Virgin Australia discount codes

Promo codes for Virgin Australia domestic and international flights

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POSTED: February 6, 2018
UPDATED: June 1, 2018
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We have researched the latest Virgin Australia promo codes and here they are for your use.

Do note that deep discount sale fares are usually excluded from further discounts with a promo code.

Current Virgin Australia promotion/discount codes

Here’s the latest list:

CodeDiscount percentageDestinationsFare classFor travel untilAdvance purchase restrictionExpires
GPR69~10%Domestic flights and select international flights to Apia, Denpasar, Nadi etc. Business Class, Business Saver, Freedom, ElevateTested to work until December 201820 days?
BLX69~10%Domestic, and select international flights to Singapore, Bali etc.Business, Business Saver, Freedom, Elevate, Go PlusTested to work until December 201820 days?
DSX57~5-10%DomesticGetaway, Elevate, Freedom, Business Saver?20 days?
KLM79~10%Domestic and international flights, Pacific Islands, Bali, Port Moresby, Los AngelesAll fare types15 December 201820 days
JTX27~10%Domestic and international flightsGetaway, Elevate, Freedom, Business Saver and Business31 December 201820 days30 June 2018

Whilst we do not know the individual sources of these codes, we would like to thank Australian Frequent Flyer for sharing.

If you appreciate the effort that has gone into collating these (and the site generally), it would be great if you can book your Virgin Australia flights through the Point Hacks link or join and use Cashrewards, linked below, which will earn us a small commission (and doesn’t change anything for you!).

How to use a Virgin Australia promotion/discount code

This is pretty simple—just enter the code from the table above into the Promo Code field on the Virgin Australia homepage:

You can also input a promo code in the top right-hand corner of the more detailed search interface found elsewhere on the site:

This example shows sale fares as Getaway and Business Saver fares with the discount (the promo tag):

whilst you can see all the fares by clicking View all Fare Options:

Featured image courtesy Virgin Australia.

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