Qantas Frequent Flyer members who routinely earn serious chunks of points are undoubtedly the target of the loyalty program’s new redemption strategy, Classic Plus Rewards.

Bookings are now live on for flights from 1 July 2024 onwards. But will it appeal to the general audience who might usually wait several years to save up points for a big trip?

Positioned between the popular Classic Flight Rewards and the contentious Points Plus Pay – both of which remain unchanged at this time – Classic Plus will offer more reward seat availability but at a fixed redemption rate.

The widespread availability of Classic Plus means that frequent flyers have more options to fly where they want, when they want and more often, using their points.

The new type of reward seat will usually require more points than the highly sought after existing Classic seats, and will be available to all destinations on the Qantas international and domestic network, across
First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins.

– Andrew Glance, Qantas Loyalty CEO, 8 April 2024

How do Classic Plus redemptions work?

Classic Plus redemptions are dynamically priced. The number of points needed is based on Qantas’ lowest available cash fares in each cabin class at the time of searching.

Because Qantas fares are generally cheaper with a return journey rather than one-way, Classic Plus Rewards are also usually cheaper when booked as a return, rather than one-way.

The value you’ll get with Classic Plus is higher than Points Plus Pay (currently around 0.6 cents per point). But it’ll also usually be lower than a Classic Flight Reward, which can easily exceed 3 cents per point with Business and First Class rewards.

Here are the rates at which you can redeem a Classic Plus reward:

  • Classic Plus redemptions in Economy: 1.0 cents per point*

  • Classic Plus redemptions in Premium Economy, Business and First: 1.5 cents per point*


* Value per point including fees and taxes.

Classic Plus redemptions are also subject to the same fees and taxes as Classic Flight Rewards. However, these costs are factored into the overall points cost to give you the published value of 1.0 or 1.5 cents per point.

Classic Plus bookings don’t earn points or Status Credits (unless the passenger is a member of Qantas Points Club). The change and cancellation fees also remain pegged at 5,000 or 6,000 points per passenger, respectively.

Comparison between Classic Reward, Classic Plus and Points Plus Pay

Classic RewardClassic PlusPoints Plus Pay
Pricing methodFixed based on distance, cabin class and airline.

Same points cost per sector one-way or return.
Variable based on equivalent cash fare.

Return fares better than one-way for international.
Variable based on equivalent cash fare.

Return fares better than one-way for international.
Value per pointVariable (depends on the cash fare). Generally best value.Economy: 1 cent per point.

Premium Economy + Business + First: 1.5 cents per point.
Approximately 0.6 cents per point. Generally worst value.
Fees and taxesPayable on top.Payable on top, but factored into the value per point.Included in the cost.
Points and Status CreditsNo points earned. Only Points Club members earn Status Credits.No points earned. Only Points Club members earn Status Credits.Points and Status Credits earned based on fare type and membership.
Change and cancellationsChanges: 5,000 pts
Cancellations: 6,000 pts
Changes: 5,000 pts
Cancellations: 6,000 pts
Based on the rules of the fare selected.
AvailabilityLimited availability.More availability.Availability down to the last seat.
Ad – Scroll down to continue reading.Minimum spend, terms & conditions apply.

Case Study: Classic Plus reward pricing example

Say that there’s a Qantas Sydney-Singapore one-way fare for A$3,226 in Business Class. An equivalent Classic Plus reward will cost 194,400 Qantas Points + $311 in fees and taxes, one-way and per person.

To check the value per point in this Business Class example, we subtract the taxes of $311 from the fare of $3,226, then divide by the number of points (194,400) to arrive at a value of 1.5 cents per point.

An example Classic Plus redemption in Economy, Premium and Business Class.

But what if the fare drops to A$2,500 during a sale? Then that Classic Plus reward would drop to approximately 146,000 Qantas Points + fees and taxes, instead.

If a Classic Flight Reward seat is also available on the same flight, you’d book it for the regular price of 68,400 Qantas Points + $311, as before. Evidently, you should still look out for these reward seats, where possible.

It’s also possible for a Classic Plus Reward to be cheaper than a standard reward seat. This might happen during a sale period – particularly on shorter journeys such as Trans-Tasman.

Sydney to Auckland is usually 41,500 points in Business, but it’s cheaper with Classic Plus during a sale.

How to book a Classic Plus Reward

To book a Classic Plus redemption, search on the Qantas website as usual and tick ‘Rewards’.

Both reward types will show up on the same screen, so don’t get them mixed up. Classic Plus rewards will display with a blue ribbon. The lower-priced Classic Flight Rewards will remain with a red ribbon.

There’s currently no way to exclude Classic Plus Rewards from search results if you’re solely looking for Classic Flight Rewards.

The same Sydney-Singapore flight offers cheaper Classic Plus Rewards when booked as a return itinerary.

Summing up

Qantas tells us that it won’t decrease the availability of Classic Flight Rewards. This is crucial to maintaining the goodwill of frequent flyers, as it makes Classic Plus an additional redemption avenue rather than a replacement.

Our advice remains the same as always. Classic Flight Rewards will still usually offer the best value-for-money with your Qantas Points, and that’s what we recommend you strive for (unless a Classic Plus reward becomes cheaper during a sale).

Classic Plus rewards aren’t aimed at the ‘point hacker’ crowd in general. They’re more for those who can earn points at very fast rates, such as business owners, and simply want more availability over anything else. That said, if there is a particularly attractive cash fare sale going on, Classic Plus rewards may appeal to more people.

Classic Plus Rewards echoes Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer’s higher tier of award seat – Advantage – which coexists with the cheaper Saver awards. But unlike Qantas’ Classic Plus, KrisFlyer’s Advantage awards are fixed price by region and are also cheaper to change or cancel. That’s a small and meaningful change we’d love to see in a future iteration of Classic Plus.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Classic Plus only applies to Qantas flights. Partner airline availability at the Classic Flight Reward level continues to be controlled by the respective operating airlines.

The author travelled to Sydney at Point Hacks’ expense and attended a media briefing as a guest of Qantas.

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