You guys (and I!) love reading reviews of different experiences here on Point Hacks, that’s clear.

They take an age to write but hopefully provide you with both info about experiences you might want to redeem your points for (or use your hard-earned cash), as well some travel inspiration.

With that in mind, I wanted to let you know what I’m thinking when it comes to flight and lounge reviews.

I’m wary about covering things some people already know. There have been a few flights I haven’t written about out or added photos of because they have either been covered before, or you might have seen similar content elsewhere.

What we’re going to start making is round-ups some of the main experiences you’ll find as Australian travellers with an increasing number of photos and videos – and we’ll keep updating them.

We’ve just added the first – a look at the Virgin Australia Sydney Business Class Lounge.

That said, we’re not going to stop doing what we’re already doing. You’ll still see reviews of the more unique flights, lounges, hotels and other travel experiences out there.

I like to take the approach of creating one guide that gets added to, updated, republished and repromoted over time. That’s a bit different to many other sites out there, but it’s the way I think – I want as much information in one place.

So there will be more ‘product’ focused guides, such as Virgin Australia’s different Business Classes on their 737, A330, and 777 fleet, or a single lounge that gets more info and added to as I, other writers for Point Hacks, or even you guys, create more content for them.

Here’s the initial hit list:


  • Qantas & Virgin Australia’s new A330 Business Class
  • Qantas & Virgin Australia’s newest 737 Business Class cabins
  • Virgin Australia’s new 777 Premium Economy & Business Class


  • Qantas’ and Virgin Australia’s Business Class lounges in each capital
  • Qantas, Virgin Australia, Etihad, Emirates and Air New Zealand lounges in each capital

We’ll probably do more, but this is my first round of priorities. You’ll see the first few guide / review combos coming this week.

Are there any I’ve missed?

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How you can help?

Firstly, give us some feedback about this approach and the new review/guide combos as they get published in the comments here / on the post.

Next, if you’re a total regular in any of these flights, lounges or hotels and felt like sharing your insider tips with other travellers, it would be a pleasure to add them to these guides.

There are a few options – you can start by leaving a comment, such as add a tip about which seat or flight to choose or the quietest spot in the lounge. If you would like to add more than this, then you can send us some photos or video to add in too. Again, just comment on the article and we’ll follow up with you directly.

Summing up

Hopefully this all makes sense. Point Hacks is a fairly stable beast – I don’t change too much, too often, so I like to explain new things.

When it comes to flights and lounges, one review is useful, but I guess in true tripadvisor style, many thoughts from more people can be more valuable, especially if they are coming from a place of experience.

I’ll continue to write, edit and oversee these guides to the most relevant and best experiences we have on offer in Australia, and hopefully adding more into them over time makes them more valuable too.

Thanks for reading!

New ways we’ll be covering and reviewing key lounges, flights and cabins was last modified: December 20th, 2017 by Keith