So you guys probably all remember that back in January I kicked off a competition to get anyone interested helping me run the new Community section of the site?

Well, the competition is over, and the results are in – remember that the first two places each win 5,000 Starpoints, third and fourth a Bellroy Elements travel wallet, and 5th, a Tripit Pro and credits bundle.

Here’s the top 5 leaderboard:

  1. F
  2. Jack Tipple
  3. Brendan
  4. Michael Kao
  5. Ataraxis

Well done to F and Jack Tipple especially, who were frankly in a league of their own when it came to timeliness, quality and volume of responses. Just amazing.

Thanks to all who got involved over the last 6 weeks! I’ll be in touch with the winners to arrange their prizes imminently.

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Future of the Community

I was blown away at how quickly everyone got into asking and answering each other’s questions, it’s phenomenal, and the tools are here to stay.

I was personally most impressed by the number of people willing to jump in and help people out with information and answers to their questions – some fairly personal, relating to specific trips, and others more general, such as facts around lounge access and elite status.

Over the coming months, I’ll be improving on a few bits and pieces, including the registration and login flow, the community homepage itself, and sorting the design bugs that have cropped up here and there.

Beyond that, I have some grand plans – if I can get them off the ground. I’m hopeful they’ll help build the utility of the site even further, and let’s say, reward you for your loyalty… Stay tuned.

If you have any feedback on any of this, you can let me know in the comments or use the ‘?’ at the bottom right hand corner of any page on the site to contact me. Thanks for your support!

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