You’ve spent the last two years slowly collecting every Qantas Point – now, it’s time to get booking! Qantas is releasing the largest single amount of Classic Flight Reward seats ever, across both its domestic and international network. Happily, it’s now easier to use your Qantas Points for flights around Australia and the globe.

Qantas Frequent Flyer members have access to up to 50% more reward seats across Qantas international, trans-Tasman and domestic routes from now until the end of 2022.

Down the track, Qantas will also gear up to launch more popular ‘Points Planes’ – where every single seat on that flight can be booked as a Classic Flight Reward. The most recent two Points Planes were between Sydney-London and Sydney-Los Angeles, with members redeeming almost 2 billion Qantas Points on international flights in the first two weeks.

At this stage, Qantas flights to Tokyo, Fiji, Canada and Singapore are expected to resume from 18 December 2021. Other destinations, such as San Francisco, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Dallas will be back by April 2022.

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Where could I fly with Qantas Classic Flight Rewards?

Despite the massive release of Classic Flight Reward seats, availability in Premium Economy and Business is still pretty slim. On top of this, many premium cabin seats have already been nabbed by keen frequent flyers. Most Qantas international flights still have plenty of reward seat availability in Economy, though.

Despite our best efforts with searching, Qantas international Business Rewards remain very elusive.

If you can find the seats, here’s how much you can expect to pay on example routes. While the points costs are fixed based on cabin class and distance, the carrier charges are higher on longer international Business Class flights.

Example routeEconomy RewardBusiness Reward
Sydney-Melbourne8,000 pts + $38.1718,400 pts + $38.17
Brisbane-Melbourne12,000 pts + $37.4827,600 pts + $37.48
Melbourne-Auckland18,000 pts + $181.8041,500 pts + $129.60
Sydney-Nadi (Fiji)18,000 pts + $129.6041,500 pts + $129.60
Sydney-Singapore25,200 pts + $161.0068,400 pts + ~$231.00
Brisbane-Los Angeles41,900 pts + $225.72108,400 pts + $350.72
Melbourne-London55,200 pts + $252.10144,600 pts + $462.10

Reward seat availability on domestic flights is fairly good in both cabin classes. So if staying put in Australia in 2022 sounds good to you, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Travelling closer to home? At least domestic reward seats are easier to come by.

Summing up

While Qantas may have released millions of frequent flyer seats, most of them are in Economy across domestic and international flights. You should be okay finding domestic Business Class reward seats, but it’s a different story for international flights.

You will need to be very flexible and check back often to see if more seats are released. Also read our tips on how to search for reward seats efficiently, and how to use services such as Expertflyer to set seat alerts so you don’t miss out.

Remember that Qantas Classic Flight Rewards are still very flexible! Any domestic or trans-Tasman flight reward can be changed or cancelled for free before 28 February 2022. And any other international flight reward booked before 28 February 2022 can be changed or cancelled for free before 31 December 2022. Now that’s peace of mind.

How did you go with searching for Qantas reward seats? Did you find what you wanted? Let us know in the comments below.

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