Singapore Airlines will give its loyal frequent flyers an extra gift to help with KrisFlyer Elite status and PPS Club requalification up to 2022 — members will soon receive 50% of the Elite miles needed to renew their current status for yet another year.

This comes on top of the previously-announced one-year free status extension of KrisFlyer Elite status and PPS Club membership for all members, which is still ongoing.

Want to learn more about KrisFlyer Elite status and PPS Club membership? Read our starter guide to the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program.

How does the status boost work?

Under the new ‘status boost’ plan, members will eventually receive a credit of 50% of the Elite miles or PPS Value usually needed to retain their current status, depending on their current status level and end-date as of 8 September 2020.

  • KrisFlyer Elite Silver members will receive 12,500 Elite miles, meaning another 12,500 needs to be earned.
  • KrisFlyer Elite Gold members will be gifted 25,000 Elite miles, so another 25,000 needs to be accumulated later on.
  • PPS Club members will receive 12,500 PPS Value, so another 12,500 needs to be earned.
  • Solitaire PPS Club members will receive half of the PPS Value needed for requalification — either 12,500 or 25,000 depending on individual circumstances — with the other half needing to be earned through usual means.
A key perk of KrisFlyer Elite Gold and PPS Club status is lounge access before Star Alliance flights. Pictured is the SilverKris First Class Lounge in Sydney.

Status boost for KrisFlyer Elite members

KrisFlyer Elite members will receive the bonus according to this schedule:

Tier renewal end-date (as of 8 Sept 2020):Bonus Elite miles credited by:
31 March 202131 October 2020
30 April 202130 November 2020
31 May 202131 December 2020
30 June 202131 January 2021
31 July 202128 February 2021
31 August 202131 March 2021

At the time of writing, KrisFlyer Elite members with a tier renewal end-date between September 2020 to February 2021 haven’t yet received the one-year extension, so the schedule is slightly different:

Tier renewal end-date (as of 8 Sept 2020):New tier end-date after extension:Bonus Elite miles credited by:
30 September 2020 30 September 202130 April 2021
31 October 2020 31 October 202131 May 2021
30 November 2020 30 November 202130 June 2021
31 December 2020 31 December 202131 July 2021
31 January 2021 31 January 202231 August 2021
28 February 202128 February 202230 September 2021
Singapore Airlines A350-787 Economy | Point Hacks
Earn KrisFlyer Elite miles on Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance member flights.

Status boost for PPS Club members

The schedule for PPS Club and Solitaire PPS Club membership is a lot simpler. For tier end-dates between March 2021 to August 2021, the PPS Value will be credited by 31 October 2020.

For tier end-dates between September 2020 to February 2021, a one-year automatic tier extension will be applied first. The PPS status boost will then be applied by 30 April 2021.

In either case, the PPS Value will get applied as Reserve Value. This means if you don’t need the whole status boost to requalify, the remaining amount will stay as Reserve Value for future use.

Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class - BNE-SIN
PPS Value can only be earned on paid Singapore Airlines Business and First Class flights. Read our review of Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class from Brisbane.

Earning Elite miles and PPS Value on the ground

Until 15 October 2020, both existing KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members will be able to notch up some extra qualifying miles or PPS Value on the ground, through partners such as banks and retailers.

For Australian-based members, these are the two easiest ways to take advantage of this offer:

  • Convert 50,000 KrisFlyer miles from global bank partners to get 4,000 KrisFlyer Elite miles or 2,000 PPS Value
  • Spend at KrisShop to earn 1 PPS Value or 3 Elite miles per SG$1 spent

‘Global Bank Partners’ in Australia include American Express Membership Rewards, ANZ Rewards, Citibank Rewards and Amplify Rewards, among others. You’ll need to convert between 100,000 to 150,000 of those bank rewards points to get 50,000 KrisFlyer miles.

Summing up

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on airlines and travellers alike, it’s been increasingly challenging to maintain elite status with airline and hotel frequent traveller programs in 2020.

Granted, elite status is hardly a vital element to think about in the broader scope of job losses and disease this year. However, it can’t be ignored that status is an alluring carrot that loyalty programs can dangle later on to attract high-spending clients again.

Singapore Airlines is not the only airline to give both a status extension and an extra status boost to make requalification easier. Both Qantas and Virgin Australia have made similar moves, along with hotel chain Accor.

But it’s a smart move, as extending elite status costs these companies basically nothing in the short term, and will hopefully drum up business quicker in the long term when travel restrictions are relaxed.

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