If you think a holiday in Business Class sounds great, wait until you’ve seen First Class. Sure, you’ll have the ultimate in bragging rights – and some amazing selfies for your Instagram. But imagine telling your friends that you only spent a few hundred dollars for the privilege of flying Qantas First! It’s truly magical what frequent flyer points can do.

From pre-flight bliss in the exclusive First Lounge to a seven-foot bed, vintage Champagne and even a lounge on the plane, there’s a lot to look forward to with Qantas First. Live the VIP lifestyle without breaking the bank. I’ve just done it myself – let me show you how to do the same! And if you need help booking your dream trip using Qantas Points, Point Hacks Concierge is ready to help.

Skip the Business Lounge and go straight to First

Any journey in Qantas First begins with a glorious pre-flight lounge visit. You’ll always find food and drinks available, sure. But when you’re flying Qantas First from Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore or Los Angeles, the experience is a little more special. That’s because you can enjoy access to the dedicated Qantas International First Lounge.

Enjoy decadent pre-flight dining – especially Qantas’ famed salt and pepper squid. Indulge in a cheeky glass of Champagne – even if you’re on a morning flight. And settle in for anything that tickles your fancy from the broad Neil Perry-inspired menus.

When you’re flying Qantas First from Australia, there’s something even better waiting for you. That’s a complimentary spa treatment at the airport. Relax with a massage or facial before your journey gets underway. Once you’re all relaxed, make your way to the boarding gate at leisure. There’s a dedicated lane for First to use whenever you happen to pop by.

Stretch out and relax in Qantas First

Qantas First exists only on the airline’s flagship Airbus A380s, so you know you’re in for something special. These may be the world’s largest passenger planes, but the experience at the pointiest of pointy ends doesn’t feel like mass transit. It’s cosy, quiet and bespoke. The entire cabin consists of just 14 private suites. In fact, there are more cabin crew working across this plane than there are passengers in First. It’s a little bit special.

Business Class is all about getting the basics right with a fully flat bed and direct aisle access. But Qantas First takes things to the next level. The bed isn’t just flat, it’s glorious. At a generous 212cm from tip to tail – that’s almost seven feet – you truly have room to stretch out.

When it’s time to doze, cabin crew have your back. They’ll prepare your mattress topper, duvet, pillow – and of course, pyjamas. I board my 15-hour overnight flight from Los Angeles to Sydney hoping for some rest: and boy, do I get it. After a light supper, I snooze above the clouds for a solid nine hours. I’ve taken over 700 flights over the years, and this is one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had on a plane. Landing from a two-week overseas trip with no jet lag? It’s worth every point.

When you’re awake to enjoy it, you’ll also appreciate the seat’s other features. After take-off, your chair pivots to face away from the aisle, affording extra privacy. In fact, you’ll want to check out the massage feature too. It’s not merely ‘on and off’ – you can choose where and how you’d like the seat to massage you. This is the life!

If you’re travelling with someone special, there’s enough space for them to join you for a meal in your suite. Or you could venture to the A380’s onboard lounge for a drink, meal or chit-chat. Remember, flying Qantas First is all about you.

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Wining and dining above the clouds

Eating and drinking in Qantas First is like visiting a fine dining restaurant in the sky. Enjoy vintage Champagne after take-off: most recently, Duval-Leroy Femme de Champagne 2002. With a typical retail price of over AU$430 per bottle, you’ll drink back your flight taxes in no time! Pair that with Qantas’ signature First welcome – a delicious caviar tartlet – and it’s clear this is an indulgence beyond Business Class.

After that, let your mind wander – and order whatever you fancy. Perhaps you prefer to dine in the lounge and sleep after take-off? That’s easily done. If you wake up peckish mid-flight, place your order from the menu.

Meal choices vary from flight to flight. In daytime sectors, the delicious options can be more comprehensive – especially on routes departing Australia. Overnight, the supper service is geared around rest – but you can still sample multiple courses. On my LA-Sydney service, I begin with a Moroccan carrot soup for something light, and it really hits the brief.

To follow, I choose a dish that’s hard to get right in the air: a roasted double lamb cutlet. I figure that if it’s going to be served perfectly anywhere, it’ll be in First. I’m not wrong. With a bit of a sweet tooth, I simply can’t pass up the chocolate mousse cake – enjoyed with a glass of 2018 De Bortoli Noble One. Yum, yum, yum.

