Let’s be clear—this post has almost nothing to do with points—it is absolute credit card nerd stuff.

With that out the way—as part of the latest round of enhancements to the American Express Platinum Card, they also introduced a fully metal card, which you could say is of a quality that is befitting of a card with an annual fee of $1,450.

Let’s answer the burning questions: how much heavier will it make your wallet? Is it worth the change? Will a metal card finally make life complete? Let’s take a closer look…

The card itself is a shiny but matte metal material—and is made from stainless steel, which should be way hardier than the previous plastic card.

New AMEX Platinum Metal Card

The American Express branding and card design is all slightly embossed into the stainless steel card, whilst your name and CVV are printed or etched firmly into the card on top of the metal, unsurprisingly.

The consumer and business versions of the card both have received the metal treatment, with existing Card Members able to request the card online or over the phone. More on this below.

How heavy is the metal American Express Platinum Card?

This thing is a bit of a monster compared to the old card—weighing in at around 16g, compared to 5g for the plastic card. It is a noticeable difference to a regular card when you hold it.

New AMEX Platinum Metal Card
New AMEX Platinum Metal Card

For reference, the total weight of my averagely stuffed wallet, with no coins, is around 160g. So 10% of the total weight of my wallet is from the new metal Platinum Card.

What other differences are there to the plastic Platinum card?

The card number has moved to the back of the card from the front and is lightly raised on the back of the card. This makes the front of the card much cleaner-looking, the four-digit CVV is still on the front just like on the plastic card but the main card number is now on the back, opposite to every other card type out there.

New AMEX Platinum Metal Card

It also feels a bit more slippery to touch than the plastic but not problematically so. It moves in and out of my wallet with ease—this is probably due to the lack of card numbers on the front.

And other than those numbers, the card itself is exactly the same depth as the plastic card, and is still paywave- and Apple Pay-enabled.

OK, that’s enough geeking out over the metal card itself. Let’s move on.

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How do you request a metal card from American Express?

Firstly, you’ll need to be a Platinum Card Member. There is more to the benefits of this card in our full guides to both the personal and business Platinum cards.

Definitely do not apply for the American Express Platinum Card just to have a metal card in your wallet—that would be insane. But the other benefits are worth reading about, at least.

If you apply as a new Card Member, then you’ll receive a metal card without asking. If you are an existing Platinum Card Member, then you can request one online as follows:

  • Log in to your account at americanexpress.com.au and head into the menus: Account Management > Order a Replacement Card
AMEX card management
  • You’ll then see the option to order a replacement metal card in the menu:

Allow up to five business days for the new card to be delivered

Summing up: is it worth swapping to a metal Platinum card from plastic?

If you have an existing plastic card and it does not need replacing, then the only reason to go for the metal option is if you do not mind having the heavier card in your wallet and want to have the latest new and shinier option.

If you find your plastic card wears out (I was replacing mine every year or so), then the metal card should definitely also be more durable in the long run.

The main reason to keep the plastic card as long as possible is the additional weight—if you think it would bother you, then just hold onto it.

Will you get more attention and solve life’s problems by having a metal card? No, but it is kind of fun, if you are into this sort of thing.

A metal card does make me wonder though: if you close your account, you are going to need some hefty equipment to cut it up! Joking aside though, you can just send it back to Amex to dispose of.

Here is a close look at Amex’s new Platinum metal card—and how to request one yourself was last modified: January 27th, 2022 by Keith