If you find yourself often dashing to Officeworks for supplies or cruising around Bunnings on the weekends, then OnePass might be a great fit for you. It’s an up-and-coming shopping membership by Wesfarmers, designed to take on Amazon Prime and eBay Plus. But the key weapon in its arsenal is the pull of its sister brands – Kmart, Target, Bunnings, Officeworks and Catch.com.au, which are all under the OnePass umbrella.

Wesfarmers recently revamped OnePass to add more perks. For frequent shoppers, it could certainly be worth paying for a membership to earn more Flybuys points and make use of delivery and shopping benefits.

What is OnePass?

OnePass is a digital shopping membership that offers a range of benefits across Wesfarmers brands, Kmart, Target, Bunnings, Officeworks and Catch.com.au. At the time of writing, it costs $4/month or $40 a year to sign up. You can also bundle it with Disney+ to get both the streaming and shopping membership for $14.99 a month (save $3).

The key perks are free delivery with no minimum spend, 365-day change of mind returns and 5x Flybuys points when you shop in-store. Here’s a quick summary of what you can get:

StoreFree delivery5x Flybuys points in-store365-day change of mind returns
CatchYes ($3 for express)No (2 points per $2 online)Yes
TargetYes (on select products)YesYes

Free delivery is certainly useful as there is no minimum spend – especially on Catch, which is an online-only retailer anyway. For the other stores, the biggest trade-off is you’ll only earn one Flybuys point per dollar online. To earn 5x points per dollar, you need to shop in-store.

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Is it worth earning 5x Flybuys points in-store?

The value of a point is very subjective. With Flybuys, the baseline value of each point is 0.5 cents each, as 2,000 points = 10 Flybuys dollars. But Flybuys points can be worth a lot more depending on how you spend them (our favourite is transferring them to Velocity Frequent Flyer for reward flights).

By being a OnePass member, you effectively earn an extra four Flybuys points per dollar spent. If you’re solely using OnePass to earn bonus points, you’d need to spend around $200 a month (for the monthly membership) or $2,000 a year (for the annual membership) to ‘break even’ on the cost, assuming you use points for Flybuys dollars.

In practice, those ‘break even’ amounts will be lower if you use Flybuys points for good-value Velocity reward seats. But if you’re genuinely saving on delivery fees with OnePass, then that membership effectively pays for itself and the bonus points become an actual bonus then.

Summing up

OnePass is a great-value shopping membership that makes it easier and more rewarding to shop at five major retail brands within Australia. If you’re an occasional shopper or just looking for bonus points, OnePass is probably not worth it unless you’re spending over $200 a month or $2,000 a year.

The membership is flexible, so you could just get it for the month you have a very big spend incoming, such as buying supplies for a major project at Bunnings or a new device at Officeworks.

But if you’ll actually save money on delivery fees and make use of the other program benefits, you’ll definitely come out on top with OnePass membership. In fact, it’s probably cheaper to buy OnePass for a month at $4, rather than paying the shipping cost on a single order which may be $9 or more.

Once you have a OnePass membership, any in-store purchases at Kmart, Target, Officeworks or Bunnings will earn 5x Flybuys points for the rest of the membership term. That’ll be a handy boost for your next holiday.

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