Remember those days when we had our weekends jam-packed with events, from driving the kids to cricket training to a BBQ at Bob’s or a nice dinner at a restaurant? Well, that was so 2019.

Now that we do not have to run around like headless chooks, at least for the time being anyway, many of us may choose to entertain ourselves with a good drop of wine and a great book in hand.

With that in mind, we have compiled a guide of the top 7 travel books that can be found at to help you pass the time.

1. 1,000 Places to See Before you Die

If you are looking for 1,000 places that are guaranteed to make you shiver, you can’t go past this book. Including sacred ruins, coral reefs, hilltop villages, deserted beaches, wine trails, hidden islands, opera houses, wildlife preserves, castles, museums, and more, each entry tells why it’s essential to visit and includes hotels, restaurants, and festivals to check out.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die is the world’s bestselling travel book and a #1 New York Timesbestseller. 

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2. The Best Travel Book

Aptly named, this book covers the story of Ben, a 25-year-old going through a quarter-life crisis, and deals with it by totally reorganising his life. He quits his job, sells his car and sets off to travel the world for five years to far and wide places, including Central and South America, Africa, China and Asia, Russia, India, Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

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3. The Art of Travel

The author uses inspiration from a number of writers, artists and thinkers to provide invaluable insights into everything from holiday romance to hotel minibars, airports to sightseeing.

As opposed to many travel book guides that tell us what to do when we get there, The Art of Travel tries to explain why the writers went in the first place, and helpfully suggest how we might be happier on our journeys.

The Art of Travel is a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller.

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4. A Moveable Feast

Celebrate the riches and revelations of food with this 38-course feast of true tales set around the world. The book is all about life-changing food adventures from around the world and includes mutton in Mongolia, couscous in Morocco and Tacos in Tijuana.

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5. Travel the World on $50 a Day

Matt Kepnas (aka Nomadic Matt) shows readers how to travel the world on the cheap. Whether it’s a two-week, two-month, or two-year trip, Matt shows you how to stretch your money further so you can travel cheaper, smarter, and longer.

The book goes through a number of different topics, including:

  • Avoid paying bank fees anywhere in the world
  • Earn thousands of free frequent flyer points
  • Find discount travel cards that can save on hostels, tours, and transportation
  • Get cheap (or free) plane tickets

Travel the World on $50 a Day is a New York Times Bestseller.

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6. Courage in the Skies

The story of Qantas during World War II and the role of its crew and ground staff as Japan advanced towards Australia.

The book highlights Qantas’s exemplary contribution to Australia’s war effort, including flying unarmed planes through war zones and at times under enemy fire, supplying the front lines, evacuating the wounded and undertaking surprising escapes.

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7. Game Changer

For those looking for a Virgin Australia angle, this book follows the life of former CEO John Borghetti, from his humble beginnings as an Italian immigrant in the 1960’s to his rise up the ranks in the aviation industry, starting as a mailroom boy at Qantas and culminating in getting the CEO role at Virgin Australia.

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Summing up

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re itching to get back on a flight, and enjoying a good book while occasionally taking in the view from the air. But for now, we will have to settle reading a book from the comfort of our own homes.

I hope the above books give you some inspiration, so why not take the opportunity to grab yourself a book from, and allow yourself to be immersed in the wonderful world of travel?

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