Austalia Post’s Digital Mailbox service and Velocity Frequent Flyer tie-up is getting another promotion, this time yielding a bonus 1,000 Velocity Points for adding Velocity statements to your account.

If you don’t already have a Digital Mailbox, you can register here.

As with previous bonus’, you could use this offer with multiple Digital Mailbox and Velocity accounts (ie: your partner and kids) and take further advantage of family pooling. Note that that doesn’t mean adding multiple Velocity accounts to one Digital Mailbox.

The terms are pretty clear about that, and also make sure your name on your Velocity and Mailbox accounts are the same.

To be eligible to earn 1000 bonus Velocity Points, you must register your Velocity membership number within the profile details of your MyPost Digital Mailbox and your first name and last name used to open your Australia Post MyPost Digital Mailbox account must be the same as your Velocity Account. You must connect to Velocity Frequent Flyer to receive your Velocity member statements through MyPost Digital Mailbox by 31 March 2016. Velocity Points will be allocated to your Velocity Account within 10 business days from date of eligible connection. Only one allocation of the 1000 bonus Velocity Points will be provided per MyPost Digital Mailbox account, multiple connections will not result in multiple Point allocations. Velocity Points will only be allocated if the connection has been accepted by Velocity and not for rejected connections. Velocity Points will be allocated to the Velocity Frequent Flyer membership number that has been entered as per the MyPost Digital Mailbox Profile Settings.

This promotion ends 31 March 2016.

The Australia Post Digital Mailbox is a website and app combination which allows you to receive bills directly, removing them from the postal system, and with 1GB free secure document storage, and is straightforward to register for.

The core ongoing benefit for using the application is 50 Velocity points for payments of $50 or more for payments through Digital Mailbox too – you simply scan the barcode on your bill and pay through their app. It’s free to join, if you haven’t done so already, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up yourself (and others) for an account.

With the ongoing 50 points per bill payment, you’ll earn points using your credit card of choice on top of what you’d earn through the Digital Mailbox tie-up. If you pay bills frequently enough it could be worth double-dipping and getting an extra 50 Velocity points as well.

How useful these features are on an ongoing basis depends on what utility providers you are signed up with and whether they have a partnership with Australia Post to get your bills into your Digital Mailbox – or whether you have a use for that storage allowance for general documents. However the app and website are well designed and look to be very useful, if either are the case.

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