Velocity Frequent Flyer is now part of an Australian-first partnership with membership-based carshare company, Flexicar. Owned by Hertz, the service is aimed at providing an ‘efficient alternative to both owning a vehicle and public transportation’.

With the partnership going live on 30 October 2020, Velocity members are set to reap the benefits with bonus points on offer with new bookings with Flexicar, which has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Bonus Velocity Points with Flexicar

To kick things off, here are the new standard earning rates for Velocity members, depending on their status levels:

  • Platinum: 4 Velocity Points per $1 on bookings
  • Gold: 3.5 Velocity Points per $1 on bookings
  • Silver: 3 Velocity Points per $1 on bookings
  • Red: 2 Velocity Points per $1 on bookings

For a limited time until 27 November 2020, members will earn an additional 2 points per $1 spent on any completed bookings. New users can also pocket an extra 1,000 Velocity Points when they join Flexicar by 13 November and complete their first booking by 27 November 2020.

Note that membership fees and third-party penalties are not eligible for points earn; only standard Flexicar rental charges.

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How does Flexicar work?

Once you have a membership, browse the Flexicar website to see vehicles available for hire near you. After you’ve booked, you’ll receive a 6-digit PIN to unlock the car 15 minutes before the start time.

Generally, fuel charges and insurance is included in the booking price. There are also usually designed parking bays for Flexicar vehicles. See the Flexicar website for more details about locations, car fleets and more.

Watch a video on how Flexicar works.

How much does Flexicar cost?

You’ll need a membership first before using Flexicar. For personal users, this will usually range from A$35 to $49 a year. Hourly or daily rates then apply, which start from $9.45 per hour.

Businesses have separate plans which don’t charge an annual membership fee, but do have other requirements depending on the offer.

Summing up

Car sharing is still yet to seriously take off in Australia due to availability and pricing. If you don’t own a car but would like occasional access to one, then Flexicar may work for you.

Be sure to take into account the annual membership cost and the projected hourly or daily hire rates applicable to your scenario. But if the numbers stack up and you can earn bonus Velocity Points on top, that’s a win-win situation for sure.

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