For those who regularly stay in Crown hotels or dine on-site at Crown venues, the Crown Rewards program offers a path to rewards and recognition. Members can earn points and later redeem them on things like hotel stays or meals out. Those who spend enough can also earn status with Crown, which carries other perks too.

We’ll acknowledge without hesitation though that Crown Rewards also provides perks to members who gamble. For some – and in particular, those who remain mindful of their gaming activity – those points and benefits could be appreciated add-ons. For others, belonging to a program that encourages gambling mightn’t be the best move.

In that sense, we do appreciate how the program keeps reward points in separate silos between gambling and non-gambling activities. It’s perfectly possible to earn and redeem points purely on hotel stays with Crown, for instance, much like any other hotel loyalty program – without ever setting foot on the casino floor.

Here’s a look at how Crown Rewards works. As we’ve said of other loyalty programs with a gambling element though, make sure it works for you.

How do I join Crown Rewards?

Crown Rewards is a free loyalty program. This means there’s no cost to join or remain a member. That said, it’s not currently possible to join online. You’ll need to sign up in person, at a Crown venue.

Given the nature of the program, you’ll need to provide adequate identification to confirm your age. Crown Rewards accepts drivers licences from Australia and New Zealand, along with Australian and international passports, and Australian Immicards.

Procedures may vary depending on which Crown venue you visit to sign up. At Crown Melbourne, for instance, there’s a 24/7 Central Crown Rewards service desk. Other counters may also be available at other times of the day.

It’s also worth pointing out a quirk with Crown Sydney. Even though the property participates in Crown Rewards, being able to use the membership in Sydney requires a little more paperwork. Interested members need to request an additional ‘Crown Sydney Casino Membership’ as an add-on to their Crown Rewards profile. This can be done in-person at Crown Sydney.

Separately, only points earned at Crown Sydney can be spent at Crown Sydney. Points earned at Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth can be redeemed at either of these two properties.

Which hotel brands participate in Crown Rewards?

Crown Rewards covers Crown’s three major Australian locations. That’s Crown Sydney, Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth. Members can earn and redeem points on many things, including hotel stays. Again though, only points earned at Crown Sydney can be spent at Crown Sydney. Equally, points earned at Crown Sydney cannot be spent in those other cities.

At both Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth, Crown Rewards covers Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade. In Sydney, the program applies at Crown Towers. In fairness, it’s a pretty limited scope of destinations. There’s nothing available for those who regularly travel to Brisbane or elsewhere. But if those cities are ones you frequent, the program may be beneficial.

Crown Rewards membership can be your ticket to free parking.
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What are the Crown Rewards tier levels?

Crown Rewards features an entry-level tier, three attainable elite tiers above that, and an invitation-only level as well. These tiers are are:

  • Member
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Black (by invitation only)

Members progress through the tiers by accruing Status Credits – not unlike a frequent flyer program. But unlike common airline programs, Status Credits are counted in six-month ‘membership cycles’, not one-year intervals. One cycle runs from 1 October to 31 March, and the other from 1 April to 30 September.

Once a member earns the appropriate number of Status Credits, they’ll be elevated to the relevant tier. They’ll stay at that tier for the remainder of the current membership cycle, and the full next cycle. Status Credits reset to zero at the start of each cycle. To retain a tier, simply earn the required number of Status Credits in each membership cycle, to stay at that tier when the next membership cycle begins.


The first level: granted to all members of Crown Rewards upon joining.

  • Free parking for 24 hours when you spend $50 or earn 25 Casino Points at a Crown hotel, restaurant or other participating outlet.
  • Sparkling wine and chocolates on your birthday.
  • Member pricing and offers at selected restaurants.
  • Access to promotions, partnership offers and a hotline for members.


Requirement to earn and retain: 5 Status Credits per membership cycle.

Along with all Member privileges in Crown Rewards, Silver members also get:

  • Free parking for 24 hours. This is available when the Silver member earns just one Point in a day at participating locations (versus 25, as a Member).
  • Access to the Riverside Room.
  • 10% discount at Crown Spa and hotels.
  • A welcome gift with every hotel stay.


