American Express offer a unique insurance benefit with their Explorer, Platinum Edge and Platinum Card that is designed for today’s ever-connected consumer.

Their Smartphone Screen Cover provides cover for the repair cost of your smartphone screen when you have seen your beloved possession ricochet off solid ground, trodden on by a toddler, or used by your kids as a frisbee.

How to get Smartphone Screen Cover with my Amex card

To be eligible for Smartphone Screen Cover, you must be sporting either an:

The Business versions of these cards do not include this benefit.

To activate the insurance, you must purchase the phone outright in a single transaction and put the cost of the phone onto your card. Alternatively, coverage is also offered for a phone purchased on a monthly contract using the card.

If you obtain this card part way through your smartphone contract, you are still eligible for coverage as long as you change your monthly payments to one of the eligible cards and wait 30 days from the date of the first monthly payment to be covered.

All cards offer the reimbursement of repair cost up to a total of $500, which is hopefully more than sufficient to cover most repair costs.

For example, if you have AppleCare+, then you’ll be able to repair any iPhone model’s screen for only $45, however, if it is out-of-warranty, then you can be liable for $200-270 to repair it. The latest repair pricing information is available on the Apple website.

Make sure to not make a habit of breaking your smartphone screen, however, as you will be limited to two eligible claims per 12-month period.

For the claim to be determined as eligible, the screen breakage must only result from an accidental drop or impact.

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Excess and the claims process

The procedure to make a claim is relatively straight-forward.

You take your smartphone to a repairer of your choice and ensure that you keep a copy of the receipt.

You then fill in an online claims form and attach the receipt along with a copy of your American Express credit card statement showing the purchase of your smartphone or monthly contract payments.

The applicable excess is 10% of the repair cost.

Policy exclusions

There are a number of policy exclusions under this cover, and these are identical for all of the cards.

The main exclusions include:

  • Cover only applies to the screen and not any other parts of the smartphone
  • Screen breakage resulting from anything other than an accidental drop or impact, such as:
    • water damage, corrosion, condensation, rust or dust
    • wear and tear
    • breaching manufacturer’s warranty
    • intentional or reckless misuse of the smartphone
    • any unlawful act committed or attempted by you or anyone authorised by you
    • any competitive sports activity

Further information can be found in the credit card insurance terms and conditions below:

American Express Explorer Credit Card Insurance Terms and Conditions
American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card Insurance Terms and Conditions
American Express Platinum Card Insurance Terms and Conditions

Summing up

Smartphone Screen Cover is a welcome feature for cardholders and its inclusion with the American Express Explorer, Platinum Edge and Platinum Cards is a great additional win for what are already appealing cards for points earn and redemption.

The excess is reasonable, and the requirements to trigger the insurance are easily met. Having the benefit to choose your repairer is an added benefit, and the allowance to claim up to twice per 12-month period seems fairly generous.

Other card providers have not followed American Express in introducing this type of insurance to their cards. It will be interesting to see if this changes in the near future due to increasing uptake of smartphones and whether consumers will expect this feature on all credit cards in the near future, much like purchase and fraud protection is today.

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