A guide to Qantas flights from Australia to Japan

Exterior of a Qantas Airlines A330 Airplane | Point Hacks frequent flyer guides, deals and tips

Yesterday, Qantas announced that after almost 20 years of ceasing to operate the route, they will fly from their main hub in Sydney to Japan’s second largest city for the northern winter.

The seasonal service will operate three times a week from 14 December 2017 until 24 March 2018.

Osaka is a handy gateway to not only exploring the city and neighbouring Kobe themselves but also for catching the shinkansen to Hiroshima, Kyoto and the skifields. Continue reading…

Flight Deal: fly direct to South America for under $1200 return and earn enough points for a domestic Qantas flight

Taking advantage of Qantas and LATAM’s nonstop services between Sydney/Melbourne and Santiago, you can get cheap fares to a traditionally expensive destination across a wide range of dates, plus pick up a free domestic flight (as long as you credit your miles correctly – our pick would be to Alaska Airlines.)

Travellers in Brisbane and Adelaide can connect in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland for $50+ more. Continue reading…

Alaska Airlines MileagePlan increases prices of Emirates redemptions with no notice – a solid program for buying miles for premium flights now can’t be trusted

Alaska’s MileagePlan is one of a few frequent flyer programs that we can use to buy frequent flyer miles at competitive enough rates to redeem them immediately for Business or First Class flights at great value.

There’s a full guide to buying Mileage Plan miles here, and they have run (and I have promoted) a 40% bonus offer which ends imminently.

However, they just broke one of the cardinal rules of operating a trustworthy loyalty program – making changes to a key part of the program with no notice. Continue reading…

How to buy miles and points to redeem for cheap domestic Business Class travel on Qantas and Virgin Australia

How to buy miles and points to redeem for cheap domestic Business Class travel on Qantas and Virgin Australia | Point Hacks

When it comes to flying in Australia, does it make sense to buy miles and redeem tickets on Virgin or Qantas Business Class?

In this guide, we compare three programs, Virgin America’s Elevate, Alaska Mileage Plan and American Airlines’ AAdvantage.

Elevate allows you to redeem fights on Virgin Australia, whilst Alaska Mileage Plan and the AAdvantage programs allow you to redeem flights on Qantas. Continue reading…

Getting started: which frequent flyer programs should you join?

I often get asked ‘where to start’ with loyalty programs and frequent flyer points, and over the coming weeks I’ll be running a series of posts which aim to cover off some absolute basics.

This one is a quick reference of all the various programs that are worth signing up for – the quick answer to ‘which programs should I sign up for’ is ‘as many as you can be bothered to’. All are free to join.

For the more expert of you that know this already – good for you! Everyone has to start somewhere, so when you get asked the inevitable questions, point them this way. Continue reading…