Come breakfast time, you’ll practically be transported into a flying cafe. You can tailor egg dishes any way you like. Poached eggs with a side of salmon and a hash brown? Consider it done. Indulging my sweet tooth again, I spot pancakes on the menu. I just don’t need any more convincing.

It’s easy to rave about vintage Champagne. But on overnight flights like this, there’s an unsung hero: barista-made coffee. I wake from my slumber, sit up, and there’s already a crew member by my side offering a morning pick-me-up. A skim latte it is – and I go back for a second with the meal. It beats your typical ‘plane coffee’ any day of the week. After all, this is First Class.

How to book Qantas First using points

First Class can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can save cash for another day and book this journey using Qantas Points instead. In fact, just one well-timed credit card sign-up bonus could be about all you need to land yourself a journey in Qantas First.

Regarding spending points, the longer the flight, the more points you need. But by longer, this means distance, not time. For instance, the flights from LA to Australia are around two hours longer than flying eastbound but cost the same number of points.

Here’s what you’d be looking at for a one-way experience in Qantas First, across the routes where it’s available.

RouteCost in Qantas Points
Sydney-Singapore / Singapore-Sydney102,600 Qantas Points
Singapore-London / London-Singapore
Sydney-Johannesburg / Johannesburg-Sydney (both from September 2024)
142,300 Qantas Points
Sydney-Los Angeles / Los Angeles-Sydney
Melbourne-Los Angeles / Los Angeles-Melbourne
162,800 Qantas Points
Sydney-London / London-Sydney (via Singapore without stopping over)216,900 Qantas Points
The number of points needed changes based on the physical length of the flight, but not the duration.

When spending your points, there’s a relatively small amount to pay to cover the travel taxes, fees and charges. On my one-way LA-Sydney flight, for instance, this is just AU$256.25 in cold hard cash – for a 15-hour flight in Qantas First. I’ve certainly spent far more to fly in far less comfort before!

You can search and book flights via the Qantas website. Yes, availability can be limited. But you’ll have the best of luck if you plan ahead and your dates are flexible. And don’t be disheartened if you can’t find reward seats straight away. Qantas First is a popular way to spend points, so it doesn’t hurt to keep trying your luck. You never know what can pop up and when.

If you don’t have time to go hunting for flights, be sure to sign up for Point Hacks‘s free reward seat alert email newsletter. When we find something special – like multiple seats in Qantas First – you’ll be among the first to find out and pounce.

Tips to land your dream reward flight in Qantas First

We’re sure you already know the basics – things like planning ahead and being flexible with dates can really broaden your options. But with Qantas First, there are a few extra tricks to know.

One thing I’ve discovered is that quite often, reward seats might appear only between the specific origin and destination of the First flight. For instance, I’ve often been able to find reward flights in First when searching the Qantas website for ‘Sydney to Los Angeles’. But when I type ‘Brisbane to Los Angeles’, there are no seats available – even with a connection through Sydney.

Speaking of quirks, you might also find a reward seat available for ‘Sydney to London’, but not ‘Sydney to Singapore’ on its own – which is the first leg of the same journey. The reverse can be true, too. If you’re bound for the UK, breaking your journey in Singapore could be all it takes to secure the entire voyage in First.

It’s also possible to book flights in Qantas First through partner programs like American Airlines AAdvantage, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Emirates Skywards and Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Flights are always subject to availability – and Qantas tends to release more of these seats for its own members. But if you have points or miles lurking in one of these other programs, they could be your ticket to flying in style.

Ultimately, there’s simply no better way to fly Qantas than in First. Once you’ve experienced the luxe of the airline’s best cabin, it’ll be hard to go back to Business, let alone Economy! And thanks to Qantas Points, the journey of a lifetime doesn’t have to take a lifetime to save up for. So what are you waiting for? This one’s easy to tick off your bucket list – especially with the help of Point Hacks Concierge.

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Photography by Chris Chamberlin and Brandon Loo. Chris travelled at Point Hacks’ expense. The comparison ticket price of $14,381 is based on 50% of a $28,763 return First Class fare between Sydney and Los Angeles – the best price available for a paid ticket over the coming year at the time of writing.

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