Received by email late last week, Virgin Atlantic are offering a 20% points bonus from American Express Membership rewards transfers until October 31st.

This makes Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club reward chart for flights to Hong Kong or the UK in Upper Class even more attractive, if you can availability on the dates you’re after.

40,000 Flying Club miles will net you a one way flight to Hong Kong in Upper Class, while 100,000 miles will get you all the way to London. Taxes are OK – $225 to Hong Kong for example. Take off the 20% discount and it’s far cheaper than equivalent redemptions on Qantas – 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points to HK, and 128,000 to London, in Business. The Flying Club award calculator is here, and .

Another reason to keep on collecting Membership Rewards points…

The email read:

Dear Keith,

Did you know Flying Club has a great partnership with American Express? It allows you to convert any American Express® Membership Rewards points you have into Flying Club miles.

If you convert those points into miles right now, you can really prepare to be spoiled. We’ll give you 20% more miles as a bonus if you transfer Membership Rewards points into miles between 1 October and 31 October 2012.

With all those extra miles to spend, you’ll reach some truly indulgent rewards much faster. How about a Virgin Atlantic Economy reward flight from Sydney to Hong Kong for 40,000 miles? Or a Virgin Atlantic Economy flight from Sydney to London for 100,000 miles? Or why not take advantage of some fabulous rewards from our partners?

Transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points today and get up, up and away.

The Flying Club team

For example: transfer 34,000 American Express Membership Rewards points into Flying Club miles, and you’ll receive 34,000 Flying Club miles, plus 6,800 bonus miles. That’s enough for an Economy round trip from Sydney to Hong Kong with Virgin Atlantic.

Annoyingly, there’s nothing on the Amex website about the offer.

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