Qantas has changed the path to Green Tier, with the easy Wellbeing Quiz replaced with a new ‘Give back’ category. Based on sustainable travel, Green Tier is separate from your normal ‘flying’ level, so you can double up for maximum perks. This puts Qantas ‘Green and Gold’ status on the cards for budding explorers!

Qantas Green Tiers members can earn an annual bonus of 10,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits, amongst other rewards. You’ll also receive invitations to exclusive events and more.

This program makes it easier for frequent flyers to make more sustainable choices, at home and when they travel, and rewards them when they do.

Like many Australians, our frequent flyers are concerned about climate change, as are we. As a business, we are working towards net zero emissions by 2050.

– Olivia Wirth, Qantas Loyalty CEO, 8 March 2022
Qantas Fly Carbon Neutral
Qantas is committed to reaching net zero carbon by 2050, with an interim plan for 2030 due soon.

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How do I earn Qantas Green Tier?

Just like status earned from flying, Green Tier needs to be earned or retained every membership year.

That’s achieved by completing at least five of the following six activities each year:

  1. Offset your flying. Either purchase carbon offsets when booking a flight on the Qantas website or make a contribution to support sustainable aviation fuel.
  2. Travel sustainably, by staying in an ‘eco hotel’ booked on Qantas Hotels.
  3. Live a sustainable lifestyle, by purchasing carbon offsets via Qantas for your home and car. Or purchase and install solar panels at home.
  4. Choose sustainably. Either purchase ‘sustainable sips’ wines from Qantas Wine, or offset your Qantas Wine or Qantas Store delivery from $1.
  5. NEW | Give back (previously the Wellbeing Quiz), by donating points to community outreach charities on the new Qantas Marketplace.
  6. Reduce your impact (previously known as ‘Give back’), by contributing to a sustainability project or organisation.
Crystalbrook Byron
An eco-stay at Crystalbrook Byron will help with getting Green tier.

As of 9 March 2023, the new ‘Give back’ category can be ticked off by donating points to OzHarvest or UNICEF on the Qantas Marketplace. 3,200 Qantas Points is equivalent to a $25 donation, but this is not tax-deductible.

Previously, the two charities sat alongside the Kimberley Land Council and Great Barrier Reef Foundation under the old ‘Give back’ category. But Qantas has now split them into two groups, so you’ll earn two Green Tier leaves by donating to at least one of OzHarvest and UNICEF, as well as at least one of the Kimberley Land Council and Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

This new Green Tier is a way of encouraging and recognising those who want to do their part by offering Qantas Points or status credits, which we know helps shape customer choices.

This isn’t the first time we’ve used points to reward members for taking positive action in their own lives. We’ve seen it work when we’ve provided points for walking through our wellbeing app, while the vaccination reward has been taken up by more than 600,000 members already.

– Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO, 26 November 2021
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What rewards do I get with Qantas Green Tier?

When you reach Green Tier, kick things off by choosing your preferred reward, below. You’ll also get the same choice every year that follows if you retain your Green Tier status.

  • Get a serving of 10,000 bonus Qantas Points, or
  • Collect 50 extra Status Credits, or
  • Have Qantas contribute to a carbon offset or sustainable aviation fuel project on your behalf.

You’ll also earn 150 bonus points per night at an eco-accredited hotel booked through Qantas Hotels. Or if you buy cases of eco-wines, enjoy 250 bonus points.

Qantas Green tier members will also receive invitations to sustainability events and experiences. Plus, the kangaroo on your Qantas digital membership card will light up green, alongside your regular frequent flyer tier.

Summing up

Small changes here and there can make a big difference to the environment. And now, your Qantas Frequent Flyer balance can blossom as well, thanks to the launch of Green Tier.

Qantas says that if just 100,000 members offset their home and car emissions for a year, more than one million tonnes of carbon could be removed from the atmosphere. Already, 11% of travellers booking flights via the Qantas website purchase carbon offsets alongside their fares.

Additional reporting by Chris Chamberlin.

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