Woolworths Pet Insurance can help shield you from expensive vet fees if the need arises for your furry friend. Best of all, new applicants could earn an easy 20,000 Woolworths Everyday Rewards points, which is convertible to 10,000 Qantas Points.

We take you through everything you need to know, including what cover to choose and how to earn the bonus points.

Note: This is a neutral guide to Woolworths Insurance products. You should read the relevant PDS in detail and assess whether the cover and associated costs are appropriate for your personal circumstances.

What is Woolworths Pet Insurance?

Issued by the Hollard Insurance Company and administered by PetSure, Woolworths Pet Insurance is a policy to protect against unforeseen medical expenses with your cat or dog, specifically.

Vet bills involving surgery can easily cost thousands of dollars, so a pet insurance policy could help shoulder most of that financial burden, leaving you with a small out-of-pocket excess to pay.

What’s covered with Woolworths Pet insurance policies?

You should browse the PDS for the full details of what the insurance covers. But as a general guide, you can expect the following.

  1. Accidental Injury cover: from scenarios such as electrocution, motor vehicle incident or allergic reaction (excluding fleas or tick bites)
  2. Illness cover: that covers a broad range of scenarios except for some notable inclusions
  3. Additional benefits: including emergency boarding if you are hospitalised for more than 5 days, essential euthanasia for covered conditions, paralysis tick treatment, and pet overseas travel insurance for specific scenarios
  4. Optional benefits: including routine care

What are the best things to know when browsing pet insurance?

Here are some questions to consider when you are browsing Woolworths (or other issuers) pet insurance policies:

  • What level of cover do I want for my pet? There are three levels of insurance to choose from. The cheaper tiers may have a smaller annual benefit limit, while Comprehensive cover may include some coverage for routine care.
  • How often do I want to pay? You can pay the premiums fortnightly, monthly or annually. There are pros and cons of each, including a cancellation fee if you cancel a policy that has been pre-paid for the year.
  • Does my pet have any pre-existing conditions? Many pre-existing health conditions will not be covered by pet insurance, so the policy may be of little benefit to you. Be sure to read the exclusions first.

What is excluded from Woolworths Pet insurance?

Woolworths Pet insurance has a list of general exclusions that will apply across the board. In these cases, your policy may not provide you with any benefits, so it’s very important to know what to avoid.

  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Any dental care (including gingivitis and fractured teeth)
  • Preventative procedures including vaccinations and microchipping
  • Training and therapies
  • Treatment for pets used for commercial or occupational purposes (excluding guide dogs and assistance dogs)
  • Behavioural problems
  • Breeding or obstetrics

Be sure to check the PDS for the full list of exclusions.

How do I earn points with Woolworths Pet insurance?

At the time of writing, Woolworths Insurance is offering up to 20,000 Everyday Rewards points for new policies, subject to minimum premium amounts.

How does this work? Essentially, enter the code BONUS20K during the application process, along with your Everyday Rewards member number. Next, take out a Standard or Comprehensive (not Basic) policy for your pet to qualify.

The current Woolworths Pet insurance offer.

After 45 days of holding the policy, your Woolworths Everyday Rewards account should be awarded the bonus, which you can then convert to Qantas Points or use for discounts at the checkout.

As an added benefit, you’ll also get 10% off your Woolworths shop once a month, for a single transaction up to $500 (maximum $50 savings per use).

Bonus sign-up points are awarded for eligible new customers after holding the policy for at least 45 continuous days.

In terms of cancellations, a pro-rata refund minus a $30 fee applies if you:

  • Paid the year in advance
  • Haven’t made any claims

If you are paying fortnightly or monthly, there is no cancellation fee. However, you will not receive any pro-rata refund for any unused time.

How do I sign-up for Woolworths Pet insurance?

  1. Visit the Woolworths Pet insurance website
  2. Enter your pet details
  3. Enter your own personal details, including a promo code and your Everyday Rewards member number, if you wish to collect points
  4. Choose your level of coverage and preferred start date, plus the payment frequency and level of excess
  5. Continue filling out the rest of your personal details as required, plus some general questions about your policy
  6. Make payment and receive your policy documents.
  7. Wait at least 45 days to receive the bonus sign-up Everyday Rewards points.

Frequently asked questions

What does Woolworths pet insurance cover?

Woolworths pet insurance mainly covers accidents and injuries, and illnesses. There are many exclusions, so check the PDS for more details.

What is the best pet insurance in Australia?

There is no firm answer to this. Be sure to compare multiple providers so you can find one that offers the best fit for yourself.

How do I cancel Woolworths pet insurance?

Cancel your policy by Online Chat on the Woolworths Insurance website, or by calling 1300 10 1234 during business hours.

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