Amex have got their act together and updated the Membership Rewards Bonus Partner microsite in the last couple of days with their bonus partners for the next few months.

The 5 bonus points per $ at BP remains until March 31 at least, making it worth seeking out a BP specifically to fuel up. However other decent partners such as AAMI & Air New Zealand have got the chop, at least for now.

There’s most notable new partner is Bing Lee with a particularly sweet offer of 5000 points for every transaction over $500. Useful if you have multiple purchases to make that Bing Lee could service you for in that price range – at 5000 points a pop, that could easily add up, e.g. for computers, white goods or camera gear for those near a Bing Lee store or willing to make an online purchase.

The full range of partners is still outlined here – I just wish Amex Australia would get their act together and put together a good comprehensive range of bonus partners, in a similar manner to the Virgin Australia e-shopping mall.

Latest Membership Rewards Bonus Partners for January 2012 released was last modified: October 23rd, 2012 by Keith