Do you already have elite membership with any hotel rewards program? Then fire off a quick email to the team at WorldHotels Rewards, and they’ll match your existing status quick smart.

Certainly, WorldHotels doesn’t have the footprint of brands like Accor, Hilton or Radisson. But if you’ll be staying at a participating hotel, your journey will be far more rewarding with elite status.

Think room upgrades, free in-room Wi-Fi, priority late check-out, bonus points and more. Here’s what you need to get ahead.

How to request your WorldHotels status match

An elite membership in any other hotel loyalty program can be your ticket to a status match with WorldHotels.

Here’s how to request yours:

  • If you’re not already a WorldHotels Rewards member, sign up for free online.
  • Then, compose an email to [email protected].
  • In that email, include your full name, mailing address, email address and phone number.
  • You’ll also need to note your WorldHotels Rewards membership number.
  • Finally, attach evidence of your existing elite status with any competing hotel chain. That can be a screenshot or photograph of your current elite membership card, or a recent account statement.

Again, it doesn’t matter which hotel loyalty program your status comes from: WorldHotels will match it.

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Matching to elite WorldHotels status

Here’s the only downside. WorldHotels doesn’t publish a list of rival hotel loyalty tiers and how they align with the WorldHotels Rewards program. This means you won’t necessarily be matched to WorldHotels Rewards Diamond simply because you have a ‘Diamond’ card in a competing program.

Instead, WorldHotels looks at the requirements for reaching the membership tier you already have.

For instance, how many nights, stays and/or points it takes to qualify for your existing elite status. Then the company makes a comparison against its own program and calculates the status you would have earned, had that travel been with WorldHotels.

So what does it normally take to earn status in WorldHotels Rewards? Here’s a quick recap on how you’d normally earn Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Select in the program.

Earned by nightsEarned by staysUnlocked via WorldHotels Rewards Points
Gold10 nights7 stays10,000 points
Platinum15 nights10 stays15,000 points
Diamond30 nights20 stays30,000 points
Diamond Select50 nights40 stays50,000 points

Note, the figures above reflect the ‘normal’ number of nights, stays or points required for status. Although WorldHotels Rewards has reduced these figures for 2022, we’d expect the regular rates to be used when considering your status match request.

For instance, if you have a Platinum tier membership elsewhere, and that Platinum membership is normally earned after 50 nights, you could reasonably expect to be matched to Diamond Select.

Do you have more than one elite hotel membership?

Consider this: if you’re already an elite member in more than one hotel program, consider which is likely to get you the best status match outcome. That is, which of your existing cards would normally be the most difficult to earn.

Forget about what each tier is called, and look at the key figures that WorldHotels uses to measure status. That’s how many nights, how many stays, or how many points each tier requires.

To illustrate, Accor Live Limitless Gold status normally takes 30 nights to earn. Looking at our table above, WorldHotels Rewards Diamond also takes 30 nights to earn. This means a match from ALL Gold is likely to deliver WorldHotels Rewards Diamond based on merit.

Even though the existing card is ‘Gold’, not ‘Diamond’, it’s the actual travel that matters most.

Similarly, Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite status is most comparable with WorldHotels’ top-tier Diamond Select card. Both are normally unlocked after 50 nights, so can be said to be on-par.

If you’ve done the sums and believe your existing status is worthy of a particular WorldHotels Rewards tier, it wouldn’t hurt to mention that in the same email where you request your status match.

Summing up

WorldHotels Rewards isn’t a particularly large program. But if you’re planning to stay at even just one of its participating hotels, make your journey better by requesting a status match first.

There’s no cost to join the WorldHotels Rewards program, or to request a status match. And you don’t forfeit your existing elite hotel status by requesting that match. You literally have nothing to lose!

Feature image courtesy Benjamin Rascoe/Unsplash.

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