Requirement to earn and retain: 20 Status Credits per membership cycle.

Building on the benefits of Member and Silver, Gold members of Crown Rewards can expect:

  • Free multi-level and basement parking with no minimum spend.
  • Discounted valet parking.
  • Access to the Teak Room.
  • A higher discount of 15% at Crown Spa and hotels.


Requirement to earn and retain: 85 Status Credits per membership cycle.

Along with all the perks of Member, Silver and Gold, Platinum cardholders in Crown Rewards receive:

  • Access to The Mahogany Room and Teak Room with a personal host.
  • Free valet parking.
  • A greater 20% discount at Crown Spa and hotels.
  • VIP telephone concierge service.
  • A ‘Platinum Reward’ – for which the program leaves undefined.


Requirement to earn and retain: by invitation only.

As with many loyalty programs, Crown Rewards has an exclusive level tucked away for its most loyal members. Similar to the exclusive Diamond tier of The Star Club, Crown Rewards’ VIP level is simply known as Black.

Crown openly confirms that ‘Black Tier Membership is attained by invitation only.’ The program also acknowledges that members at the Black level enjoy all the benefits afforded to Silver, Gold and Platinum. But on top of that, receive ‘much more’.

The company is quite nondescript about most of those extra perks. But Black members who are also ‘Crown Sydney VIP Casino Members’ may be assigned a personal host at Crown’s discretion, subject to their gaming activity.

How do I earn and redeem points via Crown Rewards?

Crown Rewards offers many ways to earn and spend points. Certainly, points can be earned and redeemed at the casino. But points are also attainable when spending at bars, restaurants, hotels, retail stores and on events and conferences.

Crown splits these into Casino Points and Lifestyle Points. Casino Points are earned at varying rates by participating in table games, depending on the amount of each bet. Lifestyle Points are instead earned at a set rate. For every $1 spent in all those other categories – bars, restaurants, hotel stays and so on – members earn five Crown Rewards points.

Earning points is also how members accrue Status Credits, to earn or retain their tier, as below.

  • For every 500 Casino Points earned, receive one Status Credit.
  • For every 1,500 Lifestyle Points earned, receive one Status Credit.

Simply put, every $300 spent in the ‘lifestyle’ category pockets 1,500 points and one Status Credit. Given Silver requires five status credits to earn or retain, that’s akin to spending $1,500 every six months.

When it comes to redeeming points, Crown Rewards keeps things simple. Each point has the value of one cent. A $250/night hotel stay would cost 25,000 Lifestyle Points, for instance. Using Lifestyle Points for a $10 drink requires 1,000 points, and so on.

The rates are the same when spending Casino Points. A $25 bet requires 2,500 Casino Points, and so on. This approach helps to keep gambling and non-gambling rewards separate. In that sense, for those who don’t visit casino floors, Crown Rewards could fill the place of any other hotel loyalty program, by rewarding and recognising each stay.

Still, rewards programs with a gambling element won’t be for everybody.

Bet with your head, not over it. If you need assistance, visit resources like the GambleAware website and Crown PlaySafe.

How do I contact Crown Rewards?

For all membership enquiries regarding Crown Rewards, call 1300 8 CROWN (1300 827 696). Alternatively, send an email to [email protected], or visit one of the Crown Rewards desks in person on-site.

Frequently asked questions

What is Crown Rewards?

Crown Rewards is the loyalty program of Crown Sydney, Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth. You can earn points on hotel stays, dining, drinks and more, while unlocking privileges and status benefits.

Which hotels are part of Crown Rewards?

Crown Rewards covers three major sites: Crown Sydney, Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth. The relevant Crown hotels within each city all participate in Crown Rewards.

Is Crown Rewards free to join?

Yes, Crown Rewards has no membership fee to join or remain a member, and you can begin earning points straight away.

All imagery courtesy of Crown Rewards.

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