Qantas Green Tier is a way for savvy travellers to make meaningful green choices while being rewarded with Qantas Points or Status Credits. The carrot at the end of the figurative green stick includes 10,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits.

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Green Tier lasts for one membership year, after which you need to renew it. While you hold Green Tier, you might get exclusive invitations to sustainability events and experiences, plus earn ongoing bonus points with Qantas Wine and Qantas Hotels with eco-accredited products and stays.

You need to meet at least five out of six criteria to reach Qantas Green Tier each membership year. Some are quick and easy, but others will require you to make a contribution or book a hotel. While keeping in the spirit of the offer (that means no shady hacks), here are some tips to help you reach Green Tier sooner.

Nabbing the five green leaves will get you 10,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits.

1. Make a donation with Qantas Points

Though previously you could get one leaf by completing a Wellbeing Quiz, Qantas has swapped this out for a donation. Under the ‘Give back’ category, you’ll get one leaf by donating at least 3,200 Qantas Points (worth $25) to one of the following charities:

2. Make another donation with Qantas Points

Next up for Qantas Green Tier is contributing to at least one of the two foundations. Your options are:

The minimum donation is also 3,200 points, which covers a $25 contribution from Qantas to your chosen recipient. The process of checking out at the new Qantas Marketplace is quick and easy.

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3. Offset your next flight

Here’s another quick and simple one. You can offset the carbon emissions from your next flight – either while booking on the Qantas website, or through ‘Manage My Booking’ afterwards. For shorter domestic flights, offsets start from $1. A Melbourne-Perth flight offset costs $3.72 or 404 Points. (You’ll also earn 10 Points per dollar spent).

4. Offset your home and car

The Qantas Store gives you the option to offset your household emissions as well. Just like flight offsets, you’ll earn 10 Points per dollar spent. Alternatively, you can pay for your offset with Qantas Points.

Because each state and territory has different sources of power generation, the cost to offset your emissions will vary by state. Tasmania enjoys the cheapest offset rates thanks to its higher reliance on hydropower, starting from $15 for one person without a car. In contrast, that same option in Victora starts from $85.

5. Offset your next wine or Rewards Store delivery

And we’re up to the final leaf. Were you planning to buy anything from Qantas Wine or the Rewards Store? Perhaps a case of wine with 15,000 bonus Qantas Points attached? Well, just add $1 to your total to make the delivery ‘climate positive’. All you have to do is add the ‘upgrade’ to your cart before checkout.

On the Qantas Rewards store, you can also spend 130 Qantas Points for the same thing.

Summing up: earning Qantas Green Tier

That’s all there is to it. With five easy steps, you’ll meet the requirements for Qantas Green Tier and earn your reward. But be patient – once you reach Green Tier, it may take around 21 days before Qantas prompts you to choose your reward of either 10,000 bonus Points or 50 Status Credits.

The overall cost will vary based on where you live. Someone who offsets a household in Tasmania could get all five leaves for roughly 6,400 points and $17. All you have to do is make those contributions each membership year to continue to receive Qantas Green Tier rewards.

Best ways to quickly unlock Qantas Green Tier was last modified: September 6th, 2023 by Brandon Loo