Hyatt offering up to a 40% bonus on Hyatt Gold Passport points purchases until October 25th

Hyatt Gold Passport are offering up a 40% bonus on purchased points until October 25, 2016. This is a solid offer – it’s as high as the purchase bonuses we have been in the past and is definitely worth looking at for high end Hyatt hotel redemptions – but probably outside of Australia.

Gold Passport points can be redeemed at Hyatt hotels worldwide, including those in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne – The Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt – and Perth.

However the Australian Hyatt hotels are in fairly high redemption categories, meaning the cost per night in terms of purchased points is relatively high. Other Hyatt hotels around the world can be more competitive.

As usual with hotel points purchase promos, buying points to redeem immediately may make sense on a night at a hotel with a high rate.

The current bonus offer is tiered, with 30% bonus on purchases starting from 5,000 to 9,000 points, and 40% bonus on purchases from 10,000 points and above. The maximum amount you can buy on this offer is 77,000 points including the bonus for $1,320 USD or about 1.71 US cents per point.

Hyatt Gold Passport points purchase offer history

Previous promotions have offered Gold Passport points on sale with the following bonus amounts:

DateBonus Offer (%)Notes
October 201640tiered
August 201630
May 201630
February 201630
August 201530
May 201540
December 201430
September 201430
May 201435
December 201330

Guide to buying Hyatt Gold Passport points to redeem for cheaper stays

You can find reviews of some Hyatt Hotels in the region below:

Leveraging Hyatt Gold Passport Points into stays

The opportunities for Australian Hyatt deals using purchased Gold Passport points are limited unless the nightly rates are otherwise exceptionally high. Aspirational hotels overseas are usually a better option, often being put in lower redemption categories.

The process looks a bit like this:

  1. Research the paid rate and cost in Gold Passport points for the date and hotel you are interested over on the Hyatt website
  2. Compare the cost of purchasing the points needed vs booking the paid rate, and see if there’s good value to be had
  3. If so, buy the necessary points and make the booking.

The cost in Gold Passport Points for points or cash+points stays can be found on the Hyatt website here.

You can look up the categories of various Hyatt hotels globally here.

There can be a good saving based on the standard rates by booking to use points – but that the saving will be more marked when the promotion is more aggressive and when redeeming for nights during peak, more expensive periods or at especially expensive hotels.

That said, in the past I have managed to leverage purchased points into a room at the Grand Hyatt when rates were much higher over a peak weekend in Melbourne, effectively halving the cost.

If you run some test bookings for dates you are interested in, and you see a high comparative rate, then that’s a great option to take advantage of buying points for.

Alternative Opportunity 1: Different room types

One useful benefit of Hyatt Gold Passport over other hotel loyalty programs is that they actively market a few different room types available for redemptions, so if you have specific room requirements, you can sometimes take advantage of points too.

Many other hotel programs only allow redemptions, or publish prices, for the base room type.

Alternative Opportunity 2: Points plus pay

There are also points plus pay redemption options available to use points on as well. These usually require a copayment of around $120 or so for the Australian based properties, if there is availability, and will cost you fewer points – usually around 65-75% of the full amount.

The advantage of points plus pay is that you’ll receive elite status nights on your Hyatt Gold Passport status for the stay, unlike an outright points booking, and of course, you can make the points in your account go further. Keep an eye out for them and see if the maths works out.


I have taken advantage of promotions in the past to buy Hyatt Gold Passport points when there has been a specific use in mind, and it makes financial sense to do.

These aren’t points to buy and hold without a specific use in mind, but buying points to redeem outright could be useful if the maths stacks up.

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