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Experience awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls using Qantas Points

Nearly 300 waterfalls make up the spectacular Iguazu Falls. l jetted to South America in Business Class luxury to marvel at Iguazu’s magnificence in person. And you should, too.

24 May 2023.


Iguazu Falls

Soar to the spectacular South Pole on Qantas Points

Not everyone can say they've visited the South Pole. But with the power of points, I was able to do just that. From breathtaking scenery to the camaraderie between passengers, this once-in-a-lifetime journey will stay with me forever.

14 December 2022.


The beauty of Antarctica

Experience a weekend getaway to beautiful Norfolk Island on points

An international flight where you don't need a passport? Welcome to Norfolk Island. My wife and I flew Business Class return and enjoyed a serene weekend away for a fraction of the cost. That's the power of points!

16 November 2022.


Norfolk Island

Mind-blowing luxury in Emirates A380 First Class

I thought Business Class was special, but flying Emirates First for the first time is simply next-level. And I booked using points! Here's why you need to experience Emirates First for yourself.

06 July 2022.


Emirates First Class caviar