transactions.

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