From 18 April 2024, the membership fees for new and renewing Qantas Club members will increase. The last time fees were increased was in August 2017, and, prior to that, in 2014. Separately, Qantas is also increasing excess baggage and seat selection fees on the same day.

This price increase applies to new Qantas Club members who join from 18 April 2024 onwards, as well as renewals of existing memberships after this date. There will be no change to current memberships.

If you’re a current Qantas Club member, you don’t need to wait until your membership is nearing expiry to renew. You can pre-pay your renewal now before the price increase.

Plus, Australian Frequent Flyer (AFF) Gold and Platinum members receive a 20% discount on Qantas Club membership when joining or renewing. Here’s how.

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How to get discounted Qantas Club membership

Gold and Platinum Australian Frequent Flyer members receive a year-round 20% discount on the full price of Qantas Club membership. This applies to new memberships (excluding the one-off joining fee) and one, two, or four-year renewals. By becoming an AFF member before Qantas Club increases its prices on 18 April 2024, you can take advantage of a discount on the current pricing.

AFF Gold membership costs $75 a year. At the current pricing (until 17 April 2024), a one-year new Qantas Club membership costs $699. With the 20% discount for AFF members, this comes down to $579 – a saving of $120. The membership essentially pays for itself!

And if you’re an existing Qantas Club member, there’s even more reason to renew your membership before the price hike. A four-year renewal currently costs $1,850, but will increase to $2,159. At the current pricing, and with the AFF 20% discount, you can lock in a four-year renewal for $1,480 – a significant saving if you act now.

The Australian Frequent Flyer website has a comparison table showing the discounted pricing as an AFF member.

Note that the reduced Qantas Club prices for AFF Gold and Platinum members applies to the full-priced membership or renewal fee only, and is not applicable to the one-off joining fee for new Qantas Club members. The joining fee is currently $99, but will increase to $129 from 18 April 2024.